4 Beautiful Pinhole Photography Projects to Stare at for a While

These pinhole photographers have foresight and thought to think ahead.

Pinhole photography is incredibly fun once you get the hang of it. It starts by throwing away the idea of absolute sharpness. Instead, you’re capturing a longer passage of time in a single photo. They say you can’t capture motion in a still photo, but they’re very wrong. We’ve interviewed tons of pinhole photographers over the years. And we’re rounding up just four of our favorites in this special post.

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Get Hyped for the Exciting Return of 3D Analog Photography!

The Minuta Stereo is bringing 3D back to analog film photography!

Oh, man! Does anyone remember that Nishika 3D film camera? Well, there’s something new and exciting coming to Kickstarter. It’s called the Minuta Stereo camera. It’s a pinhole camera designed to do the kooky 3D photos that we’ve come to know and love. It would mean that you’re going to slow down, and that’s something majorly lacking from photography today.

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Going Old School: Introduction to Pinhole Photography

Always wanted to give pinhole photography a try? Our latest original infographic will help you get started with this time-tested alternative process.

Looking back at the history of photography, pinhole photography is among one of the oldest techniques. The earliest mention of pinhole photography dates back to the mid-1800s, and it continues to be an accessible alternative photographic process today. It is particularly popular amongst film photographers. Getting started with pinhole photography requires very minimal equipment; all you really need is a pinhole camera and a tripod. But, what qualifies as a pinhole camera can genuinely run the gamut. You can turn a conventional camera body into a pinhole camera by replacing its lens with a body cap that has a pinhole drilled into its center. Handmade box cameras are another popular option. You can even make pinhole cameras out of a beer can or a roast duck! Interested in giving pinhole photography a go? Check out our latest infographic where we break down some pinhole photography basics:

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Does Anyone Remember the P-Sharan Pinhole Camera?

There was a time when you could simply grab a P-Sharan Pinhole Camera if you wanted to try out pinhole photography. Does anyone remember that?

Pinhole photography isn’t really difficult, but the results can be hit or miss. Still, its appeal is the fact that you can make a pinhole camera out of anything, and it’s actually a fun, experimental way to learn about photography. But, just a couple of years ago, you could also simply pick up one of those simple P-Sharan cardboard pinhole cameras, pop in a roll of 35mm film, and get shooting. Let’s look back at one of Alastair Bird’s 2016 videos to refresh our memory about this fun paper camera.

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Pinhole Pro X Is the World’s First Pinhole Zoom Lens for Photo and Video

Pinhole Pro X, the world’s first pinhole zoom lens, joins the Pinhole Pro family to offer creative options for both photo and video work.

Want to get into pinhole photography with your digital camera? You might want to give this new Pinhole Pro lens a go. Thingyfy recently expanded their lineup of prime pinhole lenses with the Pinhole Pro X. Dubbed the world’s first-ever pinhole zoom lens, it’s designed especially for art photography and creative video production. Pinhole photography has been popular for those seeking to apply a dreamy look to their work. As the earliest known form of photography, many consider it photography in its original form. It’s possible to build your own pinhole camera today with basic materials. However, Thingyfy saw the opportunity to take advantage of today’s precision engineering to design a tool that can produce the best pinhole images possible. This is where the Pinhole Pro X comes into the picture.

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Pinhole Cameras Are Taking 1,000-Year Exposures Around Lake Tahoe

The “Millennium” pinhole cameras installed by Jonathon Keats will reveal the long-term effects of climate change to generations 1,000 years ahead.

How’s your photography project going? You’re probably doing a long-term documentary photography series, or maybe a collection of street portraits. They will definitely take some time to complete, but surely not as long as the pinhole camera project of conceptual artist and experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats (yes, the brain behind the Berlin-based Century Camera Project). His large scale undertaking aims to capture the long-term effects of climate change in various locations across the US.

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Thingify Unveils Pinhole Pro X, the World’s First Zoom Pinhole Lens

If you’re feeling experimental with your digital camera, Thingify has just announced the first zoom pinhole lens, Pinhole Pro X, for you to play with.

Thingify, the Toronto-based company that brought us a bunch of quirky professional pinhole lenses for mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, are at it again with a new creation. This time, it’s touted as the world’s first zoom pinhole lens, and now the third in the Thingify Pinhole Pro range of lenses.

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You Can Now Use Your Camera Filters with the New ONDU MK III Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole camera makers ONDU promises the ONDU MK III, with its array of impressive new and improved features, to be its “most advanced and versatile” series yet. 

The ONDU MK III is in the early stages of its Kickstarter campaign as we speak, yet it already seems poised to become one of the (if not the) most advanced pinhole cameras in the market. Now equipped with several new features, ONDU’s latest series of handcrafted pinhole cameras is geared towards those who wish to do more with pinhole photography.

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This Project Aims to Convert a Camper Van Into a Giant 360° Pinhole Camera

If funded successfully, the 360° Pinhole Camper Van project will be traversing Europe to take pinhole photos and videos. 

While some of us are dreaming of a nomadic life aboard a converted camper van, London-based freelance photographer Santino Pani wants to transform his van into a giant 360° Pinhole Camper Van. If he meets his £15,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, he plans to take it across Europe and document what he already perceives to be an extraordinary photographic experience.

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David Cordero’s Hauntingly Serene Seaside Pinhole Photography

All images by David Cordero. Used with permission.

Stuck in a rut? You might need to take on something simple yet experimental to refill your creative juices. Heading somewhere nice with a pinhole camera in tow could be something to new to try for you. Barcelona-based fine art photographer David Cordero did exactly that and went home with a bunch of serene seaside snaps.

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Sergey Lebedev Handcrafts Unique Pinhole Cameras Using Driftwood

Here’s something to inspire you to make pinhole cameras using the most unique and unexpected materials out there.

Pinhole photography is as simple and basic as it gets when it comes to creating images, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make impressive work out of it. In fact, photographer and camera maker Sergey Lebedev proves you can make the camera itself jaw-dropping. After seeing his gorgeous handmade pinhole cameras made out of driftwood, I believe we no longer have any excuse to not take on crafting our own pinhole cameras — and getting experimental with it in the process. I’m sure that seeing something that is typically ignored made into something beautiful, unique, and functional is nothing short of inspiring. Continue reading…

How to DIY a Pinhole Camera for Some Cool Solargraphy

Our photography funny man, Lou Guarneri, is back with a new “Lou-torial” showing us how to make a pinhole camera for trying out solargraphy.

Are you in the mood to get crafty and try something new? If you said yes to both, we have just the right stuff for you today – a new “Lou-torial” for a DIY pinhole camera! You’re going to love step one — grab a can of your favorite drink and chug the contents down, because that can will be your camera for the day!

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Here’s How You Can Get a Zoom on Your Pinhole Camera

We bet you’ve never thought you can convert your current cameras into a pinhole camera with zoom! 

Did you shoot with a DIY pinhole camera for the recent Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day? If you were able to make a nice setup, we have something that will make sure you get to shoot with an even more epic one next year (or anytime you feel like some pinhole snaps are in order). There’s a lot of cool science stuff involved, and there’s no one better to explain it to us than Cyrus Arthur of The Science of Photography channel.

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Pinhole Pro S Lens Turns Your Digital Camera into a Wide Angle Pinhole Snapper

The Pinhole Pro S Lens is promising some fantastic fun!

Looking for something new to spice up your photos and videos? If you’re curious about what you can do when you mix pinhole technology with modern digital cameras, here’s something up your alley. Joining Thingyfy’s family of Pinhole Pro lenses are two new ones for your wide angle shooting pleasure using your DSLR and mirrorless camera.

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Five Pinhole Photography Tips for Beginners Experimenting With Long Exposures

In a few days from the publication of this piece, we celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day. Pinhole photography is very experimental, ethereal and really cool. More importantly, it’s just plain fun to do whenever you get a chance. Lots of photographers have done pinhole photography and many believe it to become absolutely addicting due to the slow and very different process from everything else out there.

For the photographer just getting into pinhole photography, check out these tips.

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7 Pinhole Photographers to Inspire You for World Pinhole Day

Lead photo by Kenneth Leishman. All images used with permission in our interviews.

Pinhole photography: it’s arguably one of the oldest forms of photography and the art that’s been available. These days, it’s used in digital variations but by far many of the best pinhole photographers these days shoot film. So in celebration of the upcoming World Pinhole Day this year, we’ve rounded up a number of our favorite pinhole photographers we’ve interviewed.

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Five Reasons You Should be Shooting Pinhole Right Now


This post by Jana Uyeda originally appeared on Jana-Obscura.com on March 17, 2014, and is being syndicated at The Phoblographer with the author’s permission.

My friends in the art world often use the expression, “Restrictions breed creativity,” a phrase which certainly applies to the imaginative and often inventive world of pinhole photography. While the basic concept of pinhole remains the same – a light-tight box with a tiny aperture – it’s how you manipulate light to capture an image that really empowers your creativity. From DIY projects to local craftsmen to 3D printed cameras, interest in pinhole cameras is on the rise. If you have never experimented with pinhole photography or left your Holga 120WPC on the bottom shelf for too long, it’s time get shooting again. Here are five reasons why this is the best time to be shooting pinhole.

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The World’s Largest Pinhole Photograph is Literally as Large as an Airplane Hangar

The Great Picture World's Largest Pinhole Photography Guinness Record

Holy lion of Zion, have you seen this? It’s the world’s largest pinhole photograph, and it’s literally as large as an airplane hangar. And that’s because it was taken inside an airplane hangar. Yes, that’s true. The people that created it converted an abandoned F-18 jet fighter hangar into one ginormous pinhole camera by hanging a cloth of photosensitive material from its ceiling, drilling a hole less than 1/4″ into the front and letting time and photons do the rest.

The project was executed in 2006, and The Great Picture first went on public display in 2007. But before they could actually do it, they’d have to go through long negotiations with authorities. In the end, they were rewarded for their efforts not only with the world’s largest pinhole picture, but also with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. You can find the whole story over at Alternative Photography.

Making a Six Month Pinhole Exposure From a Beer Can

Pinhole 2012-best

Matt Bigwood hails from the UK and has been a photographer since 1986, and recently showed us a photo from a long term project that he worked on. The photo above is a six month long exposure using a beer can converted into a pinhole camera. Pinhole photography is amongst the earliest forms of the craft, and it is practiced by many still even today. We’ve reviewed pinhole adapters for mirrorless cameras before and we’ve even taken part of World Pinhole Day: a once a year festival that celebrates all things pinhole.

To learn more about his project and pinhole photography, we briefly talked with Matt about his vision, calculations, etc.

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