Review: Tamrac Evolution 8

Tamrac Evolution 8

Tamrac should have called this camera backpack a transformer. The Tamrac Evolution 8 is efficient and versatile. Right out of the box with very little arrangement this camera bag was functional. After a week with this camera bag, you realize how ultra flexible it really is. Using it is very liberating compared to my everyday camera bag which I have to take off when I want to access my camera gear.

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The Complete Panasonic G2 Review

The Panasonic G2was my first experience with the Micro Four Thirds camera format, and it gave me a good sense of what the system is capable of. While I would be remiss to offer a final opinion on the entire format based on one camera, I can say with some confidence that despite its potential, Micro Four Thirds isn’t going to unseat conventional SLRs as the amateur photography stepping-stone any time soon.

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The Complete Panasonic GF-1 Review

M Classics Compact

The review of the Panasonic GF-1 is now complete. As great a camera as it is, it still personally left me wanting my DSLRs for better image quality. That’s not to say that the images from the GF-1 are horrible, but a good portion of that perhaps has to do with the very good 20mm F1.7 lens. Here are our findings.

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How to Make a Movie (Part II): The Gear List

In this five part serious Matthew Novak with reveal the ins and outs of producing a feature length film with the canon 7D as the main camera. To read part one click HERE

When you’re doing any shoot, whether it be photography or video, a gear list always hinges upon two things: What you want to accomplish and sometimes more importantly what your budget is. The gear list that follows constitutes what has gone into the Summer Stories Production thus far. Continue reading…

The Complete Review of the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4 G ED N Aspherical Lens

AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED

I hated living off borrowed time with such a high performance, well built lens. As the review time with the Nikon 24mm f/1.4 was coming to an end, the clock seemed to ticked faster, and I tried to get concluding shots off with sick laughter. Shooting with a 24mm f/1.4 prime lens was intoxicating. So ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to the complete review of the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4 G ED N Aspherical Lens. When time our officially came to a close, I shed a tear.

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Field Review: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4 G ED N Aspherical (Day 6)

Exposure 1/4000 sec Aperture f/1.4 Focal Length 24 mm ISO Speed 200 Exposure Bias -2 EV

What is the big deal about the lens? What makes it Special?  The answer: f/1.4 Working with this lens is fascinating. At f/1.4 it’s Tack sharp and gives an incredibly narrow depth of field.  The lenses wide angle of view is 84° diagonal on FX  and 61° on small-format DX , allows for great composure and flexibility. But I have to say this again, this lens is an f/1.4, it just allows the light to pour in. I believe I am in love with f/1.4.

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The Complete Sony NEX 5 Review

The Sony NEX 5has been a rather odd camera to review in many ways. However, the pure image quality that comes from the sensor is just fascinating for something in the mirrorless interchangeable lens compact market. It hands down wins awards for best image quality over the G2, GF-1, and Olympus EP-2. Granted, it isn’t the holy grail of the segment.

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Lensbaby Announces Nikon Lens Tilt-Shift Adapters For Micro Four Thirds And Sony Alpha NEX Cameras

Lensbaby just announced its Composer lens and Tilt Transformer adapter for Micro Four Thirds and Sony Alpha NEX digital cameras. The adapter doesn’t work with Micro Four Thirds/NEX lenses, though; instead, the Tilt Transformer allows the use of Nikon mount lenses on the smaller cameras, while the Composer is its own dedicated lens for use with the Tilt Transformer. The device is designed for tilt-shift focus, creating small areas of focus in a picture while filling the rest of the frame with bokeh.

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Buy a Bokeh Master's Kit, Help a Child

The other day, we showed off a sample from the Bokeh Master’s kit. Udi J Tirosh, the creator, has announced that he is trying to raise funds for Kids with Cameras. So how do you help? Well, Udi has created a couple of special editions of the kit for 70-200mm lenses that are being auctioned off on eBay. Udi states that all profits will go towards helping the organization.

Here are the links for the five auctions if you’re interested.:

Quick Sample with the Bokeh Master’s Kit

The other night was Snapshots and I brought along the Bokeh Master’s Kit. Currently in the process of reviewing the kit, this is the only photo I took that I actually considered to be decent. Don’t blame this on the Bokeh master’s kit though, I was using the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 IIwhich is a lens known to be very soft wide open. Unfortunately, in order to get the shaped bokeh (in this case the hearts that you see in the background, the user needs to shoot wide open on the Canon EOS 7D (Will is currently borrowing my Canon EOS 5D Mark IIand L lenses). My Canon EF 85mm f/1.8would have been too long for this shot, as the effective focal length would have been 136mm.

The filter put on the lens was the heart-shaped one, which delivered otherwise very lovely results in terms of the out of focus lights. Granted, it has done much better before. More to come later on!

Nikon Announces New D7000, 35mm f/1.4 and 200mm f/2

Today, Nikon announced the D7000, successor to the much-loved Nikon D90. Additionally, they are proud to say that their f/1.4 lineup of primes is now complete with the 35mm f/1.4 and that they’ve released a new 200mm f/2 lens. Lastly, the SB-700 flash now replaces the SB-600. Specs, details and my notes from the meeting with Nikon are after the jump.

Editor’s note: Nikon updated the press release to remove this sentence- “Both of these lenses will be available in October”.

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Hands On Review: Samsung NX100

The Samsung NX100 is the latest mirrorless camera in the line and it doesn’t seem to disappoint in some areas. For every photographer that has wanted a Leica-like body, this is perhaps the camera that you’d want to get your hands on. That said, it is also the largest mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses that I’ve ever held (the exception being Leica M bodies.) However, one can easily see themselves slinging it across their shoulder or body as well as being pleased with what it can do.

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Olympus Announces New Flagship E-5 DSLR

Olympus has announced a new DSLR, a Successor to E-3, the E-5. The E-5 Now Supports class 6 SD cards along with Compact Flash Unlike the E-3 which was only able to use CF. The Sensor has been upgraded from the E-3 ‘s 10 Megapixel to a 12.3 Mp High speed Live MOS Sensor for stills and movies which can be viewed through a 3 inch Swivel VGA LCD. The Camera has a 100% field of view and it will have the ability to shoot in the region of 5 frames per second. All this for $1,699.99.

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Will the New Apple iPod Touch Weaken the Point-and-Shoot Market?

Take a look at the way that the majority of people take photos. I’m not talking about the photo enthusiasts. I’m talking about the average person that has a camera and isn’t a total photo nerd. After careful observations, you’ll notice that they take a majority of pictures with their phone. This goes double or triple for iPhone, Android or Blackberry users. The reason for this is because of the instant sharing capabilities. As you know, most point-and-shoots can’t do this. Sure, a standard point-and-shoot can deliver better quality images, but this group of users won’t be able to tell the difference. Apple doesn’t seem to have incorporated any of the features that I asked for a while ago, but the audience of people I’m talking about here just want to point, shoot and share. So does this mean that the new Apple iPod touchwith its snazzy new camera could in turn destroy the point-and-shoot market?

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