New Bags From LowePro, New Joby Gorilla Gear And New Acme Made Bags

If you’re looking for new ways to haul your camera gear, a trio of announcements from LowePro, Joby and Acme Made have you covered.


LowePro is releasing a number of new bags and one in particular I’m excited about. It’s the RoverPro Series, arriving in 35L and 45L sizes, but in only one color option (which I guess is not so much of an option). What I like about these bags is what I like about the f-Stop Gear bags: The camera is accessed through the back of the bag and the insert can be removed. These bags can convert to day packs for any use on or off the trail and help keep your back clean by allowing the bag to be placed on its front when grabbing a camera.

Also from LowePro are a new set of messenger bags, appropriately named Event Messengers. They come in three sizes and look beefy, but it’s hard to tell from the promo shots. They look good for walk around bags and can hold a tablet as well.

Let’s see, what else is in the LowePro grab bag? Why, it’s a bag to help you grab your lens. Or more precisely, a bag that holds a lens, flips out to hold a second lens and then flips back once the change is done. I’m curious to see how this system actually performs and the bags come in two sizes. They are part of the LowePro S&W series.

Lastly, LowePro has gone all the way past your average sling and made something remotely fashionable! Looks good for a traveler or even around town. It’ll only fit a small camera but also regular walk-about items. It’s named the Passport Sling II.


Joby has a couple of new items to help you hold on to your camera.

The first is a shoulder sling called the UltraFit Sling Strap and comes in mens and womens fit. I’m curious to see how well they both work and what the difference is. I’m pretty happy with my CustomSLR Sling so this thing will have to be stellar to pull me away.

Also new is the 3-Way Camera Strap. It’s a neck strap! It’s a shoulder strap! It’s a wrist strap! It’s all three! And it looks perfect for my daughter’s camera as I think she’ll love it.If it fits a medium point and shoot, I’m sold.

Acme Made

Whoa now! Acme Made has a ton of new stuff coming out. Most of it is in the Montgomery Street line. I like the styled looks of these bags and they come in four sizes, named the Backpack, Courier, Kit Bag and Case.

Lastly (whew!) is a cute little hard sided case for your point and shoot camera. Colors! So many colors! They are known as the Oak Street Hard Cases.

Peter Carey

Peter West Carey is a world traveling professional photographer currently leading photo tours to Bhutan, Nepal and Hawaii. He also hosts basic photography workshops along the West Coast of the USA as well as the free 31 Days TO Better Photography series on his blog.