Cheap Photo: Learn the Art of Long Exposure Photography for Just $29

You can make dreamlike, surreal images with long exposure photography, and this guide will show you how.

Long exposure photography in itself is not very difficult to master; anyone can set a camera on a tripod and can slow the shutter speed down enough to cause some blur in the clouds or rushing water. But, do you know how to create captivating images that aren’t the same thing everyone else is creating? Can you create otherworldly long exposure images that tell a story? This new long exposure photography guide from Sharon Tenenbaum will teach you how to make images that will blow your mind and set you apart from the rest. The best part is that, for a limited time, you can pick up this tutorial for just $29. Join us after the break to find out more about this deal.

Long exposure photography is becoming increasingly popular. And photographers are doing all they can to make their images stand out from the millions of other images uploaded to social media platforms on a daily basis. Long exposure photography is one way to get people’s attention. In order for your work to stand out these days, you have to create something special, and that’s where this tutorial comes in to play.

long exposure photography

The Long Exposure + Stills Photography tutorial from Sharon Tenenbaum shows how to capture stunning long exposures, and then blend them with other pictures in Photoshop to create dreamlike images that could go above and beyond what anyone else produces. There are three videos in this course that will provide the fundamentals, pre-visioning, and advanced techniques. As you go through the tutorial your skill level and confidence will soar, and in no time at all you’ll be creating images that get people’s attention. For just $29, you’ll learn skills that will serve you well for a life-time.

long exposure photography

If you’re ready to learn skills to will help you create some of the most incredible images you can imagine, this deal is for you. For a limited time, this tutorial bundle can be yours for just $29! Snap up your copy on the cheap while you can. As a bonus, if you buy it now you’ll also get a free eBook. Don’t miss out.