3 Beautiful 90mm Lenses That You’re Bound to Love!

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If you’re looking for something in-between an 85mm and 135mm lens, consider 90mm Lenses. For many years, it was considered a classic portrait lens. And today, there aren’t many of them left. However, that doesn’t mean that modern 90mm lenses aren’t great. In fact, they’re arguably some of the best lenses in the market. And for what they are, they’re instrumental in a variety of situations. We’ve rounded up some of the best we’ve reviewed over the years.

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Field Report: 24 Hours with the Ricoh GR II Shooting Candids

Every photographer romanticizes in one way or another years on down the line about a camera they’ve used and loved. For many of us, it’s their first camera. When photographers speak about said camera, they’re describing the equivalent of a sensory experience of sorts. In many ways, when you talk to the photographer about the experience, it’s often a poetic wax of some sort to a more nostalgic time in their lives. For some photographers, that camera is and will be the Ricoh GR II.

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“Say Cheese”: Candid Portraits of Emotionless Faces on People

All images by Sascha Niethammer. Used with permission.

“‘Say Cheese'” is a collection of pictures, which I was taken on the streets or at my jobs at music festivals.” says photographer Sascha Niethammer about his project showing off the specific ways that people react to having a camera in their face. “…I try usually to stay undetected. And if people see me, they will be angry or smiling…usually.” However in this project what you see are emotionless faces–which Sascha says he really loves!

For Sascha, photography is a meditation. He grew up in a household of artists and he was smitten with music. Sascha was in a small band as a DJ and producer; and while designing fliers he fell in love with what Photoshop could do. That lead to him buying his own DSLR; and later on he gave up music. These days though, he doesn’t really use DSLRs or Photoshop–he’s traded that in for what he says are a small camera with prime lenses.

Sascha doesn’t think that the technical specs are important to the creation of a good picture; and in all honesty, he’s right. When it comes to capturing a moment, it’s all about the content; as this project illustrates.

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Evan Rich: Being a Fly on the Wall Wedding Photographer

evan rich photography (27)

All images by Evan Rich. Used with permission.

Photographer Evan Rich has the blessing of being born into a creative family. After a short stint in the finance world, he became bored and eventually enthralled by the passion that he had for photography. He became a destination wedding photographer–perhaps one of the toughest things that any photographer could try to do. As exciting as the job is, it takes a special kind of shooter to pull this off flawlessly. And where we believe Evan excels the most is capturing candids.

So how do you become the “fly-on-the-wall” type of photographer like Evan? He states that it isn’t about being covert at all–instead it’s about blending in.

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1956 Kodak Commercial Teaches You How to Take Photos of Your Dog

Pro Tip: Get a dog's attention by putting a treat on top of your camera lens. More about that here.

Pro Tip: Get a dog’s attention by putting a treat on top of your camera lens. More about that here.

Taking photos of your dog isn’t just a big thing today, but it was all the rage even years ago. Back in 1956, Kodak created a television commercial showcasing how to take better photos of man’s best friend. They state that dogs have personalities all their own, and to just go in for candid photos as you let the dog be its natural self. But what they also state is that you should bring in someone that the dog knows or use a treat, ball or bone.

The commercial features a mother using an old Kodak Brownie–a camera designed essentially for the lay person that knew little to nothing about photography. They also use an old school flash gun and bulb that requires the bulbs to be changed after every shot.

If you’re a German Shepherd fan, you’ll want to continue on past the jump. But if you want to take better dog photos, you’ll probably want to check out this old Useful Photography Tip.

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Hands On: Ricoh GR4D

The other night, I was able to get my hands on the newly announced Ricoh GR4D digital camera. The new camera is a premium point and shoot targeted towards those that want to shoot, “Candids” as they stated during the presentation. Here are the specs you care about and my hands on time with the camera.

Available in white or black.

My apologies for the noisy images, my EP2 has been steadily becoming noisier and noisier.

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The Best Lenses for Sony Alpha Mount DSLRs Under $300

Sony a58

Sony a58

Though they’re not as much of a household name as Canon or Nikon, Sony has become a formidable force in the world of digital photography. Consult our reviews index for lots of our Sony reviews. But we know that any camera is nothing without the lens. Following the tradition of our Best Budget Lenses list, we’ve got a specialized index of some of the best Sony lenses under $300. So which ones make the cut?

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Field Review: Nikon D300s (Final Day)

Despite the fact that the Nikon D3s seemed to be my constant companion for the past two weeks, the Nikon D300s also accompanied me many times where I felt the D3s was overkill, too bulky or I needed a backup camera. The new 70-200mm F2.8 ED VR II was almost always on it. My final thoughts on the camera and its uses at PAX East 2010 are after the jump.

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