Symettry Obsessed Architecture Photography of Epaillard and Machado

All photos by Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If impressive and eye-catching architectural photography is among your passions, it pays to learn different approaches to the craft. Many of the bodies of work we place in the spotlight, however, also feature the tried and tested techniques of showcasing the details of buildings and other architectural elements. Our latest addition to this list is a collection of industrial architecture snaps by Paris-based photographer pair Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. If you need some ideas on how to pay closer attention to details and bring it to your own architectural photography, we’re sure you’ll find a great deal here.

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The E Mount Rokinon 18mm F2.8 AF Lens Is Small and Affordable

The new Rokinon 18mm f2.8 AF is a compact lens designed for Sony’s E Mount Cameras.

If you like your lenses wide, and you shoot with one of Sony’s E Mount cameras, this news is for you. Rokinon has just announced a brand new, compact, wide lens for the Sony E Mount system. The Rokinon 18mm f2.8 AF promises to be a great addition to the camera bags of photographers who love shooting landscapes, astrophotography, and architectural images. Best of all, it’s very affordable.

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Birgit Schlosser Shares Her Beautiful Minimalist Architecture Photographs of Lanzarote

All images by Birgit Schlosser. Used with permission.

For anyone who’s used to seeing highrises made of steel and glass and concrete, and wooden structures painted in various colors every single day, Lanzarote, the fourth largest island in the Canaries, would be a refreshing sight to behold as experienced by Birgit Schlosser. As is the case in the more popular Santorini and its own white structures, all of the houses in Lanzarote are painted white on the outside due to strict implementation by local authorities. Pops of color appear only on painted shutters which are either green in the countryside or blue by the sea.

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Dennis Ramos’ Landscape and Architecture Photographs Take on a New Form as Platinum Palladium Prints

All photos by Dennis Ramos. Used with Creative Commons permission.

These days, not a lot of photographers delve into creating platinum palladium prints anymore. For one, the process is quite complex and takes considerably longer for anyone who’s used to getting instant results with their digital cameras. Another factor is that the chemicals used are tricky to handle and not easily acquired; you couldn’t just walk into any camera store and find them.

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Salvador Cueva Showcases New York City’s Bold Patterns and Colors

All images by Salvador Cueva. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There’s more to New York City than what the world usually sees and knows. This is what we can see from the eye-catching snaps of Mexican photographer and filmmaker Salvador Cueva. If you’re used to seeing street snaps of the Big Apple in dramatic black and white, his Lines of NYC will open your eyes to the city’s glorious shapes and colors.

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ALPA of Switzerland Launches Limited Edition ALPA 12 SWA + Helvetar 43mm Kit

All images from ALPA. Used with permission.

Medium format snappers, architectural photographers, and landscape photographers, here’s something that will tickle your fancy. Swiss camera maker ALPA has recently introduced its latest camera package for film photographers: the ALPA 12 SWA equipped with ALPA Apo-Helvetar 5.6 43mm lens. You’d have to be fast, though, as it’s super limited edition with only five kits up for grabs.

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The Zeiss Milvus 25mm f1.4 is Bound to Make Landscape Photographers Drool

The Zeiss Milvus 25mm f1.4 lens expands the Milvus lineup even further

Zeiss had a runaway hit with their Zeiss Milvus 35mm f1.4 lens, and I only believe that it’s fair to consider that the Zeiss Milvus 25mm f1.4 lens is probably going to do the exact same thing. Zeiss lenses have forever been fantastic, and their Milvus lineup is designed to be their workhorse offering with weather sealing, metal bodies, and fantastic image quality to boot. Zeiss is targeting the Zeiss Milvus 25mm f1.4 lens to architecture and landscape photographers out there, but they’re also talking up how nice the bokeh from this lens is going to be.

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Lars Stieger Reimagines Architecture as Spaceships

All images by Lars Stieger. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Architecture photography can be mundane or too abstract to some, but it seems that Hamburg-based photographer Lars Stieger sees it as fodder to the imagination. Case in point is his impressive set called Spaceships, which, as the title suggests, is a clever reimagining of buildings and architectural elements as parts of a spaceship or space exploration headquarters. Photographers dabbling into this genre typically make use of lines, shapes, and textures to lead the eyes of viewers around the frame. Lars does the same in this set, with the added challenge of making viewers believe they’re something else. Achieving this goal obviously required both attention to detail and a creative imagination, but his keen interest for science fiction also made the representations more believable.

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Maik Lipp Used Geometric Lines In Urban Architecture Photography

All images by Maik Lipp. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

In photography sometimes simplicity is the best answer and it can be very effective in most situations. Maik Lipp from Germany certainly has nailed his minimalist approach when it comes to his passion for modern architecture and land-cityscape photography. Maik specifically composed straight geometric lines of architecture found from cities around Europe into a photo series titled “Geometric Lines.”

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