Which Is the Best Camera Menu System? You’d Be Surprised!

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Some camera menu systems are better than others. Some deliver on ergonomics. Others focus purely on image quality. But when it comes to the best camera menu system, it’s all about an easy and enjoyable experience. In 2021, we want to look at screens a whole lot less. So the faster it is for us to get to what we need, the better. So we dove into our reviews index and found out which was the best camera menu system. Which do you think it is?

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6 Remarkable Examples of the Power of Film Photography (NSFW)

Thankfully, film photography still holds its place in the world. Some shoot film because they’re hipsters, while others do it because they feel deeply about the science behind it and the aesthetic it produces. Shooting film isn’t easy; most people fail to get to right. But for those who nail it, the results can be spectacular. Naturally, we’ve featured many of the wins. And below is some film photography you’ll enjoy by photographers who love their film cameras.

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Swen Bachmann Does Wonderful Work with His Hasselblad 500 C/M

“It is not the photos at the end; it’s the feelings, the experiences, the people and the nature in the individual moments that make up the photo for me personally,” says Hamburg based photographer Swen Bachmann. A long term fan of Hasselblad cameras and their adaptability, Swen loves using his 500CM with underwater housings. Unlike most photographers who buy such housings though, Swen prefers to use these just above the surface of the oceans.

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The State of Medium Format in 2021. Is It Better Than Full Frame?

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There have been times I’ve considered buying a medium format camera. Mostly, I’ve looked at the Fujifilm GFX series of cameras. But I’ve also really liked the old Leica S cameras with a CCD sensor. In 2021 though, the medium format camera world is very quiet. Phase One has some very high megapixel DSLRs that we hear nothing about. Hasselblad has some DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, but the latter misses the mark. Leica has a medium format camera system, but there isn’t much development for it. So the only viable possibilty is Fujifilm. What’s more, the company often says that it is their future.

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Here’s Why Modern Medium Format Cameras Need Faster, Better Lenses

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We’ve been saying it for years not, but the current digital medium format isn’t really “true medium format.” At least, it’s not the same as film. In purely digital photography, you can arguably consider the Fujifilm GF system to be a digital large format. However, the camera systems need faster aperture lenses. Luckily, we’ve started to see strides made by Fujifilm and Hasselblad. But I don’t really think it’s enough. The arguments have to do with the traditional medium format.

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Titus Popławski Creates Dreamy Analog Photos You’ll Fall in Love With

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“I do not see the need to modify what the film has developed and kill its character,” explains Titus Popławski. And if there’s one thing his photographs are full of, it’s character. In fact, his analog photography is some of the best we’ve seen – period. His images are packed with color, and they have a dose of mystery that keeps you gripped. We’re excited to share his work and show you more about the man behind the camera.

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Behold One of the Most Beautiful Fujifilm Cameras You’ve Ever Seen

The Fujifilm TX-1 in Champagne is incredibly gorgeous, and it’s hard to not want one.

To this day, I still think a panoramic digital camera could be a game-changing device. With that said, many of you have probably heard of the Hasselblad XPan. It’s a panoramic 35mm film camera that’s a thing of beauty. However, the lesser-known variant is the Fujifilm TX-1. If you weren’t aware, the XPan and the TX-1 are very similar cameras. The whole thing was a joint project done between the two manufacturers. Hasselblad has been known to do this for years. They’ve done it with Motorolla, DJI, Sony, etc. But in this one case, they created something truly unique. In fact, the Hasselblad XPan is an incredibly lusted for camera. But the Fujifilm TX-1 isn’t spoken of nearly enough. But we found a truly gorgeous one.

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Big, Slow, and Pricey: Hasselblad XH Converter 0.8 Review

The Hasselblad XH Converter is a nice idea, but it introduces some problems that many won’t want to deal with.

Over the years, Hasselblad has produced a nice collection of H mount lenses for their Medium Format cameras. However, with the introduction of the X1D, the X1D II, and the 907X, Hasselblad also introduced a new mount. Seasoned Hasselblad users who built up a solid H mount lens library might be put off the new cameras because of this. This is where the Hasselblad XH Converter 0.8 comes in. This focal reducer will adapt H mount lenses to Hasselblad X system cameras. The focal reducer will roughly give you the same field of view and aperture performance of H System (645 Medium Format) cameras. As a bonus, you’ll keep autofocus functionality. It sounds great in theory, but how does it perform in the real world? Find out in our full review.

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Why Frank Jackson Probably Likes Photography More Than You Do

All images by Frank Jackson. Used with permission.

My name is Frank Jackson. My first photography job was in 1975 as a staff photographer for New York City Summer Work Program; it was all Disco Music, Sun Dresses, Music Festivals, and Block Parties that went on till the next day. I moved to Los Angeles in 1976 to work for IBM for three years; I quit IBM and started photographing for an architect after showing a portfolio of some houses with my 4×5 camera. 

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Hasselblad, Stop Living In the Past and Worry More About the Future

Hasselblad, a once innovative company, has been left behind by almost everyone.

The name Hasselblad resonates with force throughout the Photography community. Rightfully so. The company is steeped in heritage and lore. Their cameras were so good at one point that NASA decided their cameras should be used in space. In fact, their 501 EL made it to the moon. This thrust the Swedish company into the limelight, and the rest, as they say, is history. For years Hasselblad was one of the top camera and lens makers. Seen by many as the ultimate craftsmen, photographers paid top dollar for Hasselblad gear. Step forward to 2021, and Hasselblad still has a mighty reputation. Their cameras and lenses are still meticulously crafted. However, in terms of performance, they’re a shadow of their former selves. Fujifilm has shaken up the Medium Format market so much that Hasselblad has been in a tailspin. Let’s talk about what they need to do to course correct.

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This Could Be the Most Disappointing Lens Speed Booster

Recently, we looked closer at the Hasselblad’s XH 0.8 Converter.

Lens speed boosters give you more focal length range and extra light. They’ve been known to photographers for a while now. They’re also great tools for those who want more from their lenses. But unfortunately, they’re not all created equal. The Hasselblad XH 0.8 Converter is designed to give you a 645 format feel and look. And we discussed that in our recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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5 Luxurious Cameras That Ooze Quality and Performance

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A lot of gear roundups we do focus on affordable, feature-packed cameras. Those cameras are honestly more than enough for 99% of photographers. However, what if money was not a problem? What if some luxurious cameras were calling your name? We’re talking cameras that feature the most beautiful build materials, cameras from brands that are steeped in history and heritage, luxurious cameras that are meticulously designed and crafted. In this roundup, we’ll take a quick look at five of the best luxury Mirrorless cameras that money can buy right now. If we had deep enough pockets, these are the five Mirrorless luxurious cameras that would be high on our most-wanted list.

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Matt Germond Sold His Canon Gear and Now Loves the Fujifilm XT3

All images and words by Matt Germond for the My Favorite Camera series on his Fujifilm XT3. Used with permission.

My interest in photography goes back to my MBA program on a Global Study Program trip to Shanghai in May 2010. A classmate had a Canon Rebel t2i with a Canon 24-105mm F4 L lens. I was both jealous of the red ring on the lens and fascinated with the pics he was producing to document our class. When my fiancé heard of my fascination with the Canon, she secretly bought me one as a wedding gift. And I brought my brand new Canon Rebel t2i and kit 17-55mm lens on our honeymoon to Kauai that August. Using the camera in full auto mode, I was instantly hooked and brought the camera with me everywhere. I was also lucky enough to have my parents gift me an 18-200mm Canon zoom lens. After about a year, I went to Adorama to trade in my Rebel and two lenses and upgraded to a Canon 6D and 24-105mm F4 L.

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6 Digital Medium Format Cameras That Have Gone Mainstream

Medium Format cameras were for the upper crust in photography, but now, they’re within reach of many more photographers.

For many photographers, owning a Medium Format camera is the ultimate dream. For years, we’ve been wowed by magical Medium Format cameras. Still, unless you possessed your own bank, they were simply out of reach for the masses. Let’s not pretend that they still don’t cost a small fortune, because they do. But, they’re now more affordable than ever. In fact, there are several Medium Format cameras on the market that have gone mainstream due to their price points. After the break, we’ll take a quick look at digital Medium Format cameras that have shaken up the market.

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Buying a Medium Format Camera? This Is What You’re Diving Into

Those getting a Medium format camera will want to know precisely what they’re dealing with.

Photographers, as we know, are very used to what full-frame cameras can do. But they’re not so used to medium format because it’s not as common. A medium format camera is fundamentally a whole different ball game. For starters, you’re going up in pricing and quality. And a photographer will expect the absolute ultimate performance, but they also probably don’t know how to make the most of it. Medium format cameras traditionally were only used for weddings, documentary journalism, landscapes, and portraiture. In some ways today, that’s still the case, but it’s evolved.

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DXOMark: The 10 Best Cameras Money Can Buy (August 2020)

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

If you need a new camera and want the cream of the crop, look at this roundup of the 10 best cameras you can buy per DXOMark.

If the time has come for you to buy a new camera, you have come to the right place. Before dropping vast sums of money, it’s always worth spending time researching first. It’s easy to spend multiple thousands of dollars on cameras. Fortunately, DXOMark and ourselves spend quality time with cameras so we can tell you how well they perform. If you have the money and need the best of the best, this roundup of the 10 best cameras will interest you. When combined, our reviews will help guide you in your decision-making process. Check out the 10 best cameras money can buy after the break.

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The Nikon Df Was Ahead of Its Time, and Now We Need More Cameras Like it

The Nikon Df was a camera designed for stills and nothing else, and we desperately need more cameras like this now.

Eight years ago, the Canon 5D II hit the streets, and it took the industry by storm, not only for being an excellent stills camera but because it could record professional-grade 1080P video too. Once the 5D II was released, every camera manufacturer did everything they could to make hybrid cameras. In 2013, Nikon saw a gap in the market, and they introduced the photography centric Nikon Df. The Df was underappreciated, overlooked, overpriced, and honestly, poorly marketed, but now photographers are clamoring for this camera. Ask photographers what they want now, and you will find that the desire for more photography-forward cameras, like the Nikon Df, is stronger than ever. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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The Best Camera Sensors in July 2020 According to DXOMark

If you’re looking to buy a camera that has the best output, you need to check out the best camera sensors, according to DXOMark.

While there’s a lot more to a camera than just the sensor it uses, when DXOMark performs their lab tests, they assign a ranking to each camera based on its sensor performance alone. We know this cannot possibly give you the best representation of what a camera might genuinely be like (that’s what our real-world reviews are for). Still, these tests can give you a strong indication of just how good the sensor can perform in optimal scenarios. If image quality alone is all that’s important to you, you’re going to want to see which camera sensors deliver the goods consistently. After the break, we will break down the best camera sensors in July 2020 per DXOMark.

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10 High Resolution Cameras That Leave No Details Behind

If you need lots of megapickles for your work, these high resolution cameras will fulfill all of your needs for detailed images.

No details left behind! This would be the rallying cry of a group high megapixel sensors. If you’re in the market for high resolution cameras, this roundup is for you. These high resolution cameras have some of the best sensors you can find inside of them, and they are capable of capturing stunning amounts of detail. If you like to make gigantic prints of your images, these high resolution cameras will thrill you to bits. Join us after the break to take a look at 10 of the best high resolution cameras that you can currently get your hands on.

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Head Turners: 7 Stylish Cameras That Produce Incredible Images

You can get stunning looks and excellent performance in one solid package with these stylish Mirrorless cameras.

Some of the most popular cameras on the market today offer a ton in the way of performance, but their overall designs leave a lot to be desired. There’s nothing wrong with cameras with very utilitarian and functional designs. Still, there are stylish cameras out there that are stunning to look at, easy to use, and produce images that will amaze you every time you use them. If you want to own a camera that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons, take a look at the stylish cameras we have rounded up after the break.

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Dream World: What I Imagine the Perfect Camera Would Look Like

There’s no such thing as a perfect camera, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about such a thing.

The search for the perfect camera is one that goes on in every photographer’s life, and it is a journey that will probably never end. While we all love the respective systems we choose to use, you can’t deny that you wish your camera had a feature found in another brand. I hear photographers say all the time, “I love my camera, but I wish it had X from Fujifilm,” or, “I’d love my camera to be able to focus like Sony’s cameras.” A recent conversation with a friend made me dream about what the perfect camera (for me) would look like, and here, I will share my vision of perfection. Come and imagine the possibilities with me after the break.

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