4 Photographers Shooting Dazzling Photos with the 6×7 Format

Now that you’re curious about shooting 120 film in 6×7 format, allow us to inspire you further with these awesome photography projects.

If you’ve been wanting to get into medium format film photography and have done enough research, you must have come across the fact that 120 film comes in several frame sizes, including 6×7. This format was popular because, as Wikipedia mentions, it enlarges almost exactly to 8×10 inch paper, leading its proponents — especially those who print — to hail it as the “ideal format.” You may even have stumbled upon our round-up of fantastic cameras for 6×7 format. We can only hope that’s enough to help you either make up your mind about shooting in this frame size or which camera to get you started. But in case not, these awesome projects we’ve featured in the past will inspire you. This format is great if you’re not a fan of shooting squares, but don’t take our word for it — let these photographers and their works serve as proof!

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Why the Pentax 67 is the Best Medium Format Camera for Portraits

Screenshot image from the Pentax 67 video by Aidan Moneyhon

Want to get into medium format film for portrait work? You must have been doing research for quite some time now, first with a camera to use. Chances are, you’ve come across the hefty Pentax 67 medium format SLR camera. If you’re looking for some insights on this popular option, Arizona-based photographer Aidan Moneyhon tells us why it’s the best medium format camera for portrait photography.

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5 Fantastic 6×7 Medium Format Film Cameras to Create Beautiful Photos With

There are a number of photographers out there who consider the 6×7 format of medium format film to be the only really medium format type. Part of this has to do with the fact that it’s right in between small format (35mm) and large format (4×5). It’s quite a bit larger than 645 format and much larger than 35mm format. It can also prove to be very difficult to work with simply because you need to be super critical about your focusing.

So if you’re looking for a 6×7 format camera to work with, check out this list.

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