Why the Pentax 67 is the Best Medium Format Camera for Portraits

Screenshot image from the Pentax 67 video by Aidan Moneyhon

Want to get into medium format film for portrait work? You must have been doing research for quite some time now, first with a camera to use. Chances are, you’ve come across the hefty Pentax 67 medium format SLR camera. If you’re looking for some insights on this popular option, Arizona-based photographer Aidan Moneyhon tells us why it’s the best medium format camera for portrait photography.

The Pentax 67 (or 6×7 in earlier models) is without a doubt a beautiful but massive camera. Still, some photographers and camera collectors actually adore it for that. The Japanese medium format SLR was introduced by Asahi Pentax in 1969. As its name suggests, it produces 10 or 20 6×7 photos on 120 or 220 film. Its design follows the classic 35mm SLR body, blown up to what some referred to as a “Super SLR.” It remains a popular option for photographers who still shoot medium format, especially for some serious portrait work.

Through his long-term revew of the Pentax 67, Aidan Moneyhon gives the idea that he has worked with this camera for a while. If you’re considering getting this camera to up your film portrait game, his insights in this video should help.

For Aidan, the heft and size of the Pentax 67 is not a problem, and he understands that a larger film requires a bigger camera. The build quality is also a reason for this heft, with its parts made mostly of metal or high grade plastic. If you can find a nice strap with good support, he believes lugging it around won’t be a problem. Some photographers also prefer to use a tripod with this camera. If you have no problems working with that, this camera could be a great choice.

Aidan also likes the Pentax 67 for portraiture because of its wide selection of lenses. He’s using a 105mm f/2.4 lens, which was standard issue for the camera, which he has found to create beautiful results. The impressive optics of the Super Multi Coated Takumar lenses for the Pentax 67 is actually one of the reasons why medium format photographers pick up this camera.

Lastly, Aidan has found that he works and focuses better with the SLR style Pentax 67. Getting the focus right is especially crucial with portrait photography, so if you’re used to SLRs, you might want to break in to medium format with this mammoth camera first.

Need some sample photos? Check out Aidan’s video slideshow of some portraits he shot with this camera using Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400H.

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