Thingify Unveils Pinhole Pro X, the World’s First Zoom Pinhole Lens

If you’re feeling experimental with your digital camera, Thingify has just announced the first zoom pinhole lens, Pinhole Pro X, for you to play with.

Thingify, the Toronto-based company that brought us a bunch of quirky professional pinhole lenses for mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, are at it again with a new creation. This time, it’s touted as the world’s first zoom pinhole lens, and now the third in the Thingify Pinhole Pro range of lenses.

Called Pinhole Pro X this new contraption levels up your pinhole photography with its 18-36mm range. It was spotted by ePhotozine during The Photography Show 2019, mounted on a Sony E-mount camera. Still, Mirrorless Rumors believes that it could be made available for other mounts as well. No news yet of its price and shipment date, so let’s keep our eyes peeled for future announcements. As with the first two Pinhole Pro releases, it’s highly likely that the company will soon run a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production.

If you’re new to Thingify’s pinhole creations, the new Pinhole Pro X joins the original Pinhole Pro lens, which promised to convert your digital camera into a professional pinhole snapper. After its successful campaign on Kickstarter, the company added the Pinhole Pro S, the world’s widest professional pinhole lens, driven by requests to create a wide angle version. The pinhole zoom lens — another first by Thingify — is definitely a welcome addition to the family, and we’re sure many experimental photographers out there would be interested in trying it out.

While pinhole photography is not really new, and anyone can technically make their own pinhole cameras with a wide variety of available materials, Thingify has made it easier for digital photographers to get professional results with a simple tool. With this new addition to the Pinhole Pro family, it’s indeed exciting to find out how it will work and what photos it can create!


Photo from ePhotozine