Canon 5D Mk III Will Have Uncompressed Clean HDMI Out By the End of the Month

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Remember last year Canon stated that a major firmware update was coming for the Canon 5D Mk III? Well in a recent interview with News Shooter, Chuck Westfall stated that they’re on scheduled on it will be coming by the end of the month. Now when you tether your Canon 5D Mark III to an external recorder through the HDMI port you’ll be able to capture completely uncompressed HDMI video in all its high definition quality.

But hopefully there might be more to this firmware update that than. Canon has already stated that their speedlites aren’t performing the best with the camera when it comes to autofocusing. Maybe an Easter egg may be in there as well?

This is an extremely interesting move for Canon overall now though because it now means that all video evaluations regarding the Canon 5D Mk III vs the Nikon D800 need to be redone. It makes us wonder if Sony will do anything else with the A99 to take these cameras on at a higher level.

Chris Gampat

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