Pinhole Pro X Is the World’s First Pinhole Zoom Lens for Photo and Video

Pinhole Pro X, the world’s first pinhole zoom lens, joins the Pinhole Pro family to offer creative options for both photo and video work.

Want to get into pinhole photography with your digital camera? You might want to give this new Pinhole Pro lens a go. Thingyfy recently expanded their lineup of prime pinhole lenses with the Pinhole Pro X. Dubbed the world’s first-ever pinhole zoom lens, it’s designed especially for art photography and creative video production. Pinhole photography has been popular for those seeking to apply a dreamy look to their work. As the earliest known form of photography, many consider it photography in its original form. It’s possible to build your own pinhole camera today with basic materials. However, Thingyfy saw the opportunity to take advantage of today’s precision engineering to design a tool that can produce the best pinhole images possible. This is where the Pinhole Pro X comes into the picture.

With the new Pinhole Pro X, you have more options to use for both photo and video projects. This new offering features a 0.25 mm pinhole aperture, and a 2x zoom (18-36mm for mirrorless cameras and 40-60mm for DSLR and SLR cameras) to produce the dreamy, cinematic effect unique to pinhole photography. Its professional-looking form is cut from a single piece of aviation-grade aluminum. The mounts available are Sony E, Fuji X, and Micro 4/3 for mirrorless cameras, and Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, and Pentax K for DSLR/SLR cameras.

Curious about the effects you can achieve with this lens? Thingyfy shared a bunch of sample photos and videos on their Kickstarter page:

Thingyfy introduced the Pinhole Pro X at this year’s The Photography Show (TPS) 2019 in Birmingham, UK. They followed this up with a Kickstarter campaign in August, which was fully funded in just two weeks. Their Kickstarter will run until October 2nd with only a few slots left in the remaining Pinhole Pro X reward tiers. So, better check it out and make your pledge before these offers run out.


Photos from the Kickstarter campaign by Thingify