Save 70%: 1,675 Presets, Overlays, and Brushes for Just $29

Make photo editing fun and easy with these overlays, presets, and brushes.

Photo editing can quickly become a chore, and it can also be incredibly time-consuming if you have a large batch of images to go through. You may quickly find that many of your pictures will go untouched because you simply run out of steam or time to edit them all, but if you use overlays, brushes, and presets, not only can photo editing become fun again, it can also save a ton of time. This fantastic bundle will get you 750 Lightroom presets, 650 Adobe Camera Raw presets, 225 Overlays, and 50 retouching brushes for just $29! Not only will you be able to edit like a pro, but you’ll also save time too. Click past the break for more details and sample images.

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Loupedeck+ Update Enables Users to Edit Within Photoshop Camera Raw

Photography accessories

The latest update to the Loupedeck+ makes the peripheral even more attractive to photo editors and content creators.

Until today, Loupedeck+ users have been confined to the realms of Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Audition if they wanted to use their editing console, but a new update has just enabled the Loupedeck+ to be used in Camera Raw in Photoshop. This will no doubt please those who are more comfortable editing their photos in Camera Raw as opposed to Lightroom, and it means that the Loupedeck+ is even more compatible within the Adobe Ecosystem. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Want to Create Your Own Adobe Raw Profiles? Here’s How!

If you’re working in Lightroom and want to work with more of those camera profiles, here’s how!

When we reported on Adobe’s Profiles-centric update last month to Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC, one of the questions we kept hearing was how and when end users will be able to create their own creative profiles, just as many have done with presets. We’re happy to report that you’ll finally be able to do so today.

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Adobe Camera Raw 8.5 RC Adds Panasonic GH4 and Olympus EM10 support


Panasonic GH4 owners foaming at the mouth to finally edit raw images in Photoshop will be glad to hear that Adobe has just added support for the camera in its latest Camera Raw 8.5 Release Candidate update. Joining the GH4 are also the Olympus OM-D E-M10, Canon G1 X Mark II, Fujifilm FinePix S1, and Nikon’s two new mirrorless cameras, the 1 V3 and 1 J4.

Although the update is still an early release candidate it will allow users to edit their images in Photoshop CS6  and Photoshop CC. Sadly, we’ll all have to wait a little bit longer for the update to come to Lightroom

Photoshop CC users specifically are also getting a few extra perks including the ability to apply graduated and radial filter masks with a brush. Additionally, mask visualization is now available for graduated and radial Filters, as well as a newly added per-panel preview default toggle.

There’s also a host of lens profiles that have slipped in with Camera Raw 8.5 RC. Check past the break for more. Continue reading…