Maria Lax Creates Vividly Colorful Frames in the Dark of the Night

“I have a never ending fascination with light and the lack of it,” states Finnish photographer Maria Lax regarding the duality of light that shapes her multicolored photographs of the night. It’s an ongoing project, but Night Rising has nabbed her a 2021 Fujifilm GFX Challenge regional award. She spared some of her valuable time to chat with us about the ideas behind it and how living in the Arctic Circle for many years gave her a deeper appreciation of the dark.

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Priya Panchwadkar Seeks Out Unique Frames of Mumbai at Night

“I like to get nervous,” says Mumbai-based photographer and Yoga instructor Priya Panchwadkar, about why she chose film over digital when photographing her bustling city. She thrives on the unforgiving nature each frame of a film roll produces when she’s out and about. And she wants the world to see how Mumbai looks at night, viewed through her imaginative eyes.

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Eugene Tumusiime Creates Photos Straight from a Cyberpunk Daydream

“Over time, I gradually became invested in the idea of reimagining London as a cyberpunk metropolis,” the award-winning photographer Eugene Tumusiime tells me. When he started shooting in London, he was enchanted by the neon lights of Piccadilly Circus. He followed in the footsteps of generations of street photographers, chasing down decisive moments shared between taxi drivers, bus passengers, and pedestrians in Soho and Chinatown. 

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These Nightscapes by Paul Zizka Look Stunning

“The universe is telling you you’re not here for a very long time,” answers Paul Zizka when I queried why he places himself in many of his night landscape shots. He enjoys doing this to communicate the connection of mankind to the landscape on which we live. Some of his nightscapes look like they were taken on a different planet altogether, a testimony to the diverse Earth we inhabit but have yet to explore in detail.

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5 Amazing Night Photographers and The Cameras They Use

Many folks turn away from opportunities to shoot photography at night. Low light, less footfall, and a perceived increase in danger means lots of photographers prefer to shoot when the sun is up. That’s a shame because the eeriness of the night is the perfect shooting ground for creative photography. Thankfully, there are plenty of photographers ready to brave the night, and we’ve featured many over the years. Join us as we take a look at some of the best.

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Astrophotography: Shoot For the Stars With These Fast Fujifilm Primes

We always get asked which Fujifilm primes are best for astrophotography, so we thought we would round them up for you.

When it comes to lenses for astrophotography on the Fujifilm X platform, photographers are somewhat spoiled for choice. There are a number of prime lenses that are more than suitable for capturing the Milky Way or other deep sky objects, and the beauty is that there are lenses that will fit all budgets. You can use any X Series camera to capture the night sky. Just attach one of the primes that we have rounded up after the break, follow our guide to astrophotography, and you’ll be in business in no time at all.

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Isabella Tabacchi’s Astrophotography Under Namibia’s Surreal Night Sky

All photos by Isabella Tabacchi. Used with permission.

The night sky has always fascinated bright minds for the mystery and stunning imagery it brings, making it a popular subject among artists and photographers. Bologna-based landscape photographer Isabella Tabacchi, for example, found it her favorite part of everyday life and a potent source of inspiration for her work. If you are drawn to photographing landscapes against the night sky, you’ll definitely find her snaps in Namibia nothing short of surreal.

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Andrew Campbell’s Award-Winning Astrophotography Will Stun You

All images by Andrew Campbell. Used with permission.

“I think with all things in life – if you love doing it – then you will always be motivated.” Those are the words of Andrew Campbell, a photographer based in the South West of England. He’s talking about his love for astrophotography, and the rewards he gets from the methodical art form. His passion requires patience, something Campbell has plenty of. The results? A body of work that wows us and leaves us asking for more.

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What You Need to Get Started with Milky Way Photography

When it comes to astrophotography subjects like the ever-popular Milky Way, being prepared is key to getting those gorgeous snaps.

The Milky Way is one of the most popular subjects for night photography and astrophotography for obvious reasons. However, it’s not as simple as pointing your camera up to the night sky when the mood strikes; you have to show up 100% prepared. As such, behind every stunning Milky Way photo is some careful planning by the photographer in order to make it happen. Fortunately, there are lots of resources and tutorials to help us prepare for it. Today’s featured video, for example, gives us a quick rundown of what we need to get started.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Basic Night Photography Tips

Been wanting to shoot at night but have no idea how to get the best results? Today’s photography cheat sheet has a bunch of basic tips to get you started.

Night photography is one of the most challenging genres to get into, especially for those new to it. It can be a struggle to shoot in the low light, let alone get the settings right without resorting to your camera’s auto modes. But, today’s photography cheat sheet should give you a hand with some tips for various kinds of situations you’ll find yourself shooting in at night.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Shoot Moonlit Landscapes at Night

Been curious about shooting night landscapes but no idea how to achieve the best results? We have the photography cheat sheet just for you!

If shooting landscapes at night sounds challenging, the truth is it really is. Working with limited light will require some advanced techniques, extra efforts, and careful planning, but it will all be worth it. With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to add a touch of magic to those scenic shots under the stars.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting Long Exposures of Night City Scenes

Looking to get extra creative with city scenes at night? You definitely have to check out today’s photography cheat sheet.

Shooting long exposures is one of the popular ways to capture city scenes at night, as it opens up a number of creative possibilities. Among these is including colorful light trails to give photos a more dynamic and energetic feel. If you’re in the mood to get extra creative with your city snaps or simply want to try something new, we have just the right photography cheat sheet to help you snag some cool shots!

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How Reciprocity Failure Affects Long Exposures in Film Photography

If you’re just getting into film photography, reciprocity failure is an important technicality to be aware of, especially when shooting long exposures. 

Long exposures are among the most exciting creative techniques at every film photographer’s disposal. However, they don’t come as easy in film as they do in digital due to the law of reciprocity failure. Jason Robert Jones covers this in one of his YouTube videos and accompanying cheat sheets for two of his go-to films. If you’ve never heard of this technicality before, we suggest you pay close attention as it has a hand in the outcome of your shots, especially if long exposures.

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Helpful Insights on Shooting Night Photography Using Film

Planning to do some night photography around your city with film? You may learn a thing or two from this video to increase your chances of getting great results. 

Film is not dead, but it’s not for the faint of heart either. Compared to digital, it’s not an easy medium to work with and it can be especially unforgiving in low light. That’s why you have to plan ahead if you want to do night photography on film. Before you hit the streets, we suggest watching this quick video by Analog Insights for some tips on how to get the best results. In one of their old videos, Max and Jules of the Analog Insights channel set out to find out how to make long exposures at night using film. Turns out it’s not as simple as using high ISO films or wide apertures and slower shutter speeds. They also had to take the Schwarzschild Effect (Reciprocity Failure) into consideration. We’ll get into the details of that later, but first, let’s watch how their shoot went.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Memorize These Night Photography Settings

There’s more to night photography than shooting star trails or Milky Way photos. This photography cheat sheet will serve as a quick guide for shooting various situations at night.

Thinking of exploring your town tonight for some interesting street stuff to photograph? Night photography comes with its own set of challenges, especially since you’re often forced to work in low light. You’ll also need to adjust your camera settings for every subject or shooting situation. That can be laborious if you’re still getting acquainted with your camera, not yet used to shooting at night. Fortunately, we have a photography cheat sheet ready to help you figure your settings out.

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Simon Åslund Imagines “Shady Deals” in His Latest Cinematic Series

All photos by Simon Åslund. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If nighttime inspires you to come up with engaging visual narratives, we’re sure you’ll like the latest work from Simon Åslund. As with his Night Series, it’s a perfect example of what the mood and unique imagery of cities at night can inspire. This time, he takes us around the empty streets of Stockholm to follow lone subjects acting out an interesting premise: shady deals in shady places.

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Thibaud Poirier Captures the Peaceful Beauty of “Sleeping Venice”

All photos by Thibaud Poirier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s always fascinating to see a different look at the world’s most famous cities. One way photographers do it is by capturing a glimpse at night, as the cities often take on a different persona without all the activity, lit only by the faint glow of street lights. We’ve seen some excellent examples (like Mark Broyer’s After Hours in Hamburg) in the past, and we’re adding one more to the list. From Paris-based Thibaud Poirier comes a series featuring the calm and quiet side of Sleeping Venice, which can be a drastically different visual experience for those used to the hustle and bustle of the popular Italian city.

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Damien Guiot: Summer Nightscapes to Make You Long for Starry Nights

All photos by Damien Guiot. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to summer scenes, it’s always sunsets at the beach or the golden sunrise that gets the spotlight. But nighttime can also be a great shooting opportunity during summer. This is what Damien Guiot shows us in his stunning collection of starry nightscapes shot around the Vosges in France. For those of us who have skipped shooting the night skies in favor of the deep blues and vibrant golds of sunrise and sunset, this series will inspire us to try it out.

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Vlad Tretiak: Nighttime Street Photography in Siberia Shot on Film

All photos by Vlad Tretiak. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve put the spotlight on a fair bit of impressive film photography here, and we’re keen on adding more. If you’re a film photographer looking into keeping the craft alive, we have another series to inspire you. Since 2013, Russian photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer Vlad Tretiak has been shooting his hometown of Kemerovo and its surrounds on film, in both 35mm and 120 formats. His two-part collection is comprised of some moody nighttime scenes made extra dreamy by the nostalgic look of film. Step right up if that sounds like the look you’re going for!

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Elsa Bleda Turns Cape Town into an Atmospheric “Zone” at Night

All photos by Elsa Bleda. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Johannesburg-based Elsa Bleda is among the photographers we keep an eye on for her surreal night strolls around cities glowing in neon. Today, however, we revisit one of her earlier sets, which is just as dreamy and colorful as her other night snaps. Here, she shows us around Cape Town in an atmospheric night stroll, where the mood is both dreamlike and cinematic. If you’re fond of shooting your town at night, we’re sure this is one approach you might find interesting.

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