“There’s Too Many Cameras on the Market”

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There is a video that will probably go slightly viral and is currently on the top of Reddit’s Photography section, with a rant from a man that is clearly saying there are too many cameras on the market. Amongst the complaints are the fact that both Canon and Nikon have updated last year with lots of new cameras and the fact that him and other people are confused about the new features and which one they should get. We’ve debated the video back and forth in staff emails and while some of us see this as just a troll, there is a lot more behind it than the man’s demeanor.

I’m a former employee of B&H Photo Video Pro Audio and not only did I have to deal with consumers, but other co-workers who had no idea what they should get. People that should have a Rebel instead go for a 5D Mk III for example and people that should be purchasing a mirrorless camera are instead getting a DSLR simply for the Canon or Nikon name. And the major problem is that there isn’t enough clear education on what someone should get or how the features can be used to make one a better photo snapper or a photographer. And to add to this problem, last year we saw a major flood of new products for the simple reason that no one released anything major the year prior due to the natural distasters that took place in Japan and Taiwan.

Many photographers have trouble focusing on shooting when new gear is constantly being released. With today’s tech, we are conditioned/pressured to thinking that we need the newest gear to get the best photos possible. While many of us know this is not true (coming from a guy that just sold his original 5D), there are people out there that are more interested in the gear than the process of creating photographs.

Either way, check out the video below–it’s surely a source of some good conversation. For the record, to this day I still receive loads of emails and Facebook messages asking similar questions that this video incites.

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