KEH Has Great Prices on Used Leica M Mount Gear

There isn’t much out there as unique as the experience that a Leica can give you.

The tactile experience that a Leica M camera and lens give you is unmatched. The feel of sliding a focusing tab into just the right spot is divine. Couple that with the resulting pride from getting the photo yourself and not from autofocus. You’ll end up falling in love pretty quickly with the special package in your hand. So we worked with KEH to curate a few special options, like a Red Leica M9.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored blog post from KEH. There’s never been a better time to get into the Leica M system. Like many things in life, you can’t summarize it in a specs table; you need to realize it in person. So why not check out the great selection over at KEH?


KEH has a number of different Leica cameras available. The cool thing is that some of them aren’t the newest. There’s lots of proof that those cameras last a very long time. The Leica M9 is still in demand for its CCD sensor and the unique look it offers. But there’s a bunch of other options available too!

M-Mount Lenses

The Leica M mount is incredibly versatile. You can buy the lenses and use them on your Leica camera. But what’s also really fun is adapting them to other cameras. You can put Leica M mount lenses on your Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, and other cameras. The mount is seriously just that versatile. So check these out!

Also be sure to check out the L mount stuff.

Chris Gampat

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