Canon Says That the 5D Mk III and 1D X Aren’t Up to Standard When Focusing with A Speedlite

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Product photos Canon 5D Mk III (2 of 10)ISO 200

Today, Canon issued a statement regarding the 5D Mk III and 1D X and focusing with speedlites. Apparently, they don’t focus as fast as older DSLRs would. After some evaluating, the company is now declaring that there is a problem that will be addressed with a firmware update.

The firmware is supposed to come later on this year, but what they’re not being clear about is which Speedlite the problems are occurring with.

More details after the jump.

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PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 Finally Work with the Canon 1D X. But Has History Repeated Itself?

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 1D X Hands on Review (1 of 8)

This has been a very big and long issue in the radio transmission world for a while. When the 5D Mk III and 1D X were announced and finally hit the shelves, photographers found themselves having issues with their trusty PocketWizard Flex and Mini radio units that trigger flashes. For years, these have been the industry standard for TTL transmission to Canon Speedlites. But something went terribly wrong.


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PocketWizard and Canon 5D Mk III Play Nice with the Help of New Firmware Update

Photowizard MiniTT1

PocketWizard has released their latest Canon firmware update 6.200 for their ControlTL radios which include the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5. This is the long awaited update that the company has quite literally put a ton of resources into. By updating, users will finally be able to set up their Canon 5D Mk III with the two radios. Head on over to their download page for the update. (PocketWizard Utility 1.54 or later is required to install through USB).

For Canon EOS-1D X and T4i users, a separate update should be coming soon.

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Cheap Photo: Amazon Has Stuff for Sale; Are You Surprised?

We’re really, really quite surprised that Amazon has stuff for discounted prices right now. Here in NYC, it’s bright and sunny outside and its nearing 60 something degrees. And then I look at my calendar and I say, oh wait, it’s December.

So on the inside, I’m crying because there is no snow; but it’s okay! Because Amazon has cameras and lenses at discounted prices. And so, the circle of life continues.

Nikon D7000 Body Only for $896.95

Nikon D600 with Kit Lens for 8% off

Nikon 28-300mm for $1,046.95

Canon 5D Mk III for $2,990

Remember How We Said Helios Lenses Are Very Sought After? Check Out This Gem!

One of our readers saw our post on the Helios factory re-opening and wanted to share the fact with us that he’s selling his Helio 40 85mm f1.5. We like helping out readers when we can, so we decided that we’d show you this gem. I’ve seen this lens personally as quite a few of my friends have it; but they’re not parting with theirs quite yet. It is extremely sharp and on a 5D Mk II or Mk III can look really quite lovely.

If you’re interested, you can click the hyperlinked lens and make a bid. If you’re interested in more of what the company has to offer though, check out what eBay has to offer.

Review: Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L USM II

We’ve been testing the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L USM II for quite sometime now. The lens is a confusing one in that Canon decided to not incorporate their legendary IS into the lens to make it an even more attractive offering for photographers looking to upgrade their kit. It has a few ergonomic changes and upgrades and in some ways even surprised the site’s Multimedia Producer  Thursten Kent and I.

Like all zoom lenses though, the performance of each lens differs from copy to copy. The Digital Picture found some inconsistencies, and the lens performed differently on different bodies. After some micro-adjust I was able to get it perform well on my 5D Mk II. But this lens still remains to be one of the greatest mysteries in the Canon lineup to me.

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Op ED: 7 Reasons Why Nothing Has Convinced Me to Give Up the Canon 5D Mk II

The Canon 5D Mk III was announced a while ago and with all the rumored build up to the newly announced Canon 6D, I’m still disappointed. As a Canon customer for five years now, my first serious DSLR purchase was the 5D Mk II with two lenses. That system grew and evolved based on the work I did (at one point even adding on the 7D) and it now comprises of the 5D Mk II, 35mm f1.4 L, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, and lots of flashes.

The Mk III added on some extra bells and whistles to the 5D Mk II that I really didn’t care about but that were nice. At the end of my 5D Mk III review, my Mk II’s autofocus started to act up. But after cleaning the contacts, it worked almost as well as the 5D Mk III’s. The 6D is designed to be an entry level contender in the full frame market (despite how nice it looks); and to be honest it’s still not convincing me that I need another full frame DSLR.

Editor’s Note: Available for Preorder

B&H Photo: Body Only / Kit

Amazon: Body Only / Kit

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Not Getting Through to PocketWizard’s Customer Service? That’s Because They’re Busy Working on Canon 5D Mk III Compatibility

PocketWizard, creator of popular remote flash triggers such as the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5, have released an official note on their website stating that they’re currently über-busy working on compatibility with the new Canon 5D Mk III. Which means that they may not be answering their phones, replying to emails or answering questions on facebook for the next couple days. While this may be a bummer for those who are currently experiencing troubles with their PocketWizard gear, on the upside this means that very soon PocketWizard’s ControlTL firmware will be compatible with the Canon 5D Mk III, allowing users of the camera to pair it with their PocketWizard remote flash triggers (and not experiencing any troubles, hopefully.)

However, PocketWizard cannot give a specific date when the new firmware version will be finished. So while they keep on chimping and pimping and tinkering in their secret labs, we will just have to have a little more patience. After all, their goal is “to deliver firmware that you will have confidence in.”

Anyone Want a Canon 5D Mk III or Nikon D800? Here’s Your Chance: SnapKnot is Giving One Away

Yes, you got that right., the website that connects brides-to-be and wedding photographers, has decided to do some good in the world and give away a Canon 5D Mk III (read our review here) or Nikon D800 (read our review here). If you’re the lucky winner, you get to choose which one you take. Isn’t that just awesome?

To partake in the giveaway, just head over to SnapKnot’s facebook page, like them, and enter the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes officially began on August 15th, and participation is possible until November 15th. After the deadline, the winner will be randomly chosen from all contestants. And here’s the best part: if you actively promote the sweepstakes via your facebook, twitter, blog or via email, and get your friends to participate as well, you will get 5 extra entries per friend, increasing your chance of winning.

So, why are you still reading this? Get yourself over to facebook and enter the sweepstakes! 😉

Long Term Review: Canon 5D Mark III

The Canon 5D Mark III is one of the most highly anticipated cameras ever released. The 5D Mark II has been a workhorse of a camera for many wedding and portrait photographers, but has also been maligned by these same photographers for the shortcomings. With it came some incremental upgrades to address the Mk II’s supposed shortcomings as well as adding on some other features.

In the end though, is it right for you? More importantly, is it worth the upgrade from the 5D Mk II?

Editor’s Note: This review has been done over the period of a couple of months. Additional contributing was done by Thomas Campbell and Thursten Kent.


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Which One: Canon 5D Mk II vs Canon 5D Mk III vs Fujifilm X Pro 1

It’s been a while since we’ve done a bit of a quick image comparison, but this will be a very interesting one. Fujifilm touts the X Pro 1 as having image quality equivalent to a full frame DSLR. The Canon 5D Mk III is among the best when it comes to DSLRs and the 5D Mk II, although aging, is still quite a formidable force.

So when the three cameras shoot relatively the same image in the same settings, can you tell the difference between their images?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Image one is from the 5D Mk III, Image 2 is from the Fujifilm X Pro 1, Image 3 is from the 5D Mk II. Thanks for trying!

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Review: Rokinon 24mm f1.4 Lens (Canon EOS)

As what other reviewers have been touting as one of the most exciting lenses to be released in a while at this focal length, the Rokinon 24mm f1.4 is an extremely affordable option compared to the Canon L version or the closest Zeiss version. Granted, all three are still different lenses: with two of the previously stated products being manual focus only.

The 24mm focal length is one that has been targeted to street photographers, documentary shooters, landscape photographers, and loads of others. But does this latest addition really do the job that most photographers want?

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The Phoblographer’s List of Alternatives to Purchasing the Canon 5D Mk III and Making Your Camera Live Just a Bit Longer

The Canon 5D Mk III has been announced, and while it is quite the powerhouse there are photographers that wouldn’t necessarily upgrade or go right for it. Indeed, the 5D Mk II is still an excellent purchase. But as photographers, we all have upgrade envy at times. We don’t need to upgrade our cameras though.

We’ve said this mantra many times and we’ll say it again: your lenses and lights will outlive and perform the life of your camera. Besides taking courses, a way to step up is to consider lighting and lenses. Here’s a complete list of products to consider if you’re considering upgrading. Chances are that they won’t break the bank either.

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Whole Slew of Cool Canon Stuff Available for Pre-Order at B&H and Amazon

A whole slew of stuff just became available for pre-order from B&H Photo and Amazon after Canon’s announcement the other day. Take a look, and remember that purchasing using our links helps keep the site alive.

Everything from Amazon over on one convenient page

Canon 5D Mk III

Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter

Canon SR-N3 Release Cable for 600EX-RT Speedlite

Canon SCF-E1 Color Filter Set for 600EX-RT

Canon WFT-E7A Wireless File Transmitter

Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip for 5D Mark III Camera

Should I Upgrade to the 5D Mk III From the 5D Mk II?

The cat is out of the bag. Canon has finally announced the Canon 5D Mk III. This is the camera that many photographers have been waiting for to be announced. Indeed, it boasts an impressive specs list. And I’ve got a confession to make: I’m not buying one. My 5D Mk II was purchased three years ago and since then has been ever faithful to me at my side: it’s been with me through rough times, through great times, and it has helped me to pay my rent and afford the comfortable living I currently have.

Let’s start out by saying this and getting it clear: I’ve heard from one rep telling another rep that the 5D Mk III is not forcing a discontinuation of the 5D Mk II; and that indeed the two will co-exist. But that may be hearsay.

But beyond all the technical data, specs, and gearheaded-ness, there is something behind it all that we’re not looking at.

Editor’s Note: Please bear with me and read through the entire post to see all of my points

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