You Can Now Use Your Camera Filters with the New ONDU MK III Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole camera makers ONDU promises the ONDU MK III, with its array of impressive new and improved features, to be its “most advanced and versatile” series yet. 

The ONDU MK III is in the early stages of its Kickstarter campaign as we speak, yet it already seems poised to become one of the (if not the) most advanced pinhole cameras in the market. Now equipped with several new features, ONDU’s latest series of handcrafted pinhole cameras is geared towards those who wish to do more with pinhole photography.

A whopping 19 different cameras comprise ONDU MK (pronounced as “Mark”) III latest series, with models made for 35mm, 120, and large format film. Within this series is a regular line made for beginners and the ONDU RISE for pros. The RISE range is more advanced, featuring multiple holes for perspective control.

In its goal to “go from a simple pinhole camera to an actual tool for creative photography,” ONDU introduces these impressive new and improved features:

  • Internal magnetic sliding shutter for shake-free images even with short exposure times
  • Red window shutter which enables the use of 35mm film in ONDU’s medium format cameras with an adapter
  • Winding knobs are now easier to wind
  • CNC milled aluminum knobs and all the inside components of the camera

It all sounds super cool but I think the most impressive of the lot is that filters could now be used with the ONDU MK III cameras with the use of magnets. This feature is being added to the new series by popular demand. Per ONDU:

“With the use of hidden magnets, this works like a charm. Filters are an important aspect in pinhole photography that enable us to get even more creative with our images. This includes ND filters, IR film and color filters for black and white photography.

“For the regular camera series, we opted for the circular threaded filter type while with the RISE series it’s only possible to use it with the COKIN A series type of filters. Both methods snap on to the camera body without any screws. Please note that the actual filters are not available via ONDU and must be purchased separately.”

Check out these pictures taken using the ONDU MK III cameras:

Photo by Charles Strebor

Photo by Christopher Cleemens

Photo by Fred Rune Rahm

Photo by Lance Roth

Photo by Steven Boelars

There are over 20 days left with ONDU’s Kickstarter campaign as of this writing but it has already gone above and beyond its US $20,000 goal, with more than 300 backers pledging over $54,000. If you want to become one of them or just want know more about the ONDU MK III, swing by Kickstarter now!

All photos and information via ONDU.