Christian Schmidt: The Majesty of Roads Cutting Through Breathtaking Scenery

Images by Christian Schmidt. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

Road, a man-made infrastructure which connects places, can be a powerful photography subject in landscape photography. Christian Schmidt’s mini photo series titled “Roads” is an outstanding example of blending roads with incredibly beautiful scenery in the background.

Christian successfully showed off the grandness of engineering feats in the roads cutting through rough terrains, zig-zagging on mountainous tops, meandering through snow plains, or simply a straight one going through the desert. This is a beautiful combination of man-made structure versus nature, while the road acts as a strong leading line disappearing into the horizon of awe-inspiring landscape.

Furthermore, the road has another important function in these photographs: it provides the much needed sense of scale which amplifies the overall majestic feeling of looking at wide angle landscape photographs. Although this is a short photo collection, Christian has excellent imaging variation via the different locations he shot, and the amazing aerial shots overlooking a large area from bird eye’s view apart from just shooting on the ground level. I cannot help but feel that I was invited to take a slow and long drive along these roads in awe and appreciation of the beauty of nature.

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