Reports Describe Sony Camera with a 50+ MP Sensor

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As if the 42.4MP full frame sensor in the Sony A7r Mk II wasn’t enough for you, Sony Alpha Rumors is stating that a brand new sensor may be on the way. Said camera is reported to have more megapixels and may even have the most of any 35mm full frame camera at its release.

In many ways, it makes a lot of sense–but I doubt that it will be a sensor comes to a mirrorless camera, at least initially.

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If this is indeed real, it would make sense that Sony would update the A99. It’s been years since that camera has seen an update and it’s very overdue for one. It has a great sensor at its core, but we all now know that Sony is capable of doing much more at this point in the technology game.

Besides just the sensor though, Sony has updated lots of Alpha lenses and those lenses would be better suited taking advantage of a higher resolution sensor. This camera is also bound to have much better autofocus, improved 4K video, and some of the features that have come to the A7 lineup of cameras. Stabilizing a 50MP full frame sensor would be quite the design challenge though.

What Sony really needs (and has been lacking for years) is for this camera to be a really big challenger to the 5DS, 5Ds R and the Nikon D810. This camera needs to be a proper DSLR (or DSLT) designed for the professional that incorporates actual weather sealing; not just weather resistance.

If it is indeed real and hits the market, it would also make sense that the mirrorless version of the camera would be the rumored A9.

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