Planet 5D: Magic Lantern Team Cracks the Canon 7D

And now for some not so Photokina 2012 news: Planet 5D got a scoop on the new Magic Lantern update for the Canon 7D. If you remember, the 7D was given an insane firmware update to make it really viable for videographers (it already was to begin with minus the rolling shutter issues.) According to their team, they started around three years ago. The most amazing thing about it is that the firmware doesn’t need to run on both DIGIC 4 processors.

Mitch has a lot more info on his blog post, but this is some awesome news for videographers that have been getting a little annoyed at Canon for not delivering something better than the 5D Mk III and below the C100’s price: and trust me, there are a lot of them out there. The closest thing they have is the BMCC, but the new Micro Four Thirds mount version may kill the EOS mount version before it really takes off.

Chris Gampat

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