Panasonic Announces the GF6

Panasonic GF6

Hey everyone look! It’s a decent looking GF series camera from Panasonic! I’m not sure what happened to their styling after the cult GF1 but they seemed to have brought it back with the GX1 and here again with the GF6. Now its not all about looks and this little guy has added some drool worthy features on the inside as well. Lets start with the new capacitive touch screen which will give you a lot better control over the previous pressure sensitive display. This new display offers 1040k dot display that also rotates 180 degrees for selfies. The camera also comes with built in Wi-Fi as well as NFC which works is there to make connecting to the camera easier. If you have a NFC compatible smart phone all you have to do is tap your device on the camera and they will be linked.

The rest of the camera is going to sound very familiar and doesn’t seem like too much has changed over the previously mentioned. The cameras 16MP Live MOS sensor which is capable of high ISO images up to 25,600. MP4 video isn’t a feature seen too often anymore but the GF6 will be able to record 1080P 30fps in either MP4 or AVCHD flavors. Besides a couple new programmable function buttons there is also a new zoom lever on the shutter button.

The market is already quite crowded and another camera added to the line to simply refresh the lineup is getting a bit old. I’m sure people are are going love the image quality  of this camera but they may be paying attention to evolutions happening elsewhere.