Top Three Reasons Why You Should Grab a Pentax 67

If you’re still missing a Pentax 67 in your analog arsenal, it’s time to grab one and shoot with one of the big guns

Often described as a beefed up 35mm SLR camera, the Pentax 67 is one beast of a camera and an analog beauty to have. It remains one of the most popular medium format cameras today, loved by photographers of all levels. If you’ve only recently come across this camera and are considering getting it for your medium format fix, Aidan Moneyhon rounds up his top three reasons why you absolutely should.

Like many medium format shooters, the Pentax 67 is Aidan’s favorite — he even goes as far as saying it’s his favorite camera of all time. He has previously explained why he thinks this camera is the best for shooting portraits in medium format. In this new video, he hopes to convince you that this camera would be a top choice based on three important things.

Let’s summarize those points:

Outstanding build quality. Anyone who owns or at least has held this hefty camera will tell you it’s a very well-made, piece of professional equipment. It is built like a tank! It’s definitely heavy, but as Aidan said, you’ll also be sure that it’s durable and will last a long time.

Overall ease of use. According to Aidan, the Pentax 67 is really intuitive so you can easily see where all the controls go. Since it’s designed like a 35mm SLR camera on steroids, it’s pretty easy and straightforward to dive in and get used to shooting with this medium format snapper.

Excellent image quality brought about by a great selection of lenses available. With medium format, the larger image area of the film, paired with high quality lenses, allows you to get superior image quality with each shot. The Pentax 67 has a great assortment of lenses, but most popular, especially for portraits, is the 105mm f2.4.

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