Photokina 2012 News Roundup For September 18th, 2012

Well folks, it’s been another busy day here at The Phoblographer and it’s my duty to make your day just a little bit easier. Nobody likes Mondays, but honestly, who really likes Tuesdays either? Let the roundup of Photokina 2012 news begin!

But before you go on, be sure to check out our roundup from yesterday.


LowePro, Joby, and Acme Made are battling for your affection when it comes to their newest camera bags. With all kinds of innovative features and a number of different selections, it’s practically impossible to not find one that you’ll love here.

Fujifilm thought their announcements yesterday weren’t enough. They have just released the Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware 2.0; and you can download it right now. Check out the details here.

Phase One had a big thing going for them today. First, there is the 28mm f/4.5 Schneider Kreuznach lens, but now they are also giving their 645DF some nice upgrades. The new 645DF+ has promising features that you don’t wanna miss out on here.

Phottix has some news for you guys. They just announced their Odin TTL triggers for Sony yesterday, and today, they have plans for the Strato triggers to go TTL as well. See the full details here.

Zeiss announced new glass for the Sony NEX and Fujifilm X series but forgot about the Micro Four Thirds. They’ve got a good reason though that is extremely thought provoking. See what went on behind that decision and more right here.

Hasselblad’s new Lunar Mirrorless Camera has something you don’t see everyday. Made out of carbon fiber, leather, gold and real wood, you’d be the classiest photographer on the block with this baby. However, you’ll also be short $6,500. Before you get a heart attack, click here to see what that money is paying for.

Canon gave an impressive firmware upgrade for the 7D a while back, and now, Magic Lantern has got a crack out for you. Check out if it’s for you here.

Lexar blew us and our wallets away with that Hulk of a SDXC card yesterday. Today, it’s much more calming. Their new 25-in-1 multi-card reader is USB 3.0 compatible and would make a great accessory for any photographer. See the full details right here.

Think Tank has announced some great bags to fit the needs of photographers who are always on-the-go. Their Navigator and City Walker bags look even better than their Retrospective series. Come see for yourself here.

Lensbaby keeps the awesome effects coming with their new Spark optic. Just like all of their other products, you just simply tilt and shift for something cool to happen. See what it’s like here.

Tenba has been known for their giant bags such as the Roadie II series. Today, they’re carving out even more room in the new Roadie bags. Check out how many more lenses and bodies you can shove in them here.

Datacolor has something every photography wishes they had. The SpyderCAPTURE PRO takes out all the headaches you get from bad lighting, focus, and editing. With this bundle, everything is set just the way you want it. Head on over here to see just what its capable of.

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