Magic Lantern Team Discovers 2K RAW DNG Video Output on the Canon 5D Mk II and Mk III

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Years ago, the Canon 5D Mk II revolutionized the cinema industry with its full frame sensor and HD video output at 30p. Then a firmware was added to allow 24p. Afterwards, the Canon 5D Mk III offerred more improvements over video and at the end of this month, an uncompressed video option will be coming via a firmware update.

But the Magic Lantern team has announced via their Facebook page today that while going through the firmwares on the cameras that they discovered a 2K RAW DNG function Live View Output that was previously not known about–but it cannot be recorded. The team is currently researching more into it, but both cameras are capable of recording a 2040 x 1428 DNG stream. And at this point, we’re really wondering why it wasn’t allowed natively on the camera.

Further, they’re saying that the image quality is very good. If the team can figure out a way for it to be recorded, this will be some extremely exciting news. As it is, DSLR footage isn’t as versatile as actual camcorders.


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