Pinhole Pro S Lens Turns Your Digital Camera into a Wide Angle Pinhole Snapper

The Pinhole Pro S Lens is promising some fantastic fun!

Looking for something new to spice up your photos and videos? If you’re curious about what you can do when you mix pinhole technology with modern digital cameras, here’s something up your alley. Joining Thingyfy’s family of Pinhole Pro lenses are two new ones for your wide angle shooting pleasure using your DSLR and mirrorless camera.

Following the Kickstarter success of the original Pinhole Pro lens, Toronto-based Thingyfy responded to requests for a wide angle version. They recently introduced two in another Kickstarter campaign: the Pinhole Pro S11 (11 mm) for mirrorless cameras and Pinhole Pro S37 (37 mm) for DSLRs. This brings a total of four focal lengths in seven different lens mounts for both digital photography and videography.

The wide angle lenses boast up to 120° field of view for both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, nine times the sharpness, and a precision build with 100% aluminum body. Promising to be the world’s widest professional pinhole lenses, the collection has already garnered the interest of photographers and filmmakers keen on getting the dreamy and timeless effect of this age-old analog technology. No glass, just a single pinhole aperture, so more attachments than lenses, but you get the drift.

Some film photographers may argue that anyone can simply make their own pinhole camera with readily available materials. But aside from being made to take advantage of digital convenience, Thingyfy also boasts of their pinhole lenses having a perfectly round and smooth 0.14 mm aperture made with precision micro-drilling.

“Unlike most DIY and commercial pinhole cameras and pinhole lenses that use either mechanical pin punching, chemical etching or laser etching, Thingyfy uses a robotic controlled tiny micro-drill that is only 0.05mm in diameter, to preciously drill a perfectly round and smooth pinhole aperture. This process requires state-of-the-art environmental control and vibration reduction, in order to produce the stunning quality of each Pinhole Pro in mass production.”

The Pinhole Pro S lenses have already been fully funded way above its $7,780 goal. But there are still 18 days left for you to back this project on Kickstarter and start shooting dreamy digital pinhole photos and videos.