Moment Delivers Photography Accessories for Brand New Google Pixel 3

Moment’s got you covered with photography accessories for the brand new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

Google announced the brand new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones earlier today, and Moment is releasing brand new photography accessories for smartphone photographers looking to upgrade to the new Android devices. As part of this release, Moment is introducing new photo cases, lenses, and the Moment Pro Camera app for Android.

The new Moment Photo Cases are available in Black with Black Canvas or American Wood backs, and for the first time ever – Speckled White with an American made Horween Tan Leather back. The inner geometry of the cases have been redesigned from previous generation cases to provide additional protection against drops. Moment has also reinforced the lens interface on the new cases with fiberglass, making the interface stronger than ever before. The new cases are now fully enclosed, providing protection to the bottom so that every edge of the phone is covered while still allowing users to plug in headphones, cables, and attach a wrist strap.

The 18mm Wide Lens, 60mm Tele Portrait Lens, and the 170° Superfish Lens are all available in the new mounting system. Note that they are not compatible with older Moment cases using the original mounting system.

As a launch special, anyone who downloads the Moment Pro Camera Android App will receive a 20% off coupon code for the next three days if they download and open the app.

Pauleth Ip

Paul is a New York City based photographer, creative, and writer. His body of work includes headshots and commercial editorials for professionals, in-demand actors/performers, high net worth individuals, and corporate clients, as well as intimate lifestyle/boudoir photography with an emphasis on body positivity and empowerment. Paul also has a background in technology and higher education, and regularly teaches private photography seminars. When not working on reviews and features for The Phoblographer or shooting client work, Paul can be seen photographing personal projects around NYC, or traveling the world with his cameras in tow. You can find Paul’s latest work on his Instagram over at @thepicreative.