Nick Pacione’s Night Landscapes Reveal the Magic of the Stars and Nature

All images by Nick Pacione and used with Creative Commons permission

Whenever Texas is mentioned, images of deserts, country lifestyle, and cattle roping cowboys immediately come to mind for a lot of people. But Dallas-based photographer Nick Pacione wanted to show a different, more enchanting part of the state with his collection of stunning landscape photos. If you’re looking for beautiful work to inspire you to go out and shoot more, his photos will certainly do the trick. Continue reading…

Louis Dazy Reimagines Hong Kong in Dreamy Double Exposures

All images by Louis Dazy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Film photography remains a popular medium for today’s generation of visual storytellers not only for its nostalgic look. It’s also loved for the level of experimentation that it encourages. One such photographer, Paris-based Louis Dazy, appears to have mastered the look of medium and used it to craft his own visual style.

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Andreas Levers Takes Us Around Atmospheric Urbanscapes “At Night”

All images by Andreas Levers. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The night has many faces and photographers have always sought to capture them. We’ve seen many takes on this endeavor with different approaches and locations, and photographers end up with outstanding results. Our most recent favorite is the ongoing series or moody urbanscapes by German photographer Andreas Levers.

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Photography Tip: Get Extra Creative with Your Night Portraits Using a Glass Prism

A glass prism can make night portrait sessions extra fun, especially if you like the quirky results.

Looking into shaking up your night portraits? Imogen of the WeeklyImogen channel recently talked about road testing the popular glass prism technique for night photography. If the effect that it makes is something you’ve been curious about, this quick video is worth a watch.

After a night workshop, Mark and Imogen began experimenting with a triangular optical glass prism for a night portrait session. Glass prisms come in different sizes, but they employ a slightly longer one because it’s easier to hold and maneuver. To use it, you basically just hold the prism over your lens or at the sides as you focus on your subject. Feel free to move it around your lens to get the light streaks and flares that you want on your photos.

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Mark Broyer’s “After Hours” Game Remains Strong in the Latest Installment

All images by Mark Broyer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Towards the end of 2017, Hamburg-based art director, designer, and photographer Mark Broyer shared the latest snaps for his ongoing After Hours project. If you haven’t been following this series, I suggest to start now, especially if you’re into outstanding night photography. Now on its fourth installment, this body work remains strong in its vibrant rendition of Hamburg and Berlin’s streets late into the night.

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Slava Semeniuta Captures Puddles of Color in “Wet Neon”

All images by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you think you love colors, you probably don’t like them as intense as Russian artist and photographer Slava Semeniuta wants them. This fascination for neon hues manifest in every creative project that he does. A fine example would be this brightly colorful street set aptly titled Wet Neon.

The idea may not exactly be a novel one, as photos of colorful puddle reflections are pretty common. However, while they are merely minor elements in  other photos, these colorful reflections take center stage in Wet Neon. They draw the eyes as they come in different shapes, blends, and combinations. The textures are a nice touch and added dimension. We know nothing about the surroundings that light up the wet pavements. This anonymity of some sort is not meant to be taken as a bid to be mysterious. The goal is to keep the viewer focused on the colors.

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Prasat Vedvikhyat Showcases the Star-Studded Nights of Maharashtra

 All images by Prasat Vedvikhyat. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The night sky is never short of fascinating sights to capture, making it a favorite subject of photographers around the world. Mumbai-based Prasat Vedvikhyat joins our roster of creatives who have been charmed by the stars and their timeless beauty. In his set, titled To Infinity…And Beyond, we see the familiar display of the distant Milky Way galaxy and the hypnotic celestial dance, set against some landmarks of Maharashtra.

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Toby Harriman Paints the Serene Beauty of the Night in “Mono-Tone”

All images by Toby Harriman. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Despite the sheer volume of night photos focused on the ethereal beauty of star-lit skies, it’s something that every photographer still finds irresistible to capture. Joining our list of favorite night and astrophotography works is the simple yet beautiful monochrome set by San Francisco-based traveler, photographer, and content creator Toby Harriman.

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Michael Shainblum Unravels the Magic of an Ancient Pine Forest

All images by Michael Shainblum. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Astrophotographers and night photography enthusiasts typically choose shooting locations with jagged peaks, camp sites, and curious-looking rock formations to serve as the foregrounds of their snaps of the starry night sky. But, as San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker Michael Shainblum demonstrates in one of his sets, forests and interesting foliage also lend their own magic touch to astrophotography — especially if it’s an ancient pine forest.

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Andrea Securo Captures the Beauty of Dolomites Against the Milky Way

All images by Andrea Securo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The grandeur of the Milky Way on a clear and moonless sky is one of the favorite celestial subjects of landscape photographers and astrophotographers alike. It’s easy to see why, despite the planning and preparation often involved. We see this in the breath-taking snaps taken by Italian photographer and geophysics student Andrea Securo during some nights spent in the Dolomites. Photographing the Milky Way in strategic locations remains on the bucket list of many photographers. Such locations allow us to document the galaxy’s passing along a patch of the night sky without the light pollution and obstructions of the city. Also, the natural formations and silhouettes provide interesting foreground elements that frame the resulting image.

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How to Shoot Colorful Bokehlicious Night Portraits


What goes well with street portraits and night photography? Bokeh, many photographers now will immediately tell you. It’s not exactly a new concept and many of us have been playing around with bokeh for all sorts of concepts and projects. But, seeing how the so-called bokehlicious night portraits are so trendy now, it may well be worth it to see how it’s done and what makes it so popular. Manila-based photographer Gab Loste has shared his process in a quick video tutorial.

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Matthieu Bühler Takes Us to a Dreamy Stroll Around Neon Tokyo

All images by Matthieu Bühler. Used with Creative Commons permission.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Japan is a paradise for photographers. It’s not just because of the latest and greatest in photography gear, however. Its cities are full of character that make them distinct, memorable, and certainly picture-perfect. Tokyo-based graphic designer and photographer Matthieu Bühler shows us how the capital alone makes for a dreamy street photography location in his beautiful set called Neon Dreams.

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Andrew Kurcan on Capturing the Quiet, Unspoken Moments of Grief

All images and text by Andrew Kurcan. Used with permission.

For me, photography is not only a profession, but a way to cope, interact and understand the world around me. Earlier this year my brother-in-law died unexpectedly. Weeks later my mother passed away — equally unexpectedly. 2017 has been defined by grief — the loss, the anger, the confusion, the isolation — often a full gamut of emotions. Over the past few months, I have been shooting a photo essay titled On Grief as an attempt to capture those quiet moments when one is left with nothing but their own thoughts. Being a visual creative, I find that I cope and express best with imagery.

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Manu Grinspan: Colorful Street Photography In Cities at Night

All images and text by Manu Grinspan. Used with permission.

I’m Manu Grinspan, a photographic artist specializing in evocative images of the living world and best known for my ‘unique-in-style’ color photography. Born in Belgium, I moved to Israel in 1996 and started to discover my passion for photography. Within a short time, I started my life as an international traveling street photographer. My photographs of people and street reveal a compassionate understanding of my subjects and my unique photographic touch.

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Dafni Kemeridou Explores The Truth About Herself in Self Portraits (Slightly NSFW)

All images by Dafni Kemeridou. Used with permission.

Dafni Kemeridou is a young photographer, born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1994. She studied photography at I.E.K. AKMI School (2012-2014) and attended photographic workshops given by photographer Dimitris Triantafyllou (2016-2017). In 2015-2016, she gave presentations and held photographic editing sessions for FOAPTH (the photography club of the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki). She uses photography as a visual tool to explore and question herself and the world. Her photography deals with themes such as time, dreams, and existentialism. She usually prefers the low light of the twilight hours that creates an atmosphere of mystery and emotional depictions within the image. The longer exposures and light manipulations that also exist in most of her images are there to enhance the sense of time and space.

She is currently working as a freelance photographer mainly for wedding, baptism, concert, and event photography. At the same time, she is working on her personal projects that are in progress.

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Mark Broyer Shares the Beauty of Foggy Nights in Hamburg

All images by Mark Broyer. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

The hours between dusk and dawn are certainly favorite times for many photographers, despite the lighting conditions being mostly challenging. In a previous feature, we’ve seen Hamburg-based Mark Broyer document the beautiful glow that his city takes on during the colorful after hours. For today’s night photography and street photography inspiration, we follow him again as he continues his nighttime adventures, this time catching the misty beauty of a foggy night in Hamburg.

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Jonathan May Imagines the Adventures of a Sleepwalker in THE SOMNAMBULANT

All images by Jonathan May. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

We’ve seen the kind of visual narratives that the night inspires, whether it’s a town’s vibrant alter-ego, a city’s pervading darkness, or the slow celestial dance of the night sky. In yet another stirring tale, set in the ungodly hours of nighttime, Sydney-based photographer Jonathan May invites us to join him as he follows the journey of a sleepwalker named Yuri.

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Planning, Shooting, and Editing Stunning Milky Way Photos


For anyone who is interested in doing astrophotography, getting perfectly captured snaps of the the Milky Way Galaxy is the ultimate goal when photographing the night sky. However, it’s admittedly a challenging a tedious endeavor. Thankfully, there are now many resources, like this one by The Finer Photo on YouTube, that you can use to plan your shoot ahead and make sure you get those stellar results.

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Michael Streckbein Captures Cinematic Urban Scenes for NIGHTLAND

All images by Michael Streckbein. Used with Creative Commons Permission

The gloom of cities at night becomes even more ominous when fog comes to envelope the surroundings. Yet for some photographers, the drama of this combination is something too beautiful to pass up. If capturing this scene is something that you have on your street photography bucket list, you’ll certainly find this series by Michael Streckbein nothing short of inspirational.

Cologne-based Michael joins our roster of camera-wielding nightcrawlers who have a penchant for documenting the different faces of cities at night. For his ongoing series aptly titled NIGHTLAND, he prowls his city on foggy nights while the rest sleeps. However, instead of showing the nighttime alter-ego of bustling cities like Hamburg-based Mark Broyer, Michael roams empty railroads, sleepy railway stations, and perhaps even construction sites to create his own vision of a moody urban landscape.

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Mark Broyer Captures the Beauty of After Hours in Hamburg

All images by Mark Broyer. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Cities take on a different persona at night, and they can either be full of energy or melancholy, depending on the city, the districts, or time of the night. Street photographers who prowl their towns by nightfall know this very well, and it’s interesting how their photo narratives reveal which part of the night they prefer to document. For Hamburg-based photographer Mark Broyer, it’s the colorful after hours of his city.

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How to Shoot the Classic Highway Long Exposure Shot at Night

Ever wanted to get those gorgeous long exposure shots of busy cities with light streaking along the streets? It’s one of the classic highway and cityscape shots every photographer does now and then because it conveys a lot of energy and activity in just one frame. If you can think of a nice vantage point where you can capture this beautiful city scene, you’re already halfway there. The other half comes in this video tutorial from Serge Ramelli.

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