Maik Lipp Used Geometric Lines In Urban Architecture Photography

All images by Maik Lipp. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

In photography sometimes simplicity is the best answer and it can be very effective in most situations. Maik Lipp from Germany certainly has nailed his minimalist approach when it comes to his passion for modern architecture and land-cityscape photography. Maik specifically composed straight geometric lines of architecture found from cities around Europe into a photo series titled “Geometric Lines.”

The clean and overly simple approach in composition was the stand-out characteristic in these photographs. The main subjects in the images were nothing more than building facades against plain, clear, blue skies, thus boldly emphasizing any dominant lines found in the particular framing. The mixture of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines either intertwining or never crossing each other formed interesting shapes and patterns on the building. Great architecture and urban cityscape photography recognizes and typically celebrates the grandness and majesty of such geometric dance and play. Maik Lipp brilliantly captured the essence of the geometric lines in a simpler and smaller scale, yet more localized to specific parts of the building architecture, without showing the building in its entirety.

You may find out more about Maik Lipp’s photography work on his portfolio page here.