Canon’s 5D Mk IIIs Are Coming Back From Servicing With the Latest Firmware

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The latest Canon 5D Mk III firmware update has been announced quite a while ago. But at the start of this month, they announced that they were on target for their late April deadline. As a refresher, the latest firmware will let you tether your Canon 5D Mark III to an external recorder through the HDMI port you’ll be able to capture completely uncompressed HDMI video in all its high definition quality. Now, Canon Watch is reporting that some are saying that their camera is coming back with the new firmware already loaded on. It’s only a matter of time now until it launches.

However, Canon also made a statement that the camera doesn’t autofocus as well as it should when using speedlites. We’re not sure if this improvement has also been added, but it would be a very sweet deal if so.

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