Combined Review: Olympus E-PM1

The Olympus EPM1 (or E-PM1 and EPM-1) is a camera that is seemingly targeted towards those that don’t know much about the technical aspects about photography or in some cases, not much about it at all. With this statement said, this isn’t a camera for myself or anyone on my staff—we’re all very experienced. When this camera ended up at my doorstep, I was challenged on how I could do it justice. And then…it hit me.

Today I am publishing a very special review. As many veteran photogs know, there are those of us who lean more towards the technical side of things and those that sway more towards the creative side. To do this review, I called up my friend Belinda Heiman to assist in this. She’s a growing photographer that leans more towards the creative side of things and has just restarted her business with the creation of her Facebook and Twitter pages. As a result, this review will be done from two different points of views: mine and hers. It will focus mostly on using the camera as this audience will be very happy with the image quality in general.

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Review: Olympus EP-3 (and 12mm F/2)

The Olympus EP-3 (or E-P3 or EP3) has been in my hands for a little bit over a week now thanks to the kind folks over at Olympus. They also sent over the gorgeous new 12mm F/2 (or 12mm F2) lens for review with the camera as well as the new kit lens. This review will not be the special field review that we do with many postings in a journalistic fashion, but instead it will be one super long and thorough review. With a list of defining new features to separate it from the predecessors and other cameras announced, does the EP-3 have what it takes to become a hit?

Update: You can also get the 12mm F/2, 45mm F/1.8, Olympus EP3 (black) or the Olympus EP3 (silver)from Amazon.

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Why I Chose The Olympus EP-2 Over the Fuji X100

Her name is Mary-Jane: and she is my beloved Olympus EP-2. I’ve compared it against the Fuji X100 before, and many people couldn’t tell the difference between the two cameras’ image quality. But beyond the image quality, there are many reasons why one would want to consider other cameras over the Fuji X100. Now don’t get me wrong, I gave the X100 a very good review and it is indeed a well loved camera, but in the end we must not only remember that it’s the photographer that takes the images but also that some tools are easier to work with than others.

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Field Review: Fujifilm X100 (Day 6)

Today, the Fuji X100 didn’t take too many photos. Why? Because of something that I haven’t mentioned before: the battery life. The battery life on this camera is quite short—and it’s very disappointing. I charged the camera up fully on Friday, took some product shots that night, shot for a couple of hours on Saturday night, and didn’t do much of any shooting on Sunday. Today, I went into the studio to test out the high speed flash sync and the battery totally crapped out on me. Last Thursday, it died after a day’s use. In the end, I did manage to get the photo below.

This was shot with the brand new DIY Ring Flash and the Fuji X100. It’s a wonderful photo I believe. This posting is going to be nice and short because of the battery problem.

And it is here where I will say that the lead photo in this story is perhaps one of the best street photography photos I’ve ever shot. I’m damned proud of it and what really helped me to get it was the fact that I said to myself, “Don’t be nervous. No one is going to kill you.”

Coming soon, the Fuji X100 goes head to head with the Leica X1. Meanwhile, you should catch up on Day 5 of this series here.

Field Review: Fujifilm X100 (Day 5)

So the time has come to test the Fuji X100’s high ISO settings, neutral density filter and to explore the metering and white balance settings a bit more. We’ve already done some exhaustive testing. Not long ago, I tested it for product photography using and the light from my Visisble Dust SensorLoupe, I’ve tested the film modes, took the Fuji X100 with me to a small celebration for Cinco De Mayo with co-workers, and expolored a slew of problems: especially the metering. The day before that, I compared it to the Olympus EP-2 and was just getting a feel for it.

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What Does the New Leica X1 Firmware Update Mean For You?

Today, Leica issued a firmware update for the X1. Indeed, it is already quite the powerhouse of a camera that will powerbomb your wallet. Rumors were abound though that the Leica X1’s firmware update was perhaps to make it more of a competitor to the Fujifilm X100. So here’s the thing: we know how the X100 will function. Does the firmware update indeed make it more of a competitor?

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Fujifilm X100 Would Be Very Sexy in All Black

So, you remember the Fujifilm X100 that the photo world is kind of hush hush about right now? Well, people still want it. In fact, a reader sent us a photo of the camera rendered in all black. At the moment, we only know of the camera coming in the silver and black variety.

Dear Fujifilm, please release an all black version. This thing would be so sexy.

Photographers will <3 the Fujifilm X100; Price not so much

The Fujifilm X100 is the rave of the photo world right now. It appears as if Fujifilm might have gotten it right the first time with loads of photographers. However, reports are saying that it will cost $1,500-$1,700; which many photographers will not be happy to pay.

Let us know your thoughts. We talked about mirrorless cameras yesterday, do you think this is a game changer? That viewfinder sure as hell is.

Edit: The camera will cost approximately $1,000 and be released in March 2011.