The Canon Rebel: Over 30 Years of Shooting Great Pictures

For over 30 years, the Canon Rebel has been in the hands of photographers who wanted Canon quality at an affordable price. The snootier amongst us will happily turn their noses up in their air at these cameras. But the truth is that no one can deny they were excellent cameras for a beginner. What’s more, They sold at chart-topping numbers for many years. While Canon doesn’t have a current iteration of the Canon Rebel worth discussing, I think everyone can acknowledge this camera’s importance.

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Canon Picture Styles Help You Make Your Images Less Boring

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Canon cameras are pretty great at what they do. But sometimes they stick to a very old-school idea of perfection in their images (well, their sensors do). And if you use cameras from Panasonic, Olympus, or Fujifilm, it’s easy to get spoiled with the unique image quality. But lots of folks forget you can tweak Picture Styles in the Canon menu. What’s more, that image quality will mostly translate into the RAW files. So you can tweak as much as you’d like and still enjoy what comes out. In my explorations, I’ve tried to find ways to make the images look like a film stock of some sort, and have come pretty close to Fujifilm Superia. Here’s what I did.

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We Found Canon Gear at Tough to Beat Prices

Canon RF cameras and lenses are some of the best in the industry.

Time and time again, this site has been very pleased with Canon’s newest gear. They’ve done a fantastic job and found ways to stay on the cutting edge. Their gear can be pricey or hard to come by though. But at KEH, we found some good prices on gear that you’ll want. Be sure to check out our finds after the jump!

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Watch These Canon Cameras and Lenses Get Cut in Half by Water Jet

Warning: These water jet cutter videos are pretty painful to watch. Make sure you hug your cameras and lenses after!

We spot a lot of photography related stuff on Reddit; a lot of it is downright cool, some is slightly unsettling. Today’s find falls under the latter, so you might want to proceed with caution. A thread titled “Cutting things in half with water” obviously doesn’t spell anything good befalling photography gear. Still, we followed a lead to the Waterjet Channel on YouTube, and found their videos slicing Canon cameras and lenses (a Canon Elan 35mm SLR camera, a Canon 17-85mm zoom lens, and a Canon G7X) in half. If you’re curious about how it’s done, and what the innards of this gear looks like, then watch the videos after the jump.

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