Photography Cheat Sheet: Composition Tips for Architectural Photography

If you’re just getting into architectural photography, composition is one of the first things to work on. We have just the photography cheat sheet to help with that!

As many of the projects we’ve previously featured show, exceptional architectural photography involves more than just pointing a camera to buildings and architectural elements. Composition is key, as is the case with great photography in general. If you think you need some help with composition for architectural photography, today’s photography cheat sheet will help you come to grips through some simple tips.

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Oscar Lopez’s Stunning Black and White Architectural Photography

All photos by Oscar Lopez. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Much of the exemplary architectural photography we’ve seen is done in the style of minimalist and contrasty monochrome, with an emphasis on urban geometry. In his Waterfront Cityscapes series, however, Germany-based Oscar Lopez shows us a more calming take on the tried and tested style by combining long exposures and punchy black and white imagery. If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration for your next shoot around a harbor city, this body of work makes a great study.

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Carsten Witte Deconstructs Frankfurt in Dizzying Architectural Photography

All images by Carsten Witte. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve seen a great deal of noteworthy architectural photography in the recent years, a lot of them clean and minimalist, some mind-bending, some moody, and others trippy. We’re adding another one on the list: a collection of dizzying and hypnotic snaps of Frankfurt’s architecture by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte. Aspiring architectural photographers could very well pick up some ideas from his unique take on the craft!

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Pygmalion Karatzas Presents a Geometric Showcase in His Architectural Photography

All images by Pygmalion Karatzas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

As we’ve already seen in a number of previous features, one of the most popular and interesting approaches to architectural photography involves a minimalist and abstract look in contrasty black and white. If this this is your favorite way to capture the beauty of architecture around you, the fine art photography of Greek architect and photographer Pygmalion Karatzas might just serve as today’s inspiration.

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Abstract Visuals Dominate Fabio Giachetti’s Architectural Photography

All images by Fabio Giachetti. Used with Creative Commons permission.

A big chunk of the architectural photography we’ve featured in the recent past shows us one of the most effective approaches to the genre; clean and minimalist in black and white. Today, we’re adding one more to the pile with the works of Italy-based photographer Fabio Giachetti, who makes the curves, shapes, and outlines shine in his architectural photography.

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Taylor Luo’s Monochrome Architectural Photography Will Bend Your Mind

All images by Taylor Luo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The abstract treatment is an obvious and common approach to architectural photography, given the interesting shapes, lines, and patterns architecture creates. In one of his recent sets, Los Angeles-based Taylor Luo combines photography, digital art, and a touch of abstract to re-imagine some architectural elements with an “order” that emphasizes their form.

“The Subversion, The Reformation,” Taylor simply wrote in his description for Order, a set of black and white photographs of some curious-looking buildings. Heavily angular and geometric, they look clean, crisp, and futuristic in this minimalist style. The attention to detail to make every line, angle, and shape stand out is particularly noteworthy here, and what most of us would say is the stand-out feature of this body of work.

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Daniel Garay Arango Gives Architectural Photography a Zero Gravity Spin

All images by Daniel Garay Arango. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How do you make something mind-blowing with something as commonplace as architectural photography? In a marvel of photography and digital art, Colombian photographer Daniel Garay Arango gives us a good idea. He imagines what architectural elements would look like in a zero-gravity environment. At least, that’s what I’d say the story would be from the set’s title alone.

But, all sci-fi suggestions aside, Daniel’s idea for his GRVTY series is actually quite interesting. I imagine it evolving from an original idea to “dissect” some buildings into different frames. Instead of taking pictures of buildings from different angles and vantage points, he went for a more literal execution, cutting them into sections and even pieces.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Exposing for Architectural Exteriors

There’s more to getting great architectural snaps than pointing a camera at a building, as today’s photography cheat sheet tells us!

If architectural photography is becoming your passion, we have another photography cheat sheet to help you master the craft. Previously, we shared some useful tips for eye-catching compositions. Once you’ve figured out how to use composition to either showcase the beauty of the buildings in their entirety or emphasize the impressive details, next is to make sure your exposures are spot on.

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Blair Sugarman: The Magic of Cityscape Photography and Bad Weather

All images by Blair Sugarman. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his website.

I take a lot of drone shots, usually at ridiculous hours of the morning,” says photographer Blair Sugarman in an interview with the Phoblographer. “I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to taking shots, sometimes taking the same angle repeatedly just because the conditions have changed slightly.” Blair is a photographer based in Hong Kong and adores cityscape photography like no other. He believes cityscapes offer a unique perspective into an entire way of life. We have to agree with him; a photo of a city can at anytime contain hundreds of people or even more. Though he hasn’t been shooting for long, Blair has a creative spark about him that permeates through his work and in his photography.

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Symettry Obsessed Architecture Photography of Epaillard and Machado

All photos by Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If impressive and eye-catching architectural photography is among your passions, it pays to learn different approaches to the craft. Many of the bodies of work we place in the spotlight, however, also feature the tried and tested techniques of showcasing the details of buildings and other architectural elements. Our latest addition to this list is a collection of industrial architecture snaps by Paris-based photographer pair Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. If you need some ideas on how to pay closer attention to details and bring it to your own architectural photography, we’re sure you’ll find a great deal here.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Rule of Odds vs. Rule of Symmetry

Want to take better architecture shots? Check out Canon’s quick photography cheat sheet with some useful composition tips especially for architectural photography.

When you live in or travel to locations with beautiful architecture, it’s inevitable to want to capture their grandeur. However, you also want your photos to be a creative representation rather than dime a dozen snapshots. That largely relies on how you compose your shots. With this in mind, Canon assembled a helpful infographic that will serve as a handy reference to improve your composition, especially for architectural photography.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shoot Better Photos of Buildings with a Phone

Love photographing architecture? Whatever camera you’re shooting with, you might want to check out today’s cheat sheet to help you get better snaps.

With photographing towering skyscrapers, fascinating historic buildings, and fine examples of modern architecture becoming increasingly popular, you might want to up your game and get better snaps. Whether you’re shooting with your smartphone (for now) or with your new digital camera, today’s photography cheat sheet should be able to give you ideas for improving your composition.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Select the Right Lens

With all the lenses available for your DSLR or mirrorless cameras, how do you determine which one to choose for the shot you want to achieve? Today’s photography cheat sheet comes to the rescue.

The most significant advantage of interchangeable lens cameras like DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is their ability to use different lenses. There’s a wide range of lenses out there, each suited for a specific kind of photography. But, if you’re new to choosing your own lenses, it can be daunting to go through all these choices just to pick one or two, either for the shot you want to achieve or the kind of photography you want to specialize in. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet should make the process easier. Continue reading…

The Best Wide Angle Zoom Lenses for Landscape Photography and More

fall landscape photography sony

Wide zoom lenses will have you covered when it comes to landscapes, documentary, environmental portraits, and so many more genres of photography.

While we love our prime lenses, there’s always space in our camera bags for versatile zooms as well. If you like to have just a few lenses to cover multiple focal lengths and multiple genres of photography, wide-angle zoom lenses have you covered. Want to shoot gorgeous landscapes? Wide-angle zooms will help with that. Do you like astrophotography, documentary photography, architectural photography, and environmental portraiture? You guessed it, wide-angle zoom lenses will help you with all of those genres and more. After the break, we list some of our favorite wide zoom lenses that cover multiple platforms. Come and check out what lenses we wouldn’t leave home without. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: Basic Photography Composition Tips

If anyone has come to you for advice on how to take better photos, here’s a quick photography cheat sheet you can share with them. 

We have to start somewhere when learning a new skill or hobby, and photography is no different. Whether it’s shooting with a new camera or taking better photos with a smartphone, there are some essential basic photography rules you would need to practice. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will help you master four composition techniques and start creating visual masterpieces.

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Ben Geier Highlights Moods and Architectural Aesthetics in “Houses”

All photos by Ben Geier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Not too long ago, we placed the spotlight on the melancholy mood of abandoned buildings as photographed by Ben Geier. It was a testament to the stories, atmosphere, and history that charm photographers into training their lens on urban exploration. But, the previously featured series is just one of the bodies of work on abandoned houses and architecture that he put together. Another that caught our attention is his Houses series, which features some really interesting houses he photographed from 2012 to 2019.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Using Lines to Evoke Emotions

Whether you’re drawn to abstracts and patterns or simply want to use leading lines to make your compositions dynamic, this photography cheat sheet brings some ideas to try.

Experimental approaches to photography often borrow from other creative disciplines like cinema, illustration, and painting. With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to glean from the pages of Creative Illustration by American illustrator, author, and art instructor Andrew Loomis. Today, we invite you to look at his concepts on lines to supplement what we already know about using leading lines and shapes for photography composition.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Composing with the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is one of the basic and fundamental composition techniques every photographer should learn.

When in doubt about your composition, one of your best bets is to go with the Rule of Thirds. This is why every photographer is encouraged to begin mastering this technique when they’re starting out. Read on to see how you can apply it to the shots you want with this handy photography cheat sheet by Company Folders.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: When to Use Wide or Narrow Aperture

With a wide range of aperture settings to choose from, how do you know when to go for a wide aperture over a narrow one? This photography cheat sheet will give you an idea.

Whether you’re just transitioning from a smartphone camera or an everyday point and shoot digital camera, working with aperture settings can be confusing. When do you choose a smaller aperture over a wider one? What effect does a wider aperture have on a photo? These could be some of the questions you are asking, so we’re sharing just the right cheat sheet to help you make sense of it.

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The Best Sony Lenses For Most Genres of Photography

There are fantastic Sony lenses available for just about every genre of photography now.

No matter what genre of photography you like to shoot, chances are that there are Sony lenses for you. It took Sony a little while to really cater to all photographers who jumped into their Mirrorless ship, but now the E Mount lens selection is as robust as any. You may pay a little more for Sony branded lenses when compared to some of the third party offerings on the market, but there is no doubt that the sheer quality and performance of Sony lenses is well worth the price of admittance. Here we will take a look at the best Sony lenses for different genres of photography.
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These 35mm Primes are Great For Almost Every Genre of Photography

Put one of these 35mm primes on your camera and you might not ever take it off.

There are lots of prime lenses out there that are great for specific types of photography. 14mm primes are great for landscapes, 40mm primes are great for street photography, and 85mm primes are great for portraits, but what if we told you that there is a sweet spot in the prime lens world? 35mm primes are like a multi-tool. They’re great for weddings, environmental portraits, street photography, product photography, architectural work, and they’re still wide enough to capture landscapes, cityscapes, and even out of this world astrophotography. Join us after the break to take a look at six 35mm primes that will rock your world. All of the 35mm primes we have listed here are incredibly impressive. Along with having one of the most versatile prime focal lengths, they’re well built, offer wide apertures for low light shooting, they produce ridiculously sharp images, they’re fast to focus, produce great colors, and they’ll even make you breakfast (okay, they won’t make you breakfast, but you get the point.) Slap one of these 35mm primes on your camera and you will be ready to shoot to matter what situation you find yourself in.

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