3 Lightweight Lenses for Bird Photography That Photographers Will Love

If given the opportunity, we think everyone would love photographing birds. But not everyone wants to carry that much weight on them. Luckily, there are some fantastic lightweight lenses for bird photography out there. With the right settings, they’ll stand out from loads of other lenses on the market. And we’d know, since we tested them! So, in this roundup, we’re diving into the best lightweight lenses for bird photography. Check it out!

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The Best Sony G Master Prime Lenses for Candid Photography

The Sony G Master Lens Lineup are the best offerings Sony makes. If you’re a Canon user, think of this as L glass. Sony goes out of their way to be clinically perfect, and it comes through in these lenses. If you’re a street photographer, wedding photographer, event photographer, or photojournalist, consider these. We’re selecting the best Sony G Master Prime Lenses for candid shooters. Take a look!

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The Best Sony Cameras for Photojournalism

There are fantastic reasons why so many photojournalists moved to the Sony camera system. For starters, there’s a lot of great AI built into the cameras. Then, there’s also a plethora of lenses to select from. And over the years, the build quality has gotten a lot better. But which one do you choose? Well, we dove into our Reviews Index to pick the best Sony cameras for photojournalism. And we think you’ll wind up getting one of these.

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Adapt These 3 Great Leica Lenses to Sony Cameras

It’s not every day that we think about adapting luxurious Leica lenses to Sony cameras. But the truth is that when you do, you get the best of two worlds. You get great, full-frame image quality with some of the best lenses money can buy. Of course, you don’t always need to dish out lots of money either. So in this round-up, we’re focusing on good Leica M-mount lenses that we’ve reviewed (and we’ve reviewed a ton). None of them are from Leica, and we’re mixing it up with affordable and mid-tier prices. Considering adapting Leica lenses to Sony cameras like the Sony a7c. We had a lot of fun doing that.

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The Great Guide to Tamron Zoom Lenses for Sony FE

Tamron lenses are fantastic. I’m not sure there’s any independent reviewer that would disagree with that. Tamron zoom lenses for Sony FE cameras are notably incredible. Their lenses don’t exactly compete with what Sony offers, but they augment it. What’s more, they do so while providing a ton of value for what they are. We’ve reviewed every Tamron zoom lens for Sony FE cameras on the market. And in this roundup, we’ll tell you what you need to know if you’re considering purchasing.

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3 Fantastic Lenses for Travel Photography with Your Sony Camera

The season for travel photography is quickly approaching! Besides taking all the safety precautions for a cold-weather trip or to a remote area, you’ll probably want to pack some great camera gear with you, too. Lucky for you, we know exactly what you need if you’ve got a Sony camera, and we’re rounding up some of the best lenses for travel photography. And we didn’t forget about you folks shooting with APS-C cameras either!

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The Solution to the Dirty Sony Sensor That Plagues Your Camera

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There are lots of fantastic things about Sony cameras. But one of the biggest flaws they all have is build quality. Do they work in the rain? Sure. Do they get dusty? Oh yeah. Unfortunately, it’s a problem with lots of Sony cameras. We just got done reviewing a few lenses on Sony bodies, and we ran into lots of dust issues. And guess what? Those issues seldom happen with other camera systems. So we broke this down and decided we’d help folks get around this issue (well, sort of). Here’s what you can do about your dirty Sony sensor.

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Will The Sony A7 IV Be A Massive Upgrade? It Needs To Be!

In terms of specs, the Sony a7 III is probably the best all round Full-Frame mirrorless or DSLR camera today.

When mirrorless cameras became mainstream by about 2014 or so, I observed two kinds of photographers who moved over to this system from other brands’ DSLRs. Those who weren’t too worried about sensor size, and loved film emulations switched to the Fuji X Series. Others who stood firm about a larger sensor requirement moved to the Sony offerings. Many DSLR users of Nikon and Canon who got tired of waiting for them to bring out competing models, eventually moved to one of the aforementioned mirrorless brands. Even Olympus managed to win over older photographers who got tired of lugging around heavy DSLRs and lenses.

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A Great 60MP Camera for $2,998! Grab the Sony a7r IV While You Can!

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

The Sony a7r IV is a megapixel monster, and it’s not the only Sony camera on sale!

There are some incredible deals on Sony Mirrorless cameras right now! The headline of this sale is the Sony a7r IV. With a huge discount of $501.99, this 60MP camera has dropped in price to just $2,998! The IBIS infused a6600 can be yours for $1,198, the a7r III is only $2,298, and the Sony a9 has a discount of over $1,000! There are many more Sony cameras on sale too. If you have been thinking about jumping over to Sony or just need a second camera, these deals are for you! Head on past the break to see all the huge savings.

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Big Sale: Now’s the Time to Stock Up and Save on Sony Lenses and More

sony e mount 24mm GM

If you need some new Sony lenses or a new Alpha camera, act now and save!

Are you in the market for a new Sony E mount zoom? How about a new fast prime? If so, you’re in luck as Sony has a huge sale going on right now. You can save $300 on the Sony 24-105mm f4 G OSS. The Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master has dropped to just $1,798. And the brilliant Sony 24mm f1.4 G master has a steep discount too: you can pick one up for only $1,298! Lenses aren’t the only thing on sale. Sony has slashed prices of the a7r IV ($2,998), the a7r III ($2,298), and many more cameras like the a6600, the ZV-1, and the RX100. If you need new Sony lenses or have been thinking about jumping to Sony, now’s the time to do it.

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A Great Sony Alpha Companion Device: Sony Xperia 1 II Review

The Sony Xperia 1 II blends smartphone photography with the features of a dedicated Sony Alpha camera.

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in a small amount of time. Most reach for an iPhone or a Samsung device. However, you have other options. Sony makes smartphones too. Sony’s Xperia line of phones has been around for a while, but they tend to fly under the radar. However, they have a unique product in the Sony Xperia 1 II that we think photographers might like. The Xperia 1 II takes smartphone photography and mashes it together with the tech like human and animal eye autofocus found in Sony’s Alpha line of cameras. This all sounds great, but how does the camera perform in the real-world? Find out in our full review.

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Sony Users Have Two More Great Tamron Lenses To Look Forward To

Tamron is continuing its push to make Sony’s Mirrorless platform the most well-rounded out there.

It took Tamron a while to start pumping out lenses for Sony’s E mount, but man, the flood gates have opened. Over the last year and a half or so, Tamron has released some stunning yet highly affordable glass for the platform. This, of course, should be expected, seeing as Sony owns a double-digit percentage in the company. Still, the rate at which Tamron lenses are popping up is impressive. The line up of Tamron lenses featuring Sony’s E mount is set to grow more too. New patents have shown up on the web. They might not be the most exciting lenses ever. Still, they will help round out their current collection. Read on past the break to find out what’s coming.

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Big Sony Deals! Save Up to $1,000 on Cameras, Hundreds on Lenses


If you’ve been on the fence about joining team Sony, now’s the time to climb down and jump in on these Sony deals.

There are some insane Sony deals on cameras and lenses right now. If you’ve been eyeing the Sony a7 III, now you can get one for $1,698! The a7r II is $1,598, the a7r III is $2,298, and the a7r IV is just $2,998! You can save $1,000 on the Sony a9 as well! And you can pick up Sony lenses on the cheap too. The excellent Sony 20mm f1.8 G is just $798, and the Sony 70-350mm f4.5-6.3 G OSS Super-Telephoto for APS-C cameras is only $898. You can also save on one of the best ranked Sony lenses, the 90mm f2.8. It’s just $989.95. Come and see all the deals on Sony cameras and lenses.

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The Five Cameras We Hope Sony Launches In 2021

We have some pretty good guesses at what we think these newly registered Sony cameras might be.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Sony just upped the camera ante in 2021. The brand new Sony a1 looks to be a beast of a camera. Just when we thought that there couldn’t be more to come from Sony, we learn this. Apparently, Sony has five more new cameras, including two high-end offerings, coming in 2021. One of these offerings should be fairly obvious. Still, the other four remain a mystery. What could they be? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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If, and When the Sony a7 IV Is Announced, This Is What We Want to See

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

The Sony a7 IV will need to be something special to pull away from the entry-level market competition.

Sony has made waves with their a7 series of cameras since 2013. Every subsequent upgrade has set a new standard for what entry-level Mirrorless cameras should be, and each new model has sent the competition scrambling to catch up. The Sony a7 III was perhaps the model that really shoved Sony into the limelight. Since then, the entry-level market has stagnated somewhat. All eyes are now turned toward Sony, and the hopefully soon to be announced Sony a7 IV. Sony will have to make a statement with this Camera now that Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic have solid options in this category. After the break, we’ll break down what we want to see from Sony’s entry-level Full Frame a7 IV.

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You’re Going to Love These Sony Black Friday Deals

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The Sony Black Friday and holiday sales events are here, and these deals can save you some serious money. The Sony a7 III is just $1,698! This is the lowest price ever on this feature-packed Mirrorless camera. You can even get the a7 III with the 28-70mm kit lens for just $1,898. The Sony a7r4 Iv is only $2,998, the a7r III is just $2,298, and the 42 Megapixel a7r II is only $1,298! The Sony a9 is also on sale for just $2,998! You’re also going to find deals on Sony primes, including the excellent 20mm f1.8 G ($848), the FE 35mm f1.8 (just $698), and the 85mm f1.8 (only $548). There are also deals on Sony zoom lenses too! Head past the break to see these early Black Friday and holiday deals on Sony cameras and lenses.

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Wow $1,698! This Is The Lowest Price Ever On The Sony a7 III, and More

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Sony are starting their holiday sales off with a bang!

If you have been waiting to join team Sony, your wait is over! For a limited time, you can score some massive deals on Sony cameras and lenses. The Sony a7 III is just $1,698! This is the lowest price ever on this feature-packed Mirrorless camera. The Sony a7r4 Iv is only $2,998, the a7r III is just $2,298, and the 42 Megapixel a7r II is only $1,298! The Sony a9 is also on sale for just $2,998! There are also deals on the a600 with two lenses. It’s just $698, and the a5100 with a lens can be yours for $498! You’re also going to find deals on 10 Sony primes, including the excellent 20mm f1.8 G ($848), the FE 35mm f1.8 (just $698) and the 85mm f1.8 (only $548). There are also deals on 19 Sony zoom lenses too! Head past the break to see these early holiday deals on Sony cameras and lenses.

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Sony Sale: Save Big Money on Sony Cameras and Lenses This Week

camera deals

Save $1,000 on the A9, take $500 off the Sony a7r II, III, and IV, and save big on Sony lenses.

Wow, we’ve seen some deals over the last few weeks, but this Sony sale tops them all. For a limited time (until October 16th), you can save serious money on Sony cameras and lenses. Sony’s a7r II is just $1,298, the a7r III is only $2,298, and the a7r IV is just $2,998! The Sony a9 has a discount of $1,000, dropping it to it’s lowest ever price of $2,998. There are deals on the a6000 too. Then there are colossal lens deals. Save $250 on the Sony 16-35mm f4, and save $300 on the Sony 24-105mm f4. You can also get one of our favorite 35mm lenses, the Sony 35mm f1.8 FE, for just $698. In all, there are 25 mouth-watering deals on Sony cameras and lenses. Don’t miss out on this massive Sony sale.

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A 50MP Sensor Sony a9 Series Is Great, but a Pro Body Would Be Better

The Sony a9 series of cameras have great specs but have been lacking in build quality and handling.

We are big fans of the Sony a9 series of cameras here at The Phoblographer. These specialty cameras have continually blown us away with their impressive specs and the results they can help produce in real-world scenarios. However, we have been less than impressed with their overall build qualities and handling. For cameras that are supposed to be for professional sports photographers, they leave a lot to be desired. Still, if the news about a new Sony a9 series camera is accurate, these issues may be a thing of the past. Join us after the break to find out more about what might be coming from Sony in early 2021.

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Cheap Photo: Huge Sale On Sony Cameras and Lenses

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

There are some mega savings on great Sony cameras and all sorts of lenses.

If you have been thinking about switching to Sony, now’s the time to do it. There are some huge discounts on Sony cameras (including the a7 III at $1,779), and on multiple E mount lenses. The capable Sony a6000 is only $448, and the Sony a7 II with a mega accessory bundle and a lens is just $998. The image-stabilized Sony a6600 with a lens is only $1,598. There’s a ton of lenses on sale too. The Rokinon 35mm f1.4 with autofocus is only $499 (Save $300), and Tamron’s 28-75mm f2.8 has dropped to just $769. Sigma’s Bokeh king, the 105mm f1.4, has a discount of $194! There are over 25 money-saving deals on Sony cameras and E mount lenses. Come and check them out.

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