Salvador Cueva Showcases New York City’s Bold Patterns and Colors

All images by Salvador Cueva. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There’s more to New York City than what the world usually sees and knows. This is what we can see from the eye-catching snaps of Mexican photographer and filmmaker Salvador Cueva. If you’re used to seeing street snaps of the Big Apple in dramatic black and white, his Lines of NYC will open your eyes to the city’s glorious shapes and colors.

You’ve probably seen the multitude of New York City’s faces here on The Phoblographer. There’s this dreamy look of the city shrouded in fog. Aside from the myriad of portrait projects featuring interesting New Yorkers, there are moody portraits of its architectural icons. There’s the frenzy of its morning subway commute. Some of the most compelling photos of the city even go as far back as the late 1800s. Even its multi-layered chaos and bike culture can be quite interesting.

What Salvador brings to the table is a showcase of New York City at its most colorful. For a change, there are no people in this entire project. It’s not about NYC as “The City That Never Sleeps” as much as it’s an architecture-centric set. You won’t see the iconic buildings that have been photographed over and over. Instead, he brings to our attention the hypnotic shapes, lines, curves, colors, and patterns that deserve a closer look.

I’m sure many of you will agree that Salvador deserves applause for his meticulous attention to detail throughout this project. Perhaps, many photographers (and street photography fans) are so used to timeless image of New York City in monochrome that we don’t even give a second thought about capturing it in color. We are also immediately drawn to the task of depicting its charm through its frenetic life. Lines of NYC is a reminder of the other elements that make the Big Apple such a picturesque metropolis.

Do check out Salvador Cueva’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his outstanding and vibrant photography.