Fall in Love with KONO Monolit 3 35mm Film!

My photography journey began over 20 years ago with black and white film in the darkroom. One of my best friends and I were in charge of ensuring there was plenty of developer and fresh fixer. In exchange, we were given a key to the darkroom to use whenever we wanted. We shot varying speeds of Kodak TMax and Ilford Delta and processed them in several different developer brands. I quickly fell in love with deep blacks and punchy contrast, and I fell hard. So, naturally I was thrilled when Editor-In-Chief Chris Gampat sent some KONO Monolit 3 for review.

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Beautiful Colors: Panasonic Lumix S 24mm F1.8 Lens Review

Prime lenses are a personal favorite. I appreciate their sharpness, swiftness, and specific vantage point. Plus, I like to move around my subjects for the perfect composition. Wider focal lengths are enticing because they fit the bill for many applications. The Panasonic Lumix S 24mm f1.8 is a welcome addition to the existing lineup of L Mount lenses.

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The Most Unique Lens? Leica 16-18-21mm Tri-Elmar F4 Review

Wide angle lenses tend to be built with specificity in mind. They are rarely designed to be your main workhorse. When it comes to Leica brand lenses for M-mount, there aren’t many options for super wide-angle options. The Leica 16-18-21mm Tri-Elmar f4 lens offers three wide focal lengths in one compact design. You can compose one frame and easily change the perspective and focal length with the turn of a dial. It specializes in several genres quite well and makes it an excellent crossover lens. Keep reading to find out more.

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Stijn Hoekstra Explores the Empty Streets of Amsterdam Under Curfew

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“All of these pictures were taken in one night, as a snowstorm covered the Netherlands,” Stijn Hoekstra tells me. It was the winter of 2021, and amid the COVID-19 crisis, the country had imposed a mandatory curfew from 9:00 PM to 4:30 AM. That night, he left home at 9:00 and returned at 3:00 in the morning, exploring the deserted streets and peering into lonely storefronts in silence. 

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What to Do With Your 85mm Lens. A Guide for New Photographers

The 85mm lens is more a lot more than just portraits.

Lots of folks think that 85mm lenses can only do one thing. But that’s wrong. It’s not as wide as a 50mm or a 35mm, but they can do a whole lot. However, most people buy 85mm lenses just for portrait photography. Indeed, it’s great for this. It flattens a person’s profile very well and makes them look flattering. The truth is, though, that the 85mm lens is very versatile. And you can do a whole lot with it. We’re going to break those down in our roundup.

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5 Quality Ultra-Wide Zooms That’ll Make You Capture the World Differently

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I’m not going to lie; I have a major soft spot for ultra-wide zooms. Ultra-wide zooms force you to look at your surroundings in a completely new way, and you’ll have untold amounts of fun doing it. Trust me when we say you need one in your arsenal. There are many ultra-wide zooms on the market that are cheaper than the lenses we have selected here. I have used them all, and they’re great. However, if you want to capture images that absolutely sing with every click of your shutter, these are the five premium ultra-wide zooms you need to take a closer look at. Whether you want to capture landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, astrophotography, or more, you will not be disappointed.

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Apo Genc Reimagines Hamburg as a Utopian City in Infrared

All photos by Apo Genc. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Imagination is undoubtedly a big part of creative photography, In fact, it’s the very fuel that drive photographers like Apo Genc to see things differently and reimagine entire cities altogether. Case in point is today’s featured series, wherein the self-taught photographer used the surreal aesthetic of infrared photography to re-imagine and portray Hamburg as a utopian city. We often see infrared photography work nicely for landscape photography, so if you’ve ever been curious how it works with urbanscapes, this series will give you some ideas.

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Tom Leighton Unravels the Drama in Chicago’s Urbanscapes

All photos by Tom Leighton. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since we shined the spotlight on Tom Leighton and his dramatic aerial photography featuring the otherworldly Nevada Desert and his abstract monochrome series on contrails. This time, he brings our eyes to the city of Chicago, where he was inspired to put together a visual showcase of its highrise cityscapes and modernist tendencies. If you’re looking for a cinematic inspiration for your architectural photography, we invite you to check out this series and study how he unravels the drama in the city.

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Symettry Obsessed Architecture Photography of Epaillard and Machado

All photos by Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If impressive and eye-catching architectural photography is among your passions, it pays to learn different approaches to the craft. Many of the bodies of work we place in the spotlight, however, also feature the tried and tested techniques of showcasing the details of buildings and other architectural elements. Our latest addition to this list is a collection of industrial architecture snaps by Paris-based photographer pair Jérôme Epaillard and Teresa Machado. If you need some ideas on how to pay closer attention to details and bring it to your own architectural photography, we’re sure you’ll find a great deal here.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shoot Better Photos of Buildings with a Phone

Love photographing architecture? Whatever camera you’re shooting with, you might want to check out today’s cheat sheet to help you get better snaps.

With photographing towering skyscrapers, fascinating historic buildings, and fine examples of modern architecture becoming increasingly popular, you might want to up your game and get better snaps. Whether you’re shooting with your smartphone (for now) or with your new digital camera, today’s photography cheat sheet should be able to give you ideas for improving your composition.

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Ben Geier Highlights Moods and Architectural Aesthetics in “Houses”

All photos by Ben Geier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Not too long ago, we placed the spotlight on the melancholy mood of abandoned buildings as photographed by Ben Geier. It was a testament to the stories, atmosphere, and history that charm photographers into training their lens on urban exploration. But, the previously featured series is just one of the bodies of work on abandoned houses and architecture that he put together. Another that caught our attention is his Houses series, which features some really interesting houses he photographed from 2012 to 2019.

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Dillon Marsh Imagines Expressive Faces on Rural Abandoned Houses

All photos by Dillon Marsh. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Like many creatives, photographers are often trained to spot details that can serve as elements of interest in their photos. These often include textures, shapes, and patterns, but it’s also not unheard of to see faces in random places. We have pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in nature or everyday objects, to thank for making it easier to indulge in this creative exercise. Today’s featured work by Cape Town-based fine art photographer Dillon Marsh is a great application of this phenomenon. So if you’re looking for a fun photography project to boost your creativity, this series could give you some ideas.

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Wafaa Samir Captures What Remains of New Gourna Village in Egypt

All photos by Wafaa Samir. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Egypt is home to some of the most iconic landmarks, heritage sites, and architectural marvels, the best known of which are the Pyramids of Giza. Then, there’s one that deserves a little more attention: the New Gourna Village in Luxor, West Bank. Through his What Remains series, Cairo-based photographer Wafaa Samir opens our eyes to what’s left of this remarkable example of ingenious architecture.

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Kris Provoost Explores the Relationship Between Man and the City

All photos by Kris Provoost. Used with Creative Commons permission.

With man’s relationship with the city being complex and multi-faceted, it’s no surprise we’ve been constantly making our own explorations of this connection through photo essays. Street photography is one popular way to do this, architectural photography is another. In his photo essay, aptly titled HUMAN vs CITY: CHONGQING, Shanghai/Hong Kong-based Belgian photographer and architect Kris Provoost combine both disciplines for his portrayal of humanity in the metropolis.

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Ekaterina Busygina Showcases the Stunning Urban Geometry of the Morpheus Hotel

All photos by Ekaterina Busygina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since we last put the spotlight on the architectural photography of Moscow-based Ekaterina Busygina. Since then, we found out that she has done quite a lot of traveling around Asia and had a bunch of snaps that showcase some architectural sights in a number of cities. One of our favorites is her collection photos showcasing the Morpheus Hotel in Macau.

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Sebastian Weiss Traces Architectural Lines and Shapes Around Europe

All photos by Sebastian Weiss. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Above: Pavilion of Portugal
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Architect: Alvaro Siza Vieira

It’s been a while since we last marveled at the architectural photography of Hamburg-based Sebastian Weiss, particularly his unique “personality” driven series Dramatis Personae. His attention to detail extends into other projects, such as his explorations of shapes and lines in the architecture of some well-known European cities. If you’re an aspiring architectural photographer looking for projects to study, you will find this body of work impressive and inspiring.

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Ludwig Favre Brings out Details in “Architectural Swimming Pool”

All images by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re a photographer training your eye to get sharp on architectural elements and structures, you’ll do well to study our featured series. We have yet another impressive work from Paris-based fine art photographer Ludwig Favre, this time showing a fine example of how even the most humdrum of settings become eye-catching with enough attention to detail.

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Daniel Garay Arango’s Sony a7R II Puts Havana’s Architecture in Black and White

All images by Daniel Garay Arango. Used with Creative Commons permission.

One of the reasons why Havana is such a fascinating city for travelers, history buffs, and especially photographers is its architecture. Setting foot in the Cuban capital’s Old Havana means stepping into a city that echoes remnants from a bygone time. It’s a favorite of many architectural photographers to document then and now, including Colombian photographer Daniel Garay Arango, who recently shared a stunning study he did using a Sony a7R II.

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Get Lost in a Monochrome Afternoon Walk in Berlin with Skander Khlif

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Munich-based Skander Khlif has been one of our go-to photographers when it comes to candid, well-captured slices of life; not random shots of people in the streets, but photos that have some story or show the beauty that surrounds him at a given moment. Scenes from his hometown are now among our staple features, but we also follow him around on his adventures in other cities and countries. For everyone’s street photography inspiration today, we put the spotlight on his monochrome snaps from an afternoon walk in Berlin.

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Carsten Witte Deconstructs Frankfurt in Dizzying Architectural Photography

All images by Carsten Witte. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve seen a great deal of noteworthy architectural photography in the recent years, a lot of them clean and minimalist, some mind-bending, some moody, and others trippy. We’re adding another one on the list: a collection of dizzying and hypnotic snaps of Frankfurt’s architecture by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte. Aspiring architectural photographers could very well pick up some ideas from his unique take on the craft!

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Antonio Gouveia on Creating an Atmosphere for Minimalist Photography

All images by Antonio Gouveia. Used with permission.

When it comes to the minimalist approach in landscape photography, we see a lot of different subjects and subtle variations in style. But the look and feel of the images remain consistent enough for the sub-genre to stand on its own: heavily atmospheric, minimalist, and dramatic in monochrome. It has also become a popular approach to architectural photography, and it’s not uncommon for some photographers to do it for both genres. UK-based Antonio Gouveia is one who often captures a good mix of natural and man-made elements in his minimalist work.

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