Could a Digital Pentax 67 Make Us Fall in Love with DSLRs Again?

There is no doubt in my mind that, if there is one company barely hanging in there in the photo industry, it’s Pentax. They haven’t made the monumental mistakes Nikon has in the past, but they’ve run into a lot of unfortunate events. Hoya more or less gutted them a little more than a decade ago. Samsung never ended up buying them. And the Ricoh company hasn’t done much with Pentax. But now, they’re starting to make an effort with building more factories. If anything can grab our attention again, it would be something different: like a digital Pentax 67.

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Shoot Kodak Gold 200 with These Great Medium Format Cameras

If you’re as excited about the new Kodak Gold 200 120 like a lot of film photographers are, then you’re probably considering getting a new camera to shoot with it. Lots of beautiful images can be made with Kodak Gold. In the 120 format, you’re bound to get even better colors than in the 35mm format that it’s been known for for years. Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips and a list of our favorite medium format cameras right here for you. Better yet, we’ve tested all these cameras ourselves.

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Lance Keeth on Why He Resonates Better With His Film Cameras

“Growth is everything. And as long as you’re open to learning, you’ll continue to grow,” clarifies Alabama native Lance Keeth when queried about his personal improvements as a photographer. He doesn’t feel an emotional connection with the instant images digital photography produces. Making an effort to shoot film at every possible opportunity, he prefers the intuitive and personal feeling this format gives him.

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You’ll Love Our 4 Favorite Medium Format Film Cameras

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If you love film photography, you’re missing out if you don’t use medium format film cameras. Arguably, this is where you’ll really to start a major advantage over digital photography. There’s also things like the look, the feel, and the overall approach to how you work with subjects. You have to be a million times more conservative with how you shoot photos. So we dove into the Reviews Index to find some of the best medium format film cameras we’ve used.

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4 Photographers Shooting Dazzling Photos with the 6×7 Format

Now that you’re curious about shooting 120 film in 6×7 format, allow us to inspire you further with these awesome photography projects.

If you’ve been wanting to get into medium format film photography and have done enough research, you must have come across the fact that 120 film comes in several frame sizes, including 6×7. This format was popular because, as Wikipedia mentions, it enlarges almost exactly to 8×10 inch paper, leading its proponents — especially those who print — to hail it as the “ideal format.” You may even have stumbled upon our round-up of fantastic cameras for 6×7 format. We can only hope that’s enough to help you either make up your mind about shooting in this frame size or which camera to get you started. But in case not, these awesome projects we’ve featured in the past will inspire you. This format is great if you’re not a fan of shooting squares, but don’t take our word for it — let these photographers and their works serve as proof!

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100 Years of Pentax: Revisiting Medium Format Classics

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pentax, we put the spotlight on its enduring medium format SLR cameras, which remain top choices for film photographers.

If you want to get serious with medium format film photography, among your top options would certainly be a Pentax medium format SLR camera. Built like tanks and made to last for generations, these classic cameras are rivaled only by a handful of competitors and have become medium format icons. Since this year marks a century of Pentax, there can’t be a more apt time to pay tribute to the brand’s enduring cameras, including the medium format line.

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Your Pentax 67 May Be Missing this Super Telephoto 800mm Takumar Lens

Attention, Pentax 67 users! We’ve spotted an item that you’re most likely missing in your lens collection.

You’ve read that right — our latest vintage find is something especially for Pentax 67 users! Whether you’re thinking of expanding your lens arsenal for your iconic medium format SLR camera, or simply want to try a project that requires a fast super telephoto lens, this item is definitely worth checking out.

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Grab a Pentax 67

If you’re still missing a Pentax 67 in your analog arsenal, it’s time to grab one and shoot with one of the big guns

Often described as a beefed up 35mm SLR camera, the Pentax 67 is one beast of a camera and an analog beauty to have. It remains one of the most popular medium format cameras today, loved by photographers of all levels. If you’ve only recently come across this camera and are considering getting it for your medium format fix, Aidan Moneyhon rounds up his top three reasons why you absolutely should.

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Give Your Pentax 67 Lenses New Life with the ALPA 12

With the ALPA 12, your Pentax 67 lenses will become much more versatile

When we got word of the new ALPA 12 module for Pentax 67 lenses, we were honestly pretty shocked and amazed. Photographers still holding onto their 67 lenses will be very happy to know that they probably just got a bit more value. The ALPA 12 is finally available for Pentax 67 lenses, and the module will let photographers have shift capabilities with the lenses and allow for use on the AlPA 12 cameras. But even better, the module gives photographers the ability to use the lenses with backs like those available from Phase One.

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Reza Bassiri Captures Osaka’s Glow with Kodak Portra

All images by Reza Bassiri. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Japan never fails to amaze in many ways, especially when it comes to everyday scenes and city life to photograph. Tokyo is a crowd pleaser and firm favorite of travelers and photographers, but it’s just one of the country’s stunning cities to visit and experience. In his beautiful street set, Paris-based creative director Reza Bassiri shows that Osaka also glows, especially when captured on film.

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A Musing and History of the Pentax 67 SLR

All images and text by Zeb Andrews over at Blue Moon Camera. Used with permission.

Where to start with the Pentax 6×7? How about if we start with the fact that I love this camera; so this way you know exactly where I am coming from as you read this. I have been using this camera for over a decade now, and though I now carry other cameras with me more frequently, my Pentax has a special place in my camera lineup that no other camera can compete with.

The Pentax 6×7 is not that dissimilar to most 35mm SLR cameras –  if you gave those cameras steroids and pumped them up to twice their original size. The Pentax 6×7 is a pretty straight-forward camera. Exposure is done entirely manually, it uses its own line of bayonet mount lenses, can accept alternative prisms (including a meter prism and a waist level viewfinder) and is able to use either 120 or 220 film, creating either 10 or 21 6x7cm exposures per roll. The camera is a beastly tank, but such a good beastly tank. At the time of its introduction, it did exactly what a pro photographer needed it to: make 6x7cm medium format images while viewing through the camera’s main lens… and it did it well and surprisingly ergonomically for its size and weight.

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Why the Pentax 67 is the Best Medium Format Camera for Portraits

Screenshot image from the Pentax 67 video by Aidan Moneyhon

Want to get into medium format film for portrait work? You must have been doing research for quite some time now, first with a camera to use. Chances are, you’ve come across the hefty Pentax 67 medium format SLR camera. If you’re looking for some insights on this popular option, Arizona-based photographer Aidan Moneyhon tells us why it’s the best medium format camera for portrait photography.

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Vintage Camera Review: Pentax 67 (67 Format)

The Pentax 67 has to be one of the most drooled over medium format SLR cameras ever made. For great reasons too! The Pentax 67 is a film SLR that is more or less designed to be portable and shot handheld by fashion photographers and portrait photographers. For many years it was well regarded and even today, there is some fantastic work that is often done with the camera. Between this, the Pentax 67 II and the Mamiya RB67/RZ67, lots of photographers really have a tough choice figuring out what they want.

The truth is that it really depends on your style and it also really depends on how good you are at being able to create photos.

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Jonathan Moore: Surreal and Creative Landscape Photography on Film

All images by Jonathan Moore. Used with permission.

“I think I’ve been multi-talented in the arts for a long time and photography just stuck with me.” says photographer Jonathan Moore in an email to the Phoblographer. “I grew up in a few small towns in Tennessee. After high school, I worked odd jobs and toured the southeast playing guitar in a hardcore band.” Art stuck with and evolved with Jon quite a bit: from music into graphic design and then photography. Jon’s photographs draw obvious inspiration from movies and you can see influences from Stranger Things and Lord of the Rings for sure.

“Movies are often over-looked in terms of fine art, but pause anywhere during 2001: A Space Odyssey or There Will Be Blood, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

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Alex Medvick: On Using CineStill 800T Film in the 120 Format

All images by Alex Medvick. Used with permission.

“I think most portraits capture more than just a nose and pair of eyeballs.” says photographer Alex Medvick in an email response to our questions inquiring about his portraiture and using CineStill 800T in the 120 format. “They show us an emotional/stylized reality, centering around specific people.” Alex is a photographer based in Philly and is one of the few lucky enough to have gotten his hands on the film after the pre-sales that CineStill had.

My envy of him and that beautiful, beautiful, sweet CineStill film aside, Alex is actually a good portrait photographer. With his Pentax 67 in hand, he’s able to create some incredible compositions that not only balance technical skills but artistic skills. His portraits are subtle yet telling studies of his subjects and his ability to make use of spaces on the fly is something that many other photographers don’t have.

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Drew English: Photographing Strangers With a Pentax 67


All images by Drew English. Used with permission.

I’m not afraid of people. I’m not afraid of talking to total strangers. But for years I have had an aversion to approaching people on the street and getting them to participate in my creative process point blank. Living in New York City, you’re consistently surrounded by seemingly unlimited human diversity, which I find very artistically inspiring. My eye is often drawn to an interesting face, look or style and my knee-jerk reaction is a desire to capture their portrait. Unfortunately, my nerves always held me back and I have missed out on countless opportunities.

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Simon Chetrit: Using the Pentax 67 to Conquer Shyness

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

All images by Simon Chetrit. Used with permission.

Photographer Simon Chetrit has been shooting for many years now, and he’s almost never seen here in Brooklyn without his venerable Pentax 67. Simon has used the camera for many years and bonded with it in some ways. Every photographer has a camera that helped them build their career, and his is the 67. Simon tells us that the camera helped him develop confidence in himself and get over shyness when interacting with strangers on the streets.

Like many other modern film shooters, Simon loves the fact that shooting film forces him to put more effort into the photo before he even presses the shutter.

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See Paris Through this Gorgeous Pentax 67 Viewfinder

Paris Through Pentax

Life always looks sweeter thought a viewfinder and no video better highlights this fact than Maison Carnot’s Paris Through Pentax. The production and advertising company’s founders Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai had an old Pentax 67 medium format camera on hand and decided it would be a great idea to record a through the viewfinder video featuring short scenes of Parisian life—and voila!

To create the lovely compilation of clips, the creative pair pointed a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera down at the viewfinder. The two cameras are basically stuck together using a two-by-four and tape. Add in a piece of blackened cardboard to act as an oversized lens hood for the Blackmagic camera and shade to block out any reflections, and this hacked together rig is ready for a stroll on the streets of Paris.

For an extra bit of nostalgic character, Mathieu and Antoine also added a soothing instrumental backing track to complement the video. The clarity of the picture coming though the Pentax 67’s viewfinder is truly a testament to the quality and character of these old film cameras.

Meanwhile, the video as a whole really plays out like a memorable vacation reel and an ode to the old film days photographers will love. Check out the video past the break.

Via Vimeo

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