Is This Unique, Light Bag Adventure Ready? F-Stop AJNA 37L Review

Aluminum frame backpacks tend to make me regret my life choices as soon as I put them on. Often, the added structure isn’t worth the added weight. That’s not the case with the F-Stop AJNA, an adventure and travel backpack that has an aluminum frame so light I didn’t even notice it at first. Combined with a waist belt, the backpack helps distribute weight on the hips instead of the back and shoulders.

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Practical Design, Fantastic Comfort: Wandrd PRVKE II Review

The refined Wandrd PRVKE has plenty of room and plenty of comfort.

The Wandrd PRVKE generated a lot of buzz when the backpack launched on Kickstarter. And that was for a good reason — we gave the original bag the Editor’s Choice Award. Like most photographers, we’re picky about our bags. Now, Wandrd is back with an updated bag by the same name. The updated Wandrd PRVKE II keeps well-loved features like the roll-top, rear access, extra pockets, tripod pocket, and numerous compatible accessories. But, the updated version re-designs the back panel and shoulder straps for more comfort, and adds a luggage pass-through and accessory straps to the shoulders. It also fixes complaints on the earlier bag, such as stronger magnets on the top handles.

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Think Tank’s New Retrospective 50 Duffel Is an Anti-Camera Bag

The Retrospective 50 Duffel is an interesting bag, seeing as Thinktank says they’re on the lookout for photographers.

We love camera bags here at The Phoblographer. In fact, we have one of the largest camera bag review sections out there. So, it’s easy to say that we usually get very excited about new camera bag announcements. Still, an email that arrived at our virtual doorstep this morning stumped us. Think Tank has made some solid camera bags in the past. They pride themselves on studying how photographers work and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs. The Retrospective 50 duffel, though, has members of the team here scratching their heads. We’ll take a closer look at the bag after the break.

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$150 or Less: 5 Stylish Camera Bags That Will Make Great Gifts

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Do you have a photographer in your life? Are you struggling to come up with gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season? If so, you might want to check out these stylish yet very affordable and versatile camera bags. Camera bags are a must-have accessory. They make carrying gear around from shoot to shoot a breeze. They will even protect expensive gear when it’s not in use. We have selected five camera bags from our reviews index that all scored well. The best part: they all cost less than $150, and some are much less than that.

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The Best Deals for Photographers on Gear We Tested (Only 1 Camera!)

There’s only one camera on this list, and the rest are some of our favorite pieces of gear for photographers during these Spring sales.

We know a bunch of you don’t want to spend a ton of money right now. We’ve perused our Reviews Index in search of some of the best gear available at the best prices. Don’t want to spend over $100? We’ve found something for you. Need a new light? There’s one in here. Or what about a new lens because you’ve got some extra dough? There are three great ones on this list. Best of all, there’s only one camera on this list that we’d recommend to photographers right now. It’s all about fun. And more importantly, these are bound to be an excellent treat for yourself right now. So take a look, and let us know what you really want right now!

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7 Rugged But Very Comfortable Camera Bags For Outdoor Photographers

These camera bags will let your slog your gear around in comfort while you look for that perfect landscape composition.

Part of the fun of landscape photography is wandering around in the great outdoors while you look for the perfect shot, or while you hike to your destination. One thing that’s not so fun, however, is lugging your gear around in bags that are uncomfortable. That’s right, not all cameras bags are made equal, and some are far better suited for photographers who travel along dusty trails or up rocky mountains. Not only is comfort important, but keeping your cameras, lenses, and accessories safe is too. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at camera bags that are ideal for those who plan on trekking around this spring (and beyond) to find those perfect locations for landscape photography.

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Cheap Photo: We Found a Ton of Really Good Photo Accessories on Sale

If you’re looking to make your life as a photographer easier, you need to check out these awesome deals on photography accessories.

We have found a ton of great photography accessory deals so that you can make your life easier on the cheap. Need a new camera bag? The Tenba DNA 15 Messenger is down to just $159, the portage Kenora 4th gen is only $69, and the LowePro BP450 AW II has a discount of $121! Want to get more out of your image edits? Check out the Datacolor Spyder X monitor calibrator, which is only $127.44, or pick up the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet for $348. There are also incredible deals on storage (a UHS-II Lexar Card for just $23.94), tripods (Vanguard tripods starting at just $79.99), camera care items, and more. Check out all of the great deals on photography accessories after the break.

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(Under $150) 5 Functional Camera Bags for Photographers on a Budget

We all need camera bags to protect our gear while we are out and about, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great one.

Camera bags are one of those items that we need as photographers, but we don’t always give them the attention and credit that they deserve. Camera bags are essential as they allow us to carry and protect our gear as we traipse across town or go on a hike, but did you know that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a great one? The camera bags we have put together in this roundup are not only functional, protective, and stylish, they all cost under $150 as well; in fact, most of them are under $100! Join us after the break to see which affordable camera bags we highly recommend.

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Style and Function: 4 Camera Bags Perfect for Event Photographers

You’ll be able to carry your gear around in style with these camera bags.

We talk about gear a lot because it’s just a fun thing to do, but rarely do we talk about the essential, yet under-appreciated, camera bags that carry our gear around. Event photographers need stylish, versatile camera bags. They need to be able to hold your cameras, lenses, flashes, and accessories with ease, but they also need to be comfortable to use for multiple hours. After the break, we will take a quick look at several camera bags perfect for all types of event photographers.

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6 Tough Camera Bags Perfect for Landscape Photographers

These camera bags are tough enough to tag along on the harshest of trails.

Landscape photography is a fun genre, but it can be tough on you and your gear. If you plan on hitting the trails or are going to hike to a remote destination to grab some gorgeous landscape pictures, you’ll want to make sure the bag you take with you is up to the jobs of keeping you comfortable and protecting your gear. If you’ve been looking for camera bags that can protect your equipment from the elements and from drops, and that can keep you comfortable, this roundup is for you. After the break, we will share six camera bags we would take with us on outdoor adventures. Continue reading…

The Redesigned Lowepro Pro Trekker AW II Bags Are Carry-On Friendly

The new Lowepro Pro Trekker AW II camera bags are ready to go wherever you do.

If you’re in the market for a new camera bag that’s ready to board your flight and hit the trails this news is for you. Lowepro has announced that they have completely redesigned their Pro Trekker AW II series of bags and claims they are better than ever. Lowepro’s Pro Trekker AW II Series of camera bags have been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Lowepro says that the new bags will offer better performance, and will be much more versatile than the previous generation of the bag. In all, there are four new models to choose from. The models are: the Pro Trekker BP 350 AW II; the Pro Trekker BP 450 AW II; the rolling Pro Trekker RLX 450 AW II; and the ProTrekker BP 550 AW II.

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The New Billingham AVEA Pocket Range Camera Bags Attach to Your Bag

camera bags

These new Billingham camera bags will offer a stylish way to carry more while on the go.

Billingham makes some truly gorgeous, handmade camera bags. While they may be a little more expensive than other camera bags on the market, you truly get what you pay for as we found with their Rucksack 35. If you’re fortunate enough to own one of Billingham’s camera bags then you might be interested in their newly announced AVEA 7 and AVEA 8 pocket range accessory bags. Continue reading…

You’ll be Able to Shoot from the Hip with the K-Tek Stingray Hip Bag

The K-Tek Stingray Hip Bag is a unique storage solution that will give you quick access to accessories while you’re on the move.

We all know how hard it can be as photographers to carry everything we need while we are out on the job. We try to cram cleaning cloths, SD cards, lens cleaning brushes, batteries and cables just about anywhere we can so that we don’t have to carry our main camera bag with us, but the struggle is real. The K-Tek Stingray Hip Bag could be a bag that will make our lives easier. Read on after the break to find out more about this interesting looking bag. Continue reading…

Five Handsome Messenger Bags Under $400 You’ll Fall in Love with

Looking to start a new relationship with a camera bag this month? Check out these fine messenger bags that won’t break the bank, or your heart.

Like in any good relationship, there must be trust for it to work. The camera bags we choose to use say a lot about us, and we trust in them to carry our expensive cameras and lenses. Choosing a new camera bag is like searching for a new mate. We take looks, personality, dependability, and just how hard the new relationship will hit our wallets into account. There are some messenger bags out there that cost an absolute fortune, but the ones we’ve picked here are easy on the eyes, and they’re ready for long term commitment.
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These Four Accessories Can Help with Winter Landscape Photography

These accessories will help you protect your gear and improve your winter landscape photography to no end.

Landscape photography is incredibly relaxing. There’s really nothing better than getting out into nature to take in its sights and sounds. Winter landscape photography can bring about its own set of challenges though. Before you head out you need to make sure your gear is prepared to deal with cold, wet conditions, and that you have everything you need to capture the beauty of the winter wonderland that sits before you.

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Three Weather Sealed Camera Bags Under $200 That are Perfect for Winter

Weather sealed camera bags add peace of mind for when you to brave the elements with your gear.

We always talk about weather sealed lenses and weather sealed camera bodies, but what about weather sealed camera bags? Having a camera bag that can withstand the elements is a wonderful thing, especially if some of the gear you carry doesn’t have that luxury. In this round-up we’re going to look at three weather sealed camera bags with amazing build quality, can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them, and that are under $200!  Continue reading…

Four Camera Bags to Hit the Trails With This Fall

Camera bags are a vital accessory for all photographers, and each bag serves to fill a specific role.

Bags designed for urban use will not fare well out in the great wide open, where as bags designed to be used for hiking will be too bulky to roam around the streets in the city center.  If you are looking for a new bag to hike with, take a look at these four cameras bags to hit the trails with this Fall.

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Five of Our Top Camera Bag Picks for Street Photographers

Street photography is a fun pastime for many photography enthusiasts

Street Photographers. You may know one or you may be one. Regardless of your status, there is one thing about street photographers that’s a given; unlike other professions where the luxury of taking their camera bag off their back to be set down is a possibility, for most street photographers this is not an option. They must be able to carry their gear around comfortably for long stretches of time. Let’s be honest; not all camera bags are going to be good for that type of use.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our top camera/gear bag picks with street photographers in mind. As well, if you have a big street photography kit or a small street photography kit, it makes no difference. We will have options below that appeal to a wide variety of photographers with varying amounts of gear. So, if you are ready. let’s get into it… Continue reading…

Camera Bag Review: ONA Campbell Collection Lens Cases

This has to be one of the best efforts to reinvent the lens case that  falls flat on its face

When the ONA Campbell series was first pitched to me, I was very cautious. There are a number of blogs out there that will simply send the products back and not give a review at all because they don’t like the product, but I choose to abide by FTC laws and give everything the coverage it truly deserves. With that said, you should know outright that I really don’t like the ONA Campbell series of lens cases and bags. To explain this, I should start from the top.

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The Best Camera Bags for Outdoor Photographers

What bag is the right bag for you? As with many things, it depends on what you need it for…

As photographers, we often need to have a lot of gear with us, and unless you have some awesome pockets from Dr. Who that are ‘bigger on the inside’ then you are likely in need of a bag of some sort with which to carry that gear around. The problem, as you are likely aware, is that there are so many options out there for photographers looking to carry everything from a small amount of gear to a larger amount of gear, that it can be really easy to be paralyzed by all of the options.

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