Artur Lahoz Sees His True Love in the Starry Universe

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“Somehow I feel more alive when I use the weekend and my free time to photograph”, says Artur Lahoz of Brazil. Much like many of our readers, he uses photography to escape the complexities of his weekdays, and he finds some much-needed solace in analogue photography. We caught up with him to understand the intricacies behind his latest double exposure film project – ‘She Was The Universe’.

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Grab a Pentax 67

If you’re still missing a Pentax 67 in your analog arsenal, it’s time to grab one and shoot with one of the big guns

Often described as a beefed up 35mm SLR camera, the Pentax 67 is one beast of a camera and an analog beauty to have. It remains one of the most popular medium format cameras today, loved by photographers of all levels. If you’ve only recently come across this camera and are considering getting it for your medium format fix, Aidan Moneyhon rounds up his top three reasons why you absolutely should.

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