Here’s How the Apple iPhone Triggers the Profoto B10 Professional Flash

If you’re a Profoto B10 flash owner, you’re going to enjoy the latest Profoto AirX update.

Not long ago, Profoto updated its Apple iPhone app to let the Profoto B10 trigger a flash with the Profoto Camera App. Let’s be clear here; no one is going to go out and buy the Profoto B10 just to shoot with their phone. I think that would be a pretty stupid idea. But instead, you now have an extra added capability. My Profoto B10 has a Sony transmitter, Canon transmitter, Fujifilm transmitter, and I can also personally use it to shoot photos. Better yet, I don’t have to use the constant light. Instead, I can enjoy the natural pop that a flash can give you. Profoto has developed a proprietary technology to do this. You can take a look at our Profoto B10 review and spot the update there for yourself. So how does it work? We spoke to Marko Pirc–who found his way to Profoto after working on the Lumu light meter for your iPhone.

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SNAP! Case for iPhone 11 Series Gets New Improvements

The latest Snap! Case comes with new features that make your iPhone 11 feel more like an actual camera.

Whether you prefer to take photos using your smartphone for now or simply want to get the full photographer experience, the latest edition of bitplay Inc.’s signature SNAP! Case should help do the trick. Newly designed, it now comes with two new features that turn the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max into the most camera-centric phones out there. If you’re keen on making your iPhone 11 feel a little bit more like an actual camera, looks like this is the case for you.

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5 Photographers Show the Strength of the iPhone 11 Pro Camera

With the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple stepped up its smartphone camera game, opening up more creative options for its loyal supporters.

Remember when we all went crazy over a 2MP camera in a mobile phone? Now we have a smartphone camera that has not one, but three lens options built into it. Apple, by no means, is the only (or even the first) company to have this feature, but it’s certainly the most popular. In our developing world of tech, are three-lens options just another gimmick to keep us handing over our money? Or, will it help improve the quality of work from smartphone shooters? The below photographers answer these questions, as we take a look at five photographers proving the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best smartphone cameras on the market.

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9 Photographers Proving The iPhone Is a Great Camera

iPhone cameras have evolved over the last 12 years–with that, so has the quality of photography created on Apple’s flagship device.

“The camera is just a tool.” Is there any more evidence of this than the images being created with iPhones? A tiny camera that fits in your pocket, yet photographers are making professional quality images with it. From war photography, portrait, landscape and street, it seems no genre is left untouched when it comes to iPhone photography. To celebrate how things have evolved in the photographic industry, we’ve picked out 9 photographers that are making the most of this advance in smartphone technology.

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RNI Films for iPhone Now Supports RAW Format

Got RNI Films on your iPhone? You can now make RAW file edits on the go with the app’s latest update.

Great news for all photographers using RNI Films on their iPhones! Really Nice Images (RNI) has recently introduced support for RAW formats in the latest version of the app. Whether you’d like to give your RAW images a quick analog look or are curious about trying out this film-inspired photo editing app, this update should give you more options to do so on your iPhone.

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VSCO and iPhone Don’t Replace Film, and This is Why

Shooting with film is a personal experience, and it’s nothing VSCO and other film emulators and smartphones can ever replace.

With life going on faster than I would have preferred, I often find myself turning to my iPhone SE and VSCO in the hopes of squeezing in a bit of photography practice in between commutes, ideation meetings, video shoots, and actual writing for work. I mostly use my iPhone because it and I are attached at the hip so it literally takes just a second for me to snap a photo of whatever tickles my fancy anytime. And to me, VSCO is the best in emulating that grainy, washed-out film look that I prefer over the sharpness of digital. I’ve tried lots of different apps over the years and I just find myself going back to it.

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The Apple iPhone XS Has a Camera that Does 1 Trillion Operations Per Photo

The new Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max are packing some new features that some probably won’t care about.

The day has finally come where we can pretty much squash any rumors involving the new Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. This is an upgrade to the previous Apple iPhone X. It brings with it a new processing engine and changes the way that it handles apps, graphics, etc. It also does it in a really battery efficient way–or at least that’s what Apple is claiming in their keynote.

But what about the camera?

Our story focuses on the camera. We’re positive you can get all the other news everywhere else.

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Quick Apple iPhone Camera App Review: Obscura

The Obscura app for iOS is a fun camera tool, but surely needs refinement

We’ve been playing with the brand new Obscura app in Beta mode for almost a month now. First off, it’s not at all going to replace Instagram for you as there is no social feature of any sort. In fact, it may not really even replace your regular shooting and editing process. But what it will do is provide you with a bit of fun at least at first. Though to be honest, you’re probably better off simply skipping this app altogether.

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The Six Best iPhone Photography Apps for the Serious Photographer

This is a syndicated blog post from Resource Magazine. It is being republished here with permission.

iPhone’s camera software grows more and more advanced with each updated edition, with many photographers choosing to use their phone as their primary means of shooting. While the built-in camera may be incredibly effective in getting you the shot you want, oftentimes the use of a third-party app can further enhance your photo experience, giving you more control over your final product. Apple’s app store has hundreds of apps for this exact purpose, but sifting through them all for one that works best is tedious—and so, here’s the six best photography app for the iPhone.

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From Kodak to iPhoneography – The Evolution of Photography in One Infographic

If you’re looking for a solid history of photography, you’ve come to the right spot

Get ready to waste some time today, because we’ve got something pretty darned cool. The history of photography is a pretty complicated thing, but this really cool infographic from the London School of Photography will make for quite a bit of awesome reading time. It includes some of photography’s earliest beginnings and goes through Kodak, digital photography, and mobile photography. The information is displayed in such a way that it makes going from top to bottom really simple to digest.

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I Decided to Shoot Some of Our Product Images with an Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Believe it or not, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus really isn’t that bad at all…

“You’re part of the problem now.” is what a friend jokingly told me when I sent him a post the Phoblographer made on Instagram recently. We showed off product images of the new Vinta Type II backpack since we received a prototype in the mail. During my testing, I decided I’d try something totally new and different: shooting product images with my new Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Now, I’ve shot product images with phones before but I never thought they could really compete with dedicated cameras at all. Part of that is due to the way flash and lighting work. Even natural lighting couldn’t do enough justice to the product images we shot. But cameraphones have had a very long time to mature and these days I think that, with the right light, they’re incredibly capable. In fact, they’re so capable that the iPhone finally gave me product images I’m seriously content with.

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Quick Tips for Shooting Portraits in Low Light with the iPhone X

Bring these quick tips with you for that low light portrait session with the iPhone X.

Got a shiny new iPhone X and thinking of shooting portraits with it? You must be wondering how you can get the best photos out of it even during low light conditions. Seattle-based photographer Sam Fu comes to the rescue with some quick tips in a video for mobile accessory maker Moment.

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Review: Moment Lenses 2.0 (Apple iPhone)

Moment has quite a cult following; the company has created a number of stellar lenses for mobile phones that have inspired generations of new photographers. The Moment Lenses are pieces of high quality glass that attach onto a special case or plate on your phone to change the perspective. In recent years, the telephoto (sort of) focal length they offer has become a bit obsolete, but their wider focal length is quite different. If you need a wide, sweeping view of something, the only other alternative is to shoot panoramic photos of some sort unless you use another add-on lens. But besides changing the viewing angle, Moment lenses tend to add character and charm to an otherwise very sterile aesthetic.

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Moment Announces New iPhone X Cases, Now Available

If you want to get the most out of your iPhone X camera, then this is going to be an announcement you will want to see. 

Moment has been making a name for themselves with their high quality mobile phone add-on lens solutions for various smartphones. In fact, very recently they were a headline product launched alongside Google’s latest flagship phone, and now Moment is getting onboard with Apple’s latest offering – The iPhone X. Continue reading…

So How is Street Photography with the New Apple iPhone X?

Phone photography

Featured image is a screengrab from the below featured video.

The iPhone X (10) is now out in the wild and reviewers everywhere are getting their hands on Apple’s latest and greatest hardware. One of the iPhone X’s top features is the improvements to the camera as well as updates to Apple’s software bokeh functionality, so as you would expect, many reviewers are talking a lot about that. Continue reading…

Bitplay’s New CLIP For iPhone Works With All Bitplay Lenses

It’s just a convenience thing. There is no doubt smartphones still have a way to go before truly being able to replace dedicated cameras from a professional perspective. But for the everyday photo of the average consumer, phones are at the point now where one really has to wonder about the need for a dedicated camera. That is, even more, the case as phone add-on lenses become more popular and higher quality. Continue reading…

App Review: LightLeaker (Apple iOS, Apple iPhone 6s)

Very few apps really make me want to review them, but in the case of LightLeaker I’m more than eager to do so. LightLeaker joins the list with LensDistortions and RNI Films as some of my favorite apps for iOS that appeal to the photographer who wants much more than what the current suite of editing platforms offer simply because of their emphasis on creating a clinically perfect photo. I’m a person who loves the aesthetics of disposable cameras, souped film, scratched lenses, etc. Essentially, I really am in the pursuit of something that modern digital photography just doesn’t give me due to an engineer’s goals being much different than mine.

I’ve learned how to find perfection in imperfections.

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Review: Lumu Power Light Meter (Apple iPhone)

For years and years, I always wondered why no one had any sort of flash enabled light meter available for the iPhone; but then Lumu went and got the Lumu Power Kickstarted. It may have taken quite a long time, but it’s finally out the door. The Lumu Power light meter is designed for the photographer that wants and needs to use a light meter but that doesn’t want to carry around an actual light meter. Instead, they want something small that they can tote around and use whenever they want or need. Plus it simply works with your iPhone. So why would you not want one?

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Review: Bitplay 18mm HD Wide Angle Lens (Apple iPhone)

Though many of the more traditional photographers don’t really take the iPhone seriously, it’s very fair to say that lens options like the Bitplay 18mm HD Wide Angle lens for the Apple iPhone are options that can really change the way you shoot. Bitplay has a load of excellent lens optics for their SNAP! Pro case, which we’ve reviewed previously and they’ve updated. But this newest addition is promising incredibly low distortion. So if you’re an adventure photographer, landscape photographer, street photographer, or cityscape shooter, then there is very little reason why you wouldn’t want a lens like this. In the same way that Moment and Zeiss have been changing the way that photographers shoot with the iPhone, this new lens offering from Bitplay is very similar.

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SNAP! Pro’s New HD Wide Lens for iPhone Almost Totally Kills Distortion

Last year, we reviewed the SNAP! Pro iPhone camera case and really fell in love with its overall versatility. So when the company recently announced they’ve upgraded the case and the lenses, it got us very excited. According to the company, the new case is designed not only for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus, but the newer lenses were designed to be a pretty major improvement.

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The New Moment Wide Angle Lens for iPhone 7 Promises Sharper Images

Arguably, the biggest company in mobile photography lenses is Moment: and today they’re announcing a few new products that are bound to be as great as their previous offerings. The company got started on Kickstarter, and it’s where they’re returning to get their newest Wide Angle lens, battery case, and photo case going.

Moment is looking to raise $500,000 in order to make these new products a reality–and it’s very obvious it’s going to be simple for them to do considering just how devout their community is. Tech specs on all their new products are after the jump.

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