Here’s What Happens When You Ignite Gunpowder on Printed Photos

All images by Dewey Keithly. Used with permission.

Photographer Dewey Keithly has been a fan of old photographic processes for a really long time, and he’s also always been very experimental with his work. His latest project was a combination of things including a super interesting and creative idea. For his latest project he took color print images and set them ablaze with gunpowder to give off a really unique look.

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Review: Moment Lenses 2.0 (Apple iPhone)

Moment has quite a cult following; the company has created a number of stellar lenses for mobile phones that have inspired generations of new photographers. The Moment Lenses are pieces of high quality glass that attach onto a special case or plate on your phone to change the perspective. In recent years, the telephoto (sort of) focal length they offer has become a bit obsolete, but their wider focal length is quite different. If you need a wide, sweeping view of something, the only other alternative is to shoot panoramic photos of some sort unless you use another add-on lens. But besides changing the viewing angle, Moment lenses tend to add character and charm to an otherwise very sterile aesthetic.

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Seagate’s IronWolf and BarraCuda Pro Hard Drives Can Store up to 12TB of Photos

It seems that the storage wars are getting pretty insane right now as today Seagate is introducing two new hard drives. The first is called the Seagate IronWolf.  The second is the Seagate BarraCuda Pro. Both are being targeted to small and medium sized businesses in addition to creative professional photographers. So why so much space? According to the press release, Seagate and IDC conducted a recent study on data creation. According to them, it’s going to swell to 163 zetabytes by 2025. Yup, that’s right; in less than 10 years it’s going to be that big. So these drives are designed for media storage, augmented reality, virtual reality, 4k video, 360 videos, and tons of photos.

The press release is after the jump.

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Thibaud Poirer Showcases the Stunning Beauty of Europe’s Timeless Libraries

All images by Thibaud Poirer. Used with permission.

Photos of beautifully designed spaces are always a delight, but this series by Paris-based photographer Thibaud Poirer will especially make bibliophiles salivate. Simply called “Libraries,” the set is his homage to Europe’s stunning libraries which remain more than just book repositories to this day. If he sees them as temples of cultural worship and palaces of self-discovery, we can say that devoting his craft to showcasing their beauty is a form of utmost reverence.

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SwapSnap Wants to Take Hammer and Nails Out of Hanging Your Photos

If you’re one of those people who’s been awoken in the middle of the night by a photo falling off of your wall, you may want to consider what SwapSnap is trying to offer. Essentially, they’re a photo printing company that is trying to let you print your images with them and hang the images on your wall without damaging your walls. Essentially, the system uses a grippy surface that sticks to your wall and then uses magnets to hold the photos up. You can then place photos slightly over one another in an overlay fashion.

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Photographers Who Also Write Poetry: We’d Like to Feature You

Hey folks,

There’s been a growing trend in the photography world for a few years now where photographers tend to blend their poetry into working alongside their photos. Think of it as captioning or almost like writing those really great posts on Instagram; except that it’s poetry. Many photographers even make them into books or collaborate with other artists to do them.

Either way, we’d love to feature those more artistic parts of the photography world and we’re currently taking submissions. Details are below.

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Jason Shulman’s Long Exposure Photos of Famous Films

This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. It and the contents here are being used with permission. Be sure to check out and try Format for all your website creation needs. Article originally written by Jill Blackmore Evans.

Jason Shulman set up his camera to record entire movies in one long-exposure photograph, with unexpected results.

In his series Photographs of Films, artist Jason Shulman took long-exposure photographs of famous films, condensing the plot and atmosphere of classics like Rear Window and Fantasia into a single image. The result is a series of dreamy, delicately layered photographs which show the films in a new, unexpected light.

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