Review: The Apple Magic Trackpad For Photographers

With the Apple Magic Trackpad, finger painting comes to Adobe Photoshop. The Apple Magic Trackpad is an interesting new Apple product that arrived recently with relatively little fanfare. Compared to more press grabbing new toys like the snazzy new iPod Nano or the fascinating iPad, the trackpad flew in under the radar, and it’s too bad, because it’s an innovative and interesting tool for digital photographers, and an affordable one at that. I’ve had one on my desk for a couple weeks and have grown to love it. Continue reading…

Is The Film Revival Just Another Fad?

Film—according to the Associated Press, it’s back! Take a look at the walls of your Facebook friends or any of the recent trends in professional photography and you’ll see a lot of the Polaroid look with its cross processing characteristcs. Even advertising campaigns are using Polaroids! Admittedly, we’ve reviewed an instant film camera and an old Leica legend. Indeed consumers do dig the retro look of some cameras. Not at all meant to insult seasoned film shooters, but take a closer look at all the hysteria and you’ll begin to notice some still very familiar undertones.

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Will the New Apple iPod Touch Weaken the Point-and-Shoot Market?

Take a look at the way that the majority of people take photos. I’m not talking about the photo enthusiasts. I’m talking about the average person that has a camera and isn’t a total photo nerd. After careful observations, you’ll notice that they take a majority of pictures with their phone. This goes double or triple for iPhone, Android or Blackberry users. The reason for this is because of the instant sharing capabilities. As you know, most point-and-shoots can’t do this. Sure, a standard point-and-shoot can deliver better quality images, but this group of users won’t be able to tell the difference. Apple doesn’t seem to have incorporated any of the features that I asked for a while ago, but the audience of people I’m talking about here just want to point, shoot and share. So does this mean that the new Apple iPod touchwith its snazzy new camera could in turn destroy the point-and-shoot market?

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Keeping My Distance: Shooting Justin Long On a Movie Set

Justin Long on the Streets of NYC

So I’ve blogged before about Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Gerard Butler. With Going The Distance coming into theaters later on this week, it is time that Justin Long and my encounter with him be shared. In general, my experience has been that male celebrities couldn’t care less about being photographed. As you’ll read, Justin doesn’t exactly like having a 5D Mk IIpointed at him.

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OKCupid Finds Some Amazing Facts About Attractiveness in Photos

Alex and Serenity

A friend linked me to an article that dating site OKCupid has on their blog about how photography can make you more or less attractive. According to them:

– Panasonic/Micro Four Thirds cameras make their users look the best. Second being Leica.

– Interchangeable lens cameras make users more attractive.

– iPhone users have more sex (which makes sense because of Facetime)

– Android users like me have the least sex (no comment)

The posting goes on to talk about things like Bokeh, flash, and the times of day to take your photo. Bokeh does tend to mesmerize people when they look at the photos and flash (well, lighting in general) needs to be used to the best effects.

What do you think makes people be perceived as attractive in photos? Admittedly, a pretty girl holding a Nikon DSLR, Micro Four Thirds and Leica is attractive to me. Those myspace shots and the duck lips, not so hot.

A Photographer’s Request From Apple For the Next iPod’s Camera

There have forever been rumors of the next Apple iPod touch having a camera—and a good one at that! In my recent review of the Apple iPhone 4’s camera, it was concluded that for a cameraphone, the performance was really quite good. Further, the high ISO abilities were better than some compact cameras thanks to the new back-lit CMOS sensor. Despite all this, there were still some major flaws. Here’s a list from a photographer on what the next iPod Touch should have.

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Tablets For Photographers: The Round Up

Throughout all of last week I have discussed The HP Slate, The JooJoo, The Dell Mini 5, Archos 9, and The Apple iPad as to find out which tablet would serve a photographer best. Now all these tablets have a usefulness to them, none of them is without any worth, however from a photographer’s point of view some of them do not stand up to what we need from a Tablet PC. Here are my final thoughts. Continue reading…

Tablets for Photographers: The Apple iPad

Finally we have come to the last tablet, and possibly the be all end all to this tablet war, the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad was deemed the savior to many media industries and was looked forward to by photographers as a way to edit, and view your photos on the go. So is it really just a better way of presenting your portfolio?

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Video Editing on Tablet PCs: Is it Possible?

Vincent talked about tablet PCs for photo editing, but we’ve received questions for them in regards to editing videos as well. With the prime options for the category being available and debatable right now, it’s time we take a look into the possibility of using them for video editing while at an event, covering a story abroad, etc. Some are better than others, but it all makes sense in the end.

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Tablets for Photographers: The Dell Mini 5

The next tablet I’m going to take a look at is The Dell Mini 5 (I’ve already looked at the JooJoo and the HP Slate). Not much is known about the Dell Mini 5 yet aside from that is has a 5 inch multi-touch screen, runs a customized version of the Android OS, and uses a 1 GHZ Snap Dragon Processor. The Dell Mini 5 also doubles as a phone and supports wifi and bluetooth. The plus side of this is that the Android OS supports a lot of apps that can only be rivaled with the iPhone/Pad/Touch OS. In fact, Chris wrote a posting on the best Android apps for photography. But does that do anything for us photographers?

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Great Photography Apps for Android Phones

As Android gains more momentum with the hastily updated OS and new phones like the Nexus One, it’s time to give their photography apps some attention. Lots of Apple iPhone photography apps are talked about across the photo blogs, but no one has talked much about Android. As a T-Mobile G1 user for a year now, I can tell you that photography on the Android platform is fun, social, and versatile. If you’re a photographer considering (or already owning) an Android phone, you’ll probably want to hit the jump right about now.

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Eye-Fi Pro X2 Cards + Nearly Endless Storage = Awesome

Eye-Fi announced the availability of their new flagship Pro X2 8GB + WiFi SD cards designed for professionals. The card should make usage easier and faster while out there in the field blogging, shooting an event or even just uploading to Flickr. Complete with 802.11n Wifi, it should be very awesome and further speed up the workflow of many photographers. The even more awesome part is that once you fill up those 8GB (which is truthfully hard to do) the card will automatically delete photos that have been uploaded to the interwebs. For $150, this will be more than worth it for many pros shooting with D90s or 50Ds, and there are lots of them out there. Press release is after the jump; I’ll be trying to get my hands on a review item soon as Eye-Fi gear is highly recommended by me.

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Would You Want to Edit Photos on the iTablet?

Lots of photographers edit their photos with a tablet device of some sort. There is so much on the interwebs about the rumored Apple iTablet. In addition, there are so many clues pointing towards it’s inevitable release. But the question for us photographers is this: would you want to edit your photos on one? There are lots of pros and cons to the issue. The newer guys may say, “I want it now!” while people with bad vision (like my fellow Blind Photographers) may say, “I want my big screens.” More after the jump.

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