Why Canon Photographers Are Going to Love Capture One 22

Our Capture One 22 review was updated recently. One of the biggest new features for Canon photographers is being able to wirelessly tether with their cameras. Previously, you needed to use EOS utility or some other method. But now, the Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R, and others can connect to your WiFi network and they’ll be recognized by Capture One 22. It’s quite an awesome feature even if the delivery takes double the amount of time Capture One says it will wirelessly. 

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New Functions. Improved Performance. Capture One 22 Review

Capture One is back with the newest rendition of their beloved editing software. Capture One 22 improves some of its best features and introduces several new functions photographers have been requesting. Real estate, landscape, and astrophotographers can now enjoy a powerful HDR merge function. The Panoramic Stitch feature resembles the Brenizer Method and makes it possible to create larger canvases in smaller spaces. Capture One Live adds collaboration tools, while the overall design prepares for the upcoming iPad version. Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space for these functions. You’ll see why.

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CamFi Pro Plus Provides Fast Wireless Tethering for 500+ Cameras

The new CamFi Pro Plus supports wireless tethering feature for around 500 models from major camera companies.

Shortly before 2018 closed, CamFi released the CamFi Pro Plus, a new offering that supports wireless tethering for 500+ cameras. The wireless camera controller manufacturer sees this product greatly improving the productivity of professional photographers all while using the tools they’re already familiar with.

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