6 of the Best Arab American Photographers Around

If you’re unaware, April is officially Arab American Heritage Month. With that, The Phoblographer has been celebrating the best Arab American photographers. From portrait to wildlife photographers, we’re proud to showcase leading creatives in the Arab American space. This article will look at the highlights and share the best photographers we’ve published over the last four weeks.

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Massive Body, Remarkable Photos: Canon RF 400mm F2.8 Review

Long, bright glass is hard to come by, but Canon didn’t wait long before bringing its 400mm f2.8 over to the RF mount. The Canon RF 400mm f2.8 L IS USM brings the same optics as the EF 400mm f2.8 IS III USM to cameras like the R3 and R5 without the use of a mount adapter. As part of the L series, it uses both a high-end, weather sealed build and pro level optics. Lenses of this stature are pricey, however, and the new Canon RF 400mm f2.8 is no exception. The glass retails for just under $12K.

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How Carolina Fraser Shoots Her Stunning, Award-Winning Wildlife Photos

“I was obsessed with National Geographic, especially as a kid,” says Carolina Fraser, the Audubon Photography Awards Youth Winner for 2015. “National Geographic photographers were my idols growing up. When I started taking pictures for the first time I made a habit of studying paintings and other photos on Instagram.” Carolina has experienced a lot during her career as a wildlife photographer so far. From being chased by random men in the brushes to bursitis in her shoulder, nothing has stopped her from creating wonderful photos. Part of this is thanks to the encouragement of her parents at a young age.

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What a Start! 5 of the Best Photographs from January (NSFW)

We had an awesome start to 2022. From the publication side, more and more of our readers signed up to The Phoblographer’s official app. And from the creative side, we were able to feature some stellar photographs from new and seasoned photographers. Always a publication that enjoys reflection, let’s take a look at some of the best photographs we featured in January.

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These 4 Wildlife Photographers Have Encountered Really Scary Moments

“The main difference between wildlife and sports photography is that in sports photography, the subject you’re trying to capture won’t try to eat you,” said a friend of a friend who will remain unnamed. Something said in jest, of course, but the fact is that extra precautions need to be taken when out in the wild photographing animals. Despite taking these, sometimes photographers can be on the receiving end of some unexpectedly scary moments.

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The Best Lenses for Wildlife Photography for Fujifilm Cameras

I think it’s fair to say that wildlife photography is about patience, experience, and luck. But it won’t happen if you’re not out there to begin with. Though they don’t have animal autofocus detection as of publishing this article, Fujifilm cameras do a great job with photographing wildlife. So we dove into the Reviews Index to find some of the best lenses for wildlife photography if you’re a Fuji shooter. And we think you’ll love these.

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Rare Photography That Takes You Into Unknown Worlds

Amongst the traditional photography that comes The Phoblographer’s way are stories that focus on rare moments. From wildlife to natural phenomena, photographers wait patiently to document scenes people don’t often see. The scenes take us into unknown worlds and allow the photographer to educate us on topics we’re not familiar with. We love these types of stories, and so do our readers. If you want to forget the mundane for a moment, check this out! Make a hot drink, get locked in to the rest of this article, and enjoy some rare photography.

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A Remarkable AF, Low Light Jackpot: Canon EOS R3 Review

Photographers now can take their pick of cameras that can shoot stills fast enough to actually be movies. But Canon’s approach to a speedy flagship is arguably the most different from Sony’s and Nikon’s. Instead of creating a camera that can shoot both fast and high resolution, the Canon EOS R3 uses a less-headline-worthy 24.1-megapixel sensor. Canon is taking a gamble that the photographers who want 30 fps are also the photographers who prioritize exceptional low light performance over high resolution. And, they’re trying to sweeten the deal with an autofocus system that will just focus on wherever you’re looking.

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Love at First Sight? Canon EOS R3 First Impressions

Canon’s mirrorless lineup finally has an option to compete with the likes of the 1DX-series DSLRs, and it impresses immediately out of the box. The Canon EOS R3 has the grip and weather-sealing of the 1DX series and the speed of a mirrorless camera on steroids. What’s more, it’s even got the eye control autofocus from film cameras like the EOS 7. It sits in competition with the Nikon Z9 and Sony A1 for speed, yet curiously keeps the lower resolution of Canon’s sports-focused 1DX series.

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Tiina Törmänen Found a Magical, Secret Lake in Finland

“I found this small lake in my first year of diving,” photographer Tiina Törmänen tells me of this remote and secret place in Finland. “The pink algae was just so weird, and I had never seen anything like it before. That first time, it even felt a bit scary. Visibility was maybe seven to ten meters, so I couldn’t see what was in front of me.” As she swam, long ribbons of rose-colored algae appeared out of nowhere, like the arms of a ghost. As she moved, they broke apart as easily as swirls of dust. 

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Adam Jones Captured a Unique Photo of This Divebombing Barn Swallow

“Be open the awe and wonder of the natural world you live in, and you will never run out of subjects to photograph,” says photographer Adam Jones. Residing in Kentucky and shooting professionally for over four decades, Adam has encountered many wildlife subjects and scenarios during his career. However, even he couldn’t have expected the kind of hostility he met while trying to snap a barn swallow on his porch.

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7 Easy Photography Genres That Anyone Can Do!

I love the fact that there are so many genres of photography. The diversity is what makes our craft so enjoyable. I’ve dabbled in many genres of photography, but it’s street photography where I feel most at home. I’ve also got friends and peers from various backgrounds in the photographic field. With that said, we will look at which are the easiest genres to practice, all of which anyone can do!

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How Paul Boomsma Risked it All to Create Unique Nature Shots

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“I used to put more focus on getting the image and not thinking about my own safety”, says Paul Boomsma about his initial days as a nature photographer. “This resulted in me being in a lot of dangerous and scary situations”. Nowadays though, he plans each trip meticulously to ensure his personal safety, as well as to not disrupt the surroundings he’s headed to.

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Olle Nilsson Photographs Nature in a Cinematic way

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“It’s not uncommon to be outside five days in a row and not get the shot you’re after”, says Swedish photographer Olle Nilsson about his extended hobby. On most days, he’s up long before the crack of dawn, in pursuit of animals in the forests of his vicinity. These early hours seem to pay off as he captures stunning images of the wildlife in Sweden. He considers himself to be a nature photographer, and in this interview, shares with us his optimistic hopes for the future.

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Will Burrard-Lucas Went on a Quest to Find a Rare Black Leopard in Africa

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“At night, it was always the black leopard’s eyes that struck me,” Will Burrard-Lucas remembers. “In fact, he was usually completely invisible in the black of night, except for his eyes reflecting brightly in my torch beam.” The wildlife photographer saw his first spotty leopard in Tanzania at the tender age of five. Just over thirty years later, he stood face-to-face with a rare black leopard in Laikipia, Kenya. With the thrum of crickets and the occasional call of a rock hyrax filling the air, their eyes met for just an instant before the panther slinked away in the dark. 

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Kunal Shah Captures the Astonishing Beauty of India’s Birdlife

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“It’s a very tiny bird, the size of a sparrow, and I photographed him on a hill near my house in Pune,” the wildlife photographer Kunal Shah remembers of his recent encounter with a male Red Avadavat, also known as the Strawberry Finch, during the breeding season. “The name appropriately describes the bird, as the bright red color and those white spots make it look exactly like a strawberry.” 

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A Great Telephoto for L Mount: Panasonic 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 Review

The Panasonic 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 is an affordable telephoto that L mount camera owners should consider.

The L mount lens library is finally starting to grow thanks to Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma. Until recently, all Panasonic lenses were designed for pros who needed top quality. That’s fine, but they came with top-quality prices too. However, this is starting to change. The Panasonic 85mm f1.8 has been released (review coming later), and now an affordable telephoto option is on the market. The Panasonic 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 is looking to sit alongside the Sigma 100-400mm f5.6-6.3 as a telephoto lens for the masses. At $1,249.99, it’s an attractive option, but does it produce the goods? Find out in our full review.

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The 3 Legged Thing Roxie Helps the Canon EOS R5 Capture Better Birds

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, easy-to-digest posts.

Camera brands that work with third parties for support are fantastic. That’s part of how Sony got to where it is right now. Today, Canon users are getting the new 3 Legged Thing Roxie, a special bracket designed for the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon EOS R6. Of course, its primary use will be birding and wildlife. For both of those cameras, it works surprisingly well once its design is understood. If you’re a Canon EOS R owner, the 3 Legged Thing Roxie will also work, however the sizing will be apparent. If you’re using a telephoto lens with a camera like the Canon EOS R5, the 3 Legged Thing Roxie might even be consideredessential.

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Justin Sullivan is One of South Africa’s Most Daring Photographers

SA photographer gives thought to his dangerous wildfire and wildlife photography, with images that are equal parts harrowing and compelling.

All images by Justin Sullivan. Used with permission.

“I always wanted to photograph impactful content,” says Justin Sullivan, one of South Africa’s most daring photographers. “I started chasing fires around the Cape, running up mountains in my shorts and flip flops (sandals)…Looking back now, it was extremely dangerous and irresponsible.” In only six years, Justin’s determination has taken him from the front lines of devastating wildfires, to the epicenter of the war on wildlife poaching.

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