First Impressions: Kodak Ektra Smartphone

Earlier this year, the Kodak Ektra smartphone was announced and photographers looked on with curiosity. The Kodak Ektra is manufactured by Kodak–you know, the same company that makes fantastic film. And so the inspiration for the Ektra was to be revolutionary in the same way that the Ektra camera was years ago. The Kodak Ektra was the first film camera with a manual film advance on it according to Kodak, and so they were trying to bring back a sense of that spirit with the new phone. On that idea, the phone isn’t designed for the uber-hipster techie that doesn’t believe themselves to be a hipster, but instead it’s designed for the creative hipster–you know, the stereotypical one that you’d say is one but is actually just on a different creative level than lots of people are. Take for example Thomas Leuthard, who has been using the phone to great success.

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How I Made My Sony Camera Battery Life Last Four Days

If you’re a Sony camera user, then I’m positive you’re aware of how terrible the Sony camera battery life is at any given point. Surely, it’s nothing like a DSLR or any of the other mirrorless camera manufacturers. No matter what though, Sony’s battery life has never been that stellar. The joke is that you buy one camera, one lens and five batteries. But over the past couple of years of being a Sony a7 camera user, I’ve found ways to incrementally tweak and get more out of the battery. Earlier this month, I was able to get around four days out of it and I repeated that all over again this past weekend.

So here’s how I did it.

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How to Get Better Battery Life From Your Sony Camera

Sony camera users have known for a long time that the battery life on their cameras tends to be pretty bad overall. This is especially the case with their mirrorless camera lineup. If you’re using your Sony camera professionally, you’re going to need to bring a lot of batteries with you to a gig if it’s a day long event. But if it’s a quicker gig, then it does the job.

Of course, there are many things you can do to get just a bit more juice out of your camera.

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Review: Motorola Moto Z Play With Hasselblad True Zoom

When you look at the state of camera phones today, you’ll find loads of interesting options out there–and today the Motorola Moto Z Play & Hasselblad True Zoom phone are yet another option available that’s trying to really stand out from all the rest. It seeks to appeal to a person’s specific interests by allowing various peripherals to be connected to the phone; and with the case of the Hasselblad True Zoom peripheral, you have a 10x optical zoom with a camera, a zoom rocker, and a shutter button that work pretty well. Indeed, it makes a load of sense and truly embodies the evolution of the point and shoot camera.

At the same time though, it has its share of problems that Motorola promises will be fixed very soon.

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Review: Canon 80D

While the name can often confused when verbally addressed, the Canon 80D is a camera targeted highly at the semi-professional market of photographers. It’s a step above their Rebel DSLRs but below the 7D Mk II flagship camera in the APS-C realm. However, it has features that lots of the lower end crowd may really like.

To be very honest, there are lots of things about the 80D that make it my favorite that Canon has put out in a while. But on the other hand, there are things about it that make me wonder what the heck they were thinking.

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How I’m Learning to Avoid Editing Photos on My Computer

It seems like Apple and the entire web are trying to move photographers towards editing and working off of tablets. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but we all know that RAW files are how you can get the most out of the images that you shoot. For what it’s worth though, editing a JPEG is also a very viable option that many photographers do when trying to quickly promote something or get the news out there about something specific.

In the past two years in fact, Iv’e found myself wanting to sit and edit less and less–instead opting to work on the files on my phone or tablet.

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No Photographer Should Underestimate the Power of Printing

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer DNP DS40 printer review images (10 of 10)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.8

While most people view images online or behind screens these days, the idea that the printed image can still have an effect on someone is synonymous to the idea of many simulated experiences as opposed to in-person events. One big example: the cinematic experience of surround sound and a giant screen vs being inside to Netflix and chill.

For years now, printing has diminished with the emphasis on the digital image and viewing photos online vs in person. Generally, it was also just bigger during the film days. Think of it this way: print magazines have seen a major decline as folks have stopped reading them and instead reading content online.

But printing an image is a different experience, and as photography is part of the cultural arts, there is no good reason why any photographer should undervalue what a solid, powerful print can do for them.

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