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Nothing’s wrong with cuddling, right? Right? You’ll probably want to after you affix Tap and Dye’s brand spankin’ new Royal Navy Patina to it. It’s based on their Legacy Wrist Strap which we reviewed previously, and is a limited edition version that has been oil dyed, waxed and polished to achieve the unique gradient effect from royal blue to dark navy. But there’s Branded impressions are now also on the inside of the strap and the edges of the suede underside have been beveled and sanded for a more comfortable feeling on the skin–which was one of our major complaints (and make it cuddle worthy.) Good to see that the company is listening to their customers!

Only 25 units will be available with the same $52 price point. Check Tap and Dye’s shop for availability.



A while ago, we reviewed Pentax’s K-30 and awarded it an Editor’s Choice for Entry Level DSLR. And while the camera only came in a select few colors before, Pentax is letting you match it with your favorite outfit now–we’re vouching for the yellow to match you’re raincoat since the camera can survive being run under a sink. The company is giving consumers nine new colors and three new finishes, including shiny, crystal, and matte. Depending on your current mainstay in your closet, you can choose from Crystal Black, Crystal Bordeaux, Crystal Green, Crystal Red, Crystal Silver, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange, Silky Blue, Silky Bordeaux, Silky Green, Silky Red, Silky Silver, Silky White, Silky Yellow and Silky Orange.

The color options are available now for pre-order and cost $799 with the 18-55mm WR kit lens. Kai from Digital Rev may be a tad disappointed that there is no pink option.

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Photo by Richard Mosse

Today’s exciting announcement from Lomography about Lomochrome Purple is bound to get some people excited and others totally confused. First off, know that it is based off of Kodak Aerochrome–an old infrared film developed for government surveillance. Since it is infrared, that means that there are no real purple fields in the Congo.  So we’re here to answer a couple of big questions that you may have about the new film. Check out more information after the jump.

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