Ways Photographers Can Use the Apple Tablet

Not long ago, I wrote about editing photos on the much rumored about Apple Tablet. According to one CEO (via Gizmodo) the Tablet is launching on January 27th. Because of this, us photographers should be looking at it with lots of curiosity and with wonderment as to how it can help them. Reasons to get the tablet, after the jump.

Photo Editing

Because the CEO said that it has an iPhone-esque OS system, we don’t know yet if it will be able to run Photoshop. That said, there is always Photoshop.com and loads of other photo editing apps. I have a whole posting on this.

DSLR Remote Control

This could work one of two ways. First off, you could control your DSLR via programs like Capture One or EOS Utility through a USB Port for truly mobile photography. Secondly, there are apps to control your camera via your iPhone (almost like a remote). Perhaps these could work on the Tablet device.

Photo Display

With a tablet device, you could potentially throw out your Epson P-2000 multimedia storage viewer. I’ve seen it used pretty often and despite the controls being very simple and the screen having excellent resolution it’s not an all-in-one device. A tablet PC can do everything the P-2000 can and more.

Photo Sharing

With a tablet PC you can share your photos through Wifi, Bluetooth and possibly a reliable 3G connection like Verizon. Beyond that though, you could immediately give photos to clients through a USB dongle or perhaps a CD. It will greatly speed up the workflow process and make it even faster for wedding photographers, events photographers, or photojournalists.

If your camera has an Eye-Fi card, you can immediately upload it to a location. If the tablet has USB ports, you can connect a Wifi dongle to become a mobile hotspot. That way your images will get up on the web much faster.

Photo Blogging

This is where it will really come in handy. Many web journalists carry with them small premium quality cameras. Transferring the files immediately to a tablet PC and then uploading them with your blog post to WordPress or Moveable Type can really help bring in those extra hits before everyone else gets them.

Expense Tracking

There are loads of apps and programs that can help with this. A tablet can help with this better than a phone because it can do it faster and with potentially better programs.

Further, it could also be used for invoicing, billing, etc.

What would you use the tablet for?

Chris Gampat

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