Symettry Obsessed Architecture Photography of Epaillard and Machado

All photos by Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If impressive and eye-catching architectural photography is among your passions, it pays to learn different approaches to the craft. Many of the bodies of work we place in the spotlight, however, also feature the tried and tested techniques of showcasing the details of buildings and other architectural elements. Our latest addition to this list is a collection of industrial architecture snaps by Paris-based photographer pair Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. If you need some ideas on how to pay closer attention to details and bring it to your own architectural photography, we’re sure you’ll find a great deal here.

The two-part Industrial Boundaries, as the title suggests, is a showcase of the sleek and sometimes unexpected beauty of industrial structures and buildings, including scenes pitting them against their surroundings. This also manifests in the so-called industrial aesthetic that has become popular in interior design as of late.

The keyword here is “industrial,” which suggests a lot of geometric shapes, blocky design elements, exposed pipes and roofing elements, steel structures, and stark simplicity. Indeed, we see them both in sweeping environment shots and more focused interior perspectives. However, Epaillard and Machado also presented them in such a way that allows us to look at everything differently. Everything is an invitation to either let our eyes explore through leading lines and patterns, immerse in the tasteful minimalism, and appreciate the mix of shapes and colors.

What makes Industrial Boundaries stand out from many of the bodies of work we’ve featured so far is its artful take on architectural photography. It encourages both photographers and viewers to see art in anything and everything, especially when it comes to urban locations, where these industrial elements are in abundance.

Don’t forget to check out Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado’s website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of their projects.