Hands on: Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic Sensor Digital Back

We got to get Hands on with the Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic Sensor Digital Back

At the recent Photo Plus East, we got to talk to Doug Peterson from Digital Transitions about the new Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic sensor. Most photographers probably won’t understand what’s so different about it, but if you’re a stickler for color in the same way that I am, then you’ll understand why I’m so incredibly smitten with the idea. Lots of photographers will talk about high ISO and dynamic range–but all of that is easily fixable with today’s software. When you get into color and the fine gradation elements, you start to look at things in a much different way.

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The Yashica Y35 DigiFilm Camera Is Most Likely Getting a Bigger Sensor

The Yashica Y35 is being finely tuned to make it a better camera

I wasn’t so sure it would actually happen, but it indeed really is: the Yashica Y35 digifilm camera will most likely get a bigger sensor. In a Kickstarter update, Yashica announced that they figured out a way to give the camera a bigger sensor and a better lens. These are some of the things backers wanted. Indeed, Yashica is answering the call, but perhaps not in the way everyone wanted.

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Is Sony’s New 1″ Sensor Really as Good as Medium Format Film?

I highly doubt it is, but the new Sony 1″ sensors are indeed very capable

It’s no secret that the 1″ sensors Sony has been producing for years have been winning awards left and right. But on top of that, photographers in major contests have won awards using their cameras with the 1″ sensor at the heart. Further, photographers who still shoot film have held out not on 35mm film necessarily, but more so on large format and medium format film. Indeed in my eyes, medium format film, when well exposed and processed, still has a look that can outdo digital. We’re not talking about scans here–because that’s essentially taking a digital photo of a film photo and that’s all; no, look at prints. However, The Online Photographer thinks differently.

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Opinion: The Sony a7r III is Pretty Much the New Canon 5D for Pros

The Sony a7r III has the workhorse capabilities that a Canon 5D does

It hasn’t been a person secret of mine that I’m incredibly excited about the new Sony a7r III, but in all honesty I feel like I need to share with excitement why I’m so incredibly stoked about this camera. At eight years into running Phoblographer, I’m genuinely not writing this because I’m on a paid press event with Sony but instead because this is the camera that I’ve been waiting for years now and is finally here.

And the biggest factor: It’s got all the capabilities of being your next major workhorse camera.

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The Yashica Y35 Digital Camera Could Come With a Metal Body and a Larger Sensor

The Yashica Y35 has been receiving a whole lot of traction and updates as of late, with the team behind the project being very responsive to comments and to backers. But recently, they’ve taken a short break due to some further developments. After announcing their stretch goal of getting the camera’s lens to f2, they also announced in a recent Kickstarter update that the camera may have a metal body and that they’re exploring the possibility of a larger camera sensor. These are some of the things a lot of photographers have been complaining about, and I honestly feel that if the camera had an APS-C or full frame sensor but still used the DigiFilm format then less people would be complaining on the internet about a product they haven’t yet tried.

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I’m Back Gives Old School Film Cameras a Digital Back

I’m Back: A digital camera back for your old school film camera.

A new Kickstarter called I’m Back is finding a way to give old school film cameras new life in the digital world. Not that many of those old film cameras need it, but the ability to shoot digital with the older style film cameras has always been a dream of many photographers. Many attempts weren’t successful, though it seems like this one may be.

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The New Canon Powershot G1X Mk III Boasts an APS-C Sensor and Weather Resistance

The new Canon Powershot G1x Mk III has weather sealing and the same sensor in the M5.

It’s been a very long time since Canon updated their flagship point and shoot camera, but today we’re getting a refresh in the form of the new Canon Powershot G1x Mk III. And believe me, it’s quite the step ahead. The new camera has a 24MP APS-C sensor at its heart as well as what Digital Photo Magazine’s David Schloss tells us is “Drip proof construction.” There is no IP rating on this, but Canon is still calling it weather resistant and they’ve provided images on DPReview. What may be keeping folks away though could be the $1,299 price tag.

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Sad News: The New Yashica DigiFilm Camera is a Major Let Down

All images taken from the New Yashica DigiFilm Camera Kickstarter

Here we were thinking that the announcement of the new Yashica camera would be a life changing and super amazing competitor of some sort to something like the Fujifilm X100F; but instead it has to be one of the biggest letdowns of this year. Before I start off, it isn’t the Yashica 35 GSN Electro. The Yashica Kickstarter recently launched and the new camera is, well, cool in some ways and completely heartbreaking in other ways. Let’s start with the cool: it’s called the Yashica DigiFilm camera and uses an interesting interchangeable digital film system where you have to buy different types of films to get different types of looks. Some of them are ISO 200 color, some are black and white ISO 400, and then there is 1600 which Yashica is saying is the grainiest option. So far that sounds really cool and puts very fun limitations on the shooter, which makes photography truly fun again–there’s even a winding lever!

But then your heart breaks.

Correction: The campaign was updated to say a 14MP sensor.

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