Announcing Phoblographer App on iOS and Android (with Minimal Ads!)

Trust me when I say that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief for a very large project that we’ve been working on. And today, we’re announcing the brand new Phoblographer app on iOS, iPadOS, and Android. On there, we’re showcasing a pivotal step in the future of our organization. We’ve been listening to readers, and carefully incorporating your feedback into this design. Plus, there’s even more to come!

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Xiaomi’s New Smartphone Lenses Might Shake Up The Camera Market

Phone photography

Cameras in smartphones are getting better all the time, and now Xiaomi’s new smartphone lenses could push mobile photography even further.

There’s a storm coming, and it’s making a beeline for the camera market. Sure, the photography world has weathered many smartphone powered storms. However, thanks to Xiaomi, this storm could do more damage than ever before. The Chinese smartphone giant has just teased two new retractable smartphone lenses that could take mobile photography to new heights. With the camera market still trying to find itself after the rise of smartphone photography, camera manufacturers may have to go back to the drawing board again. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Long Term Review: Using the Sony Xperia 1 as an Every Day Camera

The Sony Xperia 1 is a phone with a pretty good camera. 

As a photographer and journalist, I find it hysterical when folks geek out hard about the image quality that cameraphones deliver. Granted, it improves with each generation, but so too do dedicated cameras. This doesn’t invalidate the advancements Sony has made with the Sony Xperia 1. Phone aside, the cameras, app ecosystem, and functionality are all quite good. If you’re a photographer with enormous paws, I can ultimately see how the Sony Xperia 1 could be the option you want. But, if you’re on the short bus like me, then it becomes a tad unwieldy. And if you’re a Sony Alpha camera user, don’t expect the same level of attention to imaging that you get from your a7 series device.

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The Profoto Connect Mobile Flash Trigger Finally Comes to Android

Profoto Connect

The Profoto Connect should make life easier for Android users who own AirTTL Profoto lights.

It seems Android users always play second fiddle to iPhone users when it comes to photography accessories that can be controlled via our phones. This happens because there are many variations of Android phones and thus subtle software tweaks that developers have to account for. Still, the fine folks over at Profoto have figured out a way to bring their Profoto Connect flash trigger to Android devices. Join us after the break for all the details. Continue reading…

New Sony Xperia 5 Android Smartphone Comes Loaded with Camera Tech

The Sony Xperia 5 is a more pocket-friendly version of the Xperia 1 and sports the same advanced Digital Imaging tech found in Alpha cameras.

Today in the IFA 2019, Sony announced their next 5G Android smartphone: the Sony Xperia 5. Like the Sony Xperia 1 launched earlier this year at MWC Barcelona, the Xperia 5 incorporates many of Sony’s innovative Digital Imaging technologies, this time in a sleeker, more pocket-friendly package. Like the larger Xperia 1, the Sony Xperia 5 utilizes an OLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, albeit measuring 6.1″ diagonally this time around and packing a slightly lower 2520 x 1080 resolution due to the Xperia 5’s smaller dimensions.

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HyperCube Automatically Backs up Your Smartphone Pics While Charging

HyperCube offers a handy solution to photo backup and media access from your iOS and Android device.

Running out of storage space on our smartphones and tablets is a common problem. Now, there’s now a tiny device designed to address that, and it does so while you charge your device. Called the HyperCube, it’s the latest offering HYPER by Sanho Corporation dropped on Kickstarter following their highly successful, crowdfunded USB-C hubs.

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Camerica’s Photography App Could Help You Earn a Little Extra Cash

photography app

Travel, snap, earn; that’s the premise behind Artem Chystiak’s photography app Camerica.

There are so many photography apps in mobile marketplaces that offer the chance to make money by sharing your photos. But a new photography app from Artem Chystiak aims to put a little bit of a spin into things that could help make you a little bit of cash on the side if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Join us after the break for more information about a potential new photography app called Camerica. Continue reading…

RNI All Films Gets Updated to Support Nikon Z6/Z7, Leica DLux 7, and More

 RNI has updated All Films Lightroom presets to v4.0.9 and includes native support for new RAW file formats.

While digital images are great, many photographers (myself included) are still in love with the unique look of film. Fortunately, there are things we can do in post to recreate the look of films we love. We can either spend hours trying to recreate the looks ourselves, or we can use Lightroom presets. RNI’s All Films has presets for negative, slide, instant, black and white, and vintage films, and now the preset pack has been updated to work with the new Nikon Z line, the Leica D-Lux 7, and many more new cameras. Join us after the break to find out more. Continue reading…

Yongnuo Seems to Be Making a Camera with Android Built into It

Surprise, surprise; there’s an upcoming Yongnuo YN450 system camera and its early specs have been leaked. 

Reports are abuzz of Chinese lens manufacturer Yongnuo gearing up to join the Mirrorless wars with an upcoming system camera. Called YN450 for now, the company has recently posted on their Facebook page a contest for an official name for this new camera. Yongnuo is gathering votes for two product names they currently have; 4G Camera and Smart Camera (or any name the interested public can suggest). The two current name choices coincide with the camera’s design, which is pretty much a smartphone with a lens mount (possibly a Canon mount, based on the photo).

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Moment Delivers Photography Accessories for Brand New Google Pixel 3

Moment’s got you covered with photography accessories for the brand new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

Google announced the brand new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones earlier today, and Moment is releasing brand new photography accessories for smartphone photographers looking to upgrade to the new Android devices. As part of this release, Moment is introducing new photo cases, lenses, and the Moment Pro Camera app for Android.

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Opinion: Samsung Wasn’t So Bad of a Camera Company; Folks Just Didn’t Give Them a Chance

Samsung exited the photo industry years ago with an Irish goodbye, but I think consumers didn’t give them enough credit.

Does anyone else remember when Samsung did the “Ditch the DSLR” event many years ago in an effort to win market share and convert the world over to mirrorless cameras? I do. At the time I too probably didn’t give them enough credit. But in retrospect, Samsung was an absolutely brilliant acompany when it came to cameras and envisioning the future. The problem was that we as consumers just weren’t ready for it. We were also just not able to get on board with an electronics company with no real major partners besides Schneider giving us cameras.

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Adobe Packs New Features and Updates to the Lightroom CC Ecosystem

Heads up, Lightroom CC users. Adobe has just rolled out some fresh updates for the entire ecosystem, including some improvements based on major customer-requested features.

Adobe announced today some new features and updates to the entire Lightroom CC ecosystem, beginning with those now available for Lightroom Classic and Lightoom CC for Mac and Windows. Updates to Android and iOS will follow in the next few weeks. These also include some improvements based on customers’ most requested features, interface changes, and support for new cameras and lenses.

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The Moment Pro Camera App Brings DSLR-like Controls to iOS and Android

There are a lot of mobile camera apps out there, and now add-on lens maker Moment is throwing their hat into the ring with the Moment Pro Camera App

Sometimes it’s nice to just take out your phone and capture an image in the moment, but it would be really great to have more control over the image you are capturing. This is especially true for photographers who shoot with dedicated cameras because we know what we want to capture, and auto-exposure/exposure compensation just doesn’t cut it. This is where having a quality camera app on your phone can be a great thing, but finding an app that has all of the features you may want can be a challenge. There are a lot of options out there, each one with their own take on various features, and today Moment is launching their Moment Pro Camera App with what they are calling a DSLR-like shooting experience. Continue reading…

Adobe Lightroom Is Finally Letting You Sync Your Presets Cross-Platform

Preset Syncing has long been a dream for Lightroom users and Adobe has finally made it happen

If you have ever had to split your post-processing work between multiple computers, maybe a laptop and a desktop, then you have known the pain of making sure that both have all of the correct files and presets in order to finish the job. It has been a while since Lightroom added the ability to sync files through the cloud, but the ability to easily sync presets has never materialized…until now!

Today Adobe announced quite possibly the biggest update to the Lightroom CC ecosystem to date, and it’s headline feature is the ability to sync your presets (either those you have made personally or those bought through a third party) across your entire array of Lightroom CC apps; including Lightroom CC Desktop, Lightroom CC Classic, LR CC iOS, LR CC Android, LR CC ChromeOS, and even the web browser based version of Lightroom. This means that once you import your presets into Lightroom they will now also be synced across all of your connected LR devices. This is huge! Continue reading…

Adobe’s Latest Lightroom CC Classic Update Look’s to Address Performance Issues

The big complaint for some time now with Lightroom has been with its speed and performance issues.

Adobe took major efforts to address one of the biggest and longest-running complains about Lightroom CC Classic in their latest update, which the company dropped to users earlier today. According to the company, major effort was placed on optimizing the software to better take advantage of higher performance CPUs and larger quantities of RAM; things that in the past really had minimal effect on Lightroom’s performance after a certain point. Continue reading…

Three New Photo Apps by Google to Experiment with this Year

The new photo apps are part of Google’s “appsperiments.”

In case you missed it, Google launched three photography apps in early December 2017 as part of its “appsperiments” program: Storyboard (Android), Selfissimo! (iOS and Android), and Scrubbies (iOS). Given the improving photo and video capabilities of smartphone cameras, Google wanted to explore their potential through “usable and useful mobile photography experiences built on experimental technology.”

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Review: Kodak Ektra SmartPhone (Android)

I’ve had the Kodak Ektra for a pretty long while now and have purposely taken my time with this review. The reason: I hated the Google Chrome Pixel to the point where it’s sitting in a spot in my office and I never reviewed it, and so I wanted to give the Kodak Ektra a proper go. For years and years, I was an Android phone user and there was something I always felt I was missing until I went over to the iPhone. I switched to the iPhone mostly because around 80% of readers of this website read it daily from an iPhone. So why shouldn’t I, as the business owner, have the same experience? Despite Apple making some extremely questionable moves in the past few years that have angered a whole lot of professional users like me, the phones are still more reliable and do everything I want in an arguably more efficient manner than Android devices do.

Despite a fair amount of issues, the Kodak Ektra is perhaps the first phone that would make me consider going back to Android.

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PHOTONICZ ONE Wants to be the First Weather Sealed, Fully Functional LED Strobe

For years now, I’ve not been a fan of LED strobes or flashes simply because they’re just not powerful, but a new option called the PHOTONICZ ONE is promising to put that problem to rest. But it’s also claiming it can go a step beyond. Besides offering 2,500 watt seconds of power, it’s claiming to offer a flash duration of 1/50,000 at 30 frames per second at full power. Then there’s the TTL options for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm, Panasonic and a Olympus. But even then, what’s even more astounding is that they’re offering weather sealing and a full color Touch LED screen panel.

Sounds pretty insane, right? Right, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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First Impressions: Kodak Ektra Smartphone

Earlier this year, the Kodak Ektra smartphone was announced and photographers looked on with curiosity. The Kodak Ektra is manufactured by Kodak–you know, the same company that makes fantastic film. And so the inspiration for the Ektra was to be revolutionary in the same way that the Ektra camera was years ago. The Kodak Ektra was the first film camera with a manual film advance on it according to Kodak, and so they were trying to bring back a sense of that spirit with the new phone. On that idea, the phone isn’t designed for the uber-hipster techie that doesn’t believe themselves to be a hipster, but instead it’s designed for the creative hipster–you know, the stereotypical one that you’d say is one but is actually just on a different creative level than lots of people are. Take for example Thomas Leuthard, who has been using the phone to great success.

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How to Shoot Better Travel Photography From Airplanes Using Your Phone

Shooting photos from planes can honestly be tough to do some times, but believe it or not what really, truly matters in the end is the final result. If you’re one of those folks sitting at a window seat, you should really take advantage of all the intoxicating views that are granted to you to the best of your ability. Of course, you’ll generally need to be some place away from the wings for starters and then you can concentrate on whatever is in front of of you so that you can share that gorgeous vista later on with all your friends on social media.

Take the advice of a photo editor who travels a whole lot for work.

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s New “Authentic HDR” Creates a 32-Bit DNG File

Today, Adobe is announcing a brand new update for Adobe Lightroom Mobile called Authentic HDR. As many of you know, high dynamic range photography (HDR) is popular with landscape photographers. So what this mode is doing is, well, bracketing. According to a press packet, Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s Authentic HDR automatically analyzes a scene and figures out the best exposures to get over three shots. Then the app will align, de-ghost and tone map in the process of creating a 32-bit DNG file.

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